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Merino wool base layers help us feel happy and comfortable on our outdoor adventure family travels!

More Than A Merino Wool Base Layer – Woolx Is Essential Outdoor Performance Clothing

Why Use Merino Wool Base Layers?

High Performance

Over the years, as an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve experimented with a wide variety of textiles. And while most have some merit, I’ve found that Merino wool is my top choice.

Among the many reasons I adore Merino wool for outdoor activities, below are a few of them:

  • It wicks moisture and sweat away
  • It is breathable
  • It naturally controls temperature – keeps you cool in the heat and warm in the cool
  • It resists odors and is naturally anti-bacterial
  • It is robust and so far hasn’t pilled or torn
  • It is soft and not itchy
  • It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and compostable material

Personally, I’ve been pleased with the performance of my Woolx Merino wool base layers throughout my outdoor experiences. In all weather, they keep me warm and dry and are nice and comfy. If you like being outside and not having to worry about being uncomfortable from the elements, an item from Woolx won’t disappoint you. Frankly, they are now a regular part of our standard day hiking gear, and below we go into detail as to why.

If you have any questions/comments about why we like Woolx Merino wool base layers so much, feel free to drop us a line below!

The Many Uses Of A Merino Wool Base Layer

The following is a small sampling of the many outdoor adventures where a Merino wool base layer would ensure you’re ideally prepared for virtually any conditions you might encounter.

Skiing or snowboarding: In order to prevent overheating and clammy skin, Merino wool wicks away perspiration and moisture keeping you warm and dry.

Hiking and backpacking: Woolx apparel is perfect for hiking and backpacking because it is breathable and lightweight. After a tough day on the trail, you won’t have to worry about your clothes smelling bad because it is naturally odor-resistant.

Fishing and camping: On chilly nights, the Merino wool’s inherent insulating properties will keep you toasty warm. Additionally, because of its UV resistance, whether you’re on the river, ocean, or even a pond, it can shield you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Rock climbing: Woolx’s breathable, long-lasting fabric makes it ideal for rock climbing. Additionally, it naturally stretches, so it won’t limit your range of motion.

Who Is Woolx

In brief, Woolx is a brand that produces high-performance Merino wool apparel for both men and women.

A father-daughter duo with a lengthy background in the outdoor business founded Woolx. The quality and style of their clothing reflect their passion and commitment to the products they make.

They use Superfine Australian Merino wool, one of the softest and most breathable materials on the market, to make Woolx apparel.

Some Of Our Favorite Woolx Items

Men’s Items

I have had the pleasure to use the following men’s items, and in brief, I think they are excellent products! If by the end of this review, you’d like to try some Woolx of your own, use the discount code “FORSOMETHINGMORE” when you checkout from Woolx, and you’ll save 5%!

Endurance Tee – High-Performance Merino Tee Shirt

Man hiking uphill while wearing a Woolx merino wool Endurance Tee
Warm and dry no matter the conditions, the Endurance Tee is one of my favorite tee-shirts.

I was a bit skeptical about wearing a Merino wool tee shirt, as I thought it was going to be uncomfortably warm and also itchy. However, having used it while hiking and while merely lounging around the house, I was pleasantly surprised that Woolx’s Endurance Tee didn’t cause me to feel overheated and was soft and gentle on my skin.

The fit of the Woolx Endurance Tee is also one of my favorite features. It moves with you while you run, climb, or trek since it’s neither too tight nor too loose. As a Merino wool base layer, it’s not restrictive.

The durability of the Woolx Endurance Tee is yet another fantastic feature. It’s well-constructed and it has held up really well after the nearly a dozen times I’ve worn this shirt. So far, there are no signs of pilling, and I would be surprised if it ever pills.

The style of this tee shirt is also versatile and isn’t too “dressy” for outdoor family adventures or too “outdoorsy” for wearing around town.

Easton Shirt – Merino Wool Baselayer And Everyday Use

Man posing for a picture while wearing a Woolx Merino wool Easton Shirt
Perfect both off-grid or around town, the Easton Shirt is a go-to Merino wool base layer.

Although I have only used the Woolx Easton Shirt during the fall, I am certain it will be perfect as an all-season Merino wool base layer. Whether it’s hiking, skiing, or even just doing some yard work, I’m planning on using it as a base layer. On days that are cooler, it can also be worn by itself. On warmer days I’ll push up the sleeves, and it’ll be perfectly cool too.

The performance of the Woolx Easton Top is yet another fantastic feature as again, it wicks moisture and perspiration very well. It kept me cool and comfortable even when I was engaging in physically demanding activities. I also know from past experiences that it will keep me nice and cool (and protected from harmful UV rays) in warm weather.

Also, I like the crew neckline from a style perspective, and I like the long sleeves for both their style and the added versatility that a long-sleeve baselayer has in the outdoors.

Women’s Items

Julia has used the following items, and in brief, she too loves her Woolx Merino wool apparel. The information below is based on the thoughts and opinions she has shared with me.

And again, if you’d like to try some of these or other items, you can save 5% by using the discount code “FORSOMETHINGMORE” when you checkout from Woolx.

Layla V Neck Top – Featherlight 4 Season Performance

Merino Wool Base Layer Woolx Layla V Neck Top
Stylish and comfortable, the Layla V Neck Top is perfect for any occasion.

The Woolx Layla V Neck Top is ideal for all types of outdoor activities because it is supple, cozy, breathable, and temperature-regulating.

Julia too mentioned that its wicking ability is one of her favorite features of this piece. Even after some pretty vigorous hiking, Julia reported that she was dry and comfortable in spite of the fact that she was sweating quite a bit.

As Merino wool naturally insulates, she mentioned that it kept her warm in the cool fall weather and that she anticipates it’ll keep her cool once spring or summer arrives. She also mentioned that the fabric weight wasn’t too heavy, and flowed nicely as she walked.

She also mentioned that she likes the v-neckline and lilac purple color and that she could see herself wearing this shirt both while adventuring outdoors and around town.

Merino Flex™ Lola Jogger Pants – Merino Versatility Galore

Merino Wool Base Layer Woolx Flex™ Lola Jogger
Functional and comfortable, the Flex™ Lola Jogger pants have many uses.

Julia mentioned that the adaptability of the Merino Flex™ Lola Jogger pants is one of her favorite things about them. So far, she has worn them while doing errands, lounging around the house, and of course, while hiking.

She mentioned they feel really well made, like all the Woolx gear we’ve tried, and that she can imagine them lasting a long time and not appearing worn any time soon.

She also mentioned that she likes the relaxed leg fit, the tie-string waist, and the generous and functional pockets.

Mila Bra – Minimalistic Merino Comfort

Merino Wool Base Layer Woolx Mila Bra front view
Supportive, comfortable, and versatile, the Mila Bra is a great all-around bra.

While technically this isn’t a Merino wool base layer, Julia loves her Woolx Mila Bra so much that we had to include it in this review.

She went on to explain that it provides her with both support and comfort. The wide underband and seamless structure of the bra made it so that it didn’t feel overly restrictive. Additionally, she mentioned that she likes the fact that there are no wires involved, so you won’t have to worry about any irritating digging or chafing.

Merino Wool Base Layer Woolx Mila Bra back view
The wide and seamless structure lends to this bra not feeling overly restrictive.

Non-Gendered Items

Extreme Extra Cushion Over The Calf Socks – Ultimate Cold Weather Sock

Merino Wool Base Layer Woolx Extreme Extra Cushion Over The Calf Socks in package
Thick and cushy, these are great cold-weather hiking socks!

I’ve tried a number of different Merino wool socks over the years, and Woolx’s Extreme Extra Cushion Over The Calf Socks are by far some of the best I’ve ever tried.

I love that the socks can go up over my calf, as they offer ample protection from poison ivy and ticks, etc., but I also love that they can be scrunched down if I don’t need such protection.

Several high-performance materials, including Merino wool, are combined to create the Woolx Extreme Cold Weather Boot Sock. The sock is extraordinarily soft, warm, and breathable thanks to this combination. Additionally, they wick moisture and sweat remarkably efficiently and keep my feet dry even after vigorous hiking.

I also sense they will be very durable and not develop holes anytime soon.

Merino Wool Base Layers – Conclusion

In conclusion, Woolx Merino wool base layers have become a welcomed and integral addition to our outdoor adventure family travel gear!

The incredible benefits of Merino wool, from moisture-wicking and breathability to odor-resistance and durability, have made our outdoor experiences more comfortable and enjoyable.

Whether it’s skiing in the snow, hiking through rugged terrain, or simply lounging around, Woolx’s performance clothing has exceeded our expectations.

Their commitment to quality and passion for the outdoors is evident in every product they offer.

From versatile base layers to cozy joggers and supportive bras, Woolx has elevated our outdoor gear game!

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