Pat Sin Leng – The Ridge of Eight Immortals

The Pat Sin Leng range is not only breathtakingly gorgeous (as you’ll discover in the pictures below), but it’s also the most meaningful hike I’ve ever done in my entire life because… It’s the place where, on July 9, 2014, I proposed to my partner and where she said “Yes!”.

Pat Sin Leng
The day I proposed to Julia 🙂
Pat Sin Leng
We were dripping in sweat that day, and possibly suffering from heat exhaustion! Fun stuff 😉

That Fateful Day

On that day, it was 33.4C (92F) and 76% humidity! It was one of those days where you walk outside and immediately start to sweat – not ideal hiking weather to say the least, but Julia was heading out of town the next day to visit our family back in the U.S., and because of my work schedule, I wouldn’t be able to join her until a month later. Suffice it to say, I had been wanting to pop the question for a very long time, and doing it on this day allowed us both the chance to celebrate our engagement with family back in the U.S. So, even though Julia was understandably a bit hesitant to start hiking in such weather, I was eager beyond measure, and was somehow able to convince her to go hiking on that extremely hot and humid day. Now, the rest is just history, and we consider Pat Sin Leng one of our most special and meaningful places in Hong Kong.


As a funny aside, just as I was pulling out Julia’s ring, she actually got really excited, but she later told me she got excited because she thought I had bought her (from a store down in Tai Me Tuk – the place where you can start/end this hike) a bag of her favorite snack food, Cheez-Its, but alas, it was the ring, and she was certainly very excited about that too!

So not only is Pat Sin Leng one of the most beautiful places in Hong Kong, but it’s one of the most beautiful places in my heart, as it’s the place where my best friend became my partner for life – my wife!

Now…For something a little less mushy 😉 I want to show you the route as well as some of the beautiful scenes Pat Sin Leng has in store for you. After the pictures I’ll share with you all the logistics of how to get to the trail head. But for now, enjoy our pictures of Pat Sin Leng, and then when you can, lace up your shoes and experience Pat Sin Leng’s sheer beauty for yourself!

The Route

You’ve got lot of options when it comes to Pat Sin Leng. Have a look below.

If you’d like to leave the navigating to us, and you’d like us to guide you on this hike, just click below, and we’d be glad to start making arrangements with you!

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Pat Sin Leng

The Sights of Pat Sin Leng

Here are some of the sites you’ll see along the way!

Pat Sin Leng
Walk straight ahead to the Hok Tau Reservoir.
Pat Sin Leng
Cross left over the Hok Tau Reservoir.
Pat Sin Leng
The Hok Tau Reservoir
Pat Sin Leng
A Wilson Trail Sign (For the majority of this hike, you’ll actually be hiking on the Wilson Trail. So, every ~0.5km, you’ll see one of these signs.)
Pat Sin Leng
Walk up that small set of stairs.
Pat Sin Leng
Stay on this paved path, and make sure to strike a pose under this sign!
Pat Sin Leng
Another Wilson Trail marker.
Pat Sin Leng
Once you start seeing signs for “Pat Sin Range”, make sure to follow them.
Pat Sin Leng
Pace yourself. There are quite a few stairs, but the views along the ridge are WELL worth it!
Pat Sin Leng
Again, follow the signs to the Pat Sin Range.
Pat Sin Leng
And then, keep going up! Soon it gets quite scenic 🙂
Pat Sin Leng
High above Hok Tau Reservoir now.
Pat Sin Leng
Keep following those ‘Pat Sin Range’ signs.
Pat Sin Leng
This is the first view you’ll get of the entire Pat Sin Range.
Pat Sin Leng
That’s Tai Mei Tuk down on the right, the place you’ll be heading to if you started at Hok Tau or Tai Wo.
Pat Sin Leng
The tall grass along the trail is super groovy!
Pat Sin Leng
Looking back towards the Hok Tau Reservoir.
Pat Sin Leng
Also looking back towards Hok Tau Reservoir.
Pat Sin Leng
This is where it all happened on 7/9/14!
Pat Sin Leng
Nearly in Tai Mei Tuk, looking back over the Pat Sin Range towards Hok Tau.
Pat Sin Leng
Start following the signs to Tai Mei Tuk.
Pat Sin Leng
Nearly in Tai Mei Tuk now!
Pat Sin Leng
Enjoying a nice cool Lime-A-Rita at the Q-Club specialty grocery store in Tai Mei Tuk

General Information

Hok Tau <–> Tai Mei Tuk

The distance between Hok Tau and Tai Mei Tuk is 8.6km (5.5mi). This stretch of trail will take an average hiker 3-4 hours to complete. It’s an intermediate-advanced stretch of trail, so beginners should choose something else.

Tai Wo MTR Station <–> Tai Mei Tuk

The distance between the Tai Wo MTR Station and Tai Mei Tuk is 15.3km (9.5mi). This stretch of trail will take an average hiker 5-6 hours to complete. It’s an advanced stretch of trail given the additional climb you will have to do from Tai Wo up and over Cloudy Hill.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be following along Wilson Trail Section #9.

As an aside, the pictures above show the route from Hok Tau to Tai Mei Tuk.

If you want to follow along on the Google Map you can get to that map by clicking here!

And again if you’d like us to guide you on this hike, just give a click below, and send us a message!

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Getting There

Getting to Tai Wo

This is quite easy, just take the MTR to Tai Wo station, and you’ll be good to go. Use or map to find your way to the trail, and you’ll be on your way!

Getting to Hok Tau

Take the MTR to the Fanling MTR station. Exit using exit C. Walk towards the mini-bus terminal (it’ll be right a little bit in front of you and to the right), and get on the 52B. Ride it to the last stop. The last stop is pictured below. Make sure to either say “Stop the bus, please” or “bas-ee tsam, mgoy,” or the driver might not stop.

Pat Sin Leng

If you accidentally don’t get off here, don’t worry. The bus will take that right hand turn, drive for about another 10 seconds and then stop. If that happens, just walk back, to this main road, and you’ll be fine.

Once you’re off the bus, walk straight down Hok Tau Road, and eventually you’ll get to the Hok Tau Reservoir. At that point, you can either follow our pictures of where to go, you can follow our Google Map, you can follow the Wilson Trail signs, or you can follow the signs to the Pat Sin Range, and eventually the ones to Tai Mei Tuk. This hike is well marked, so don’t worry.

What to Bring

Basically, bring enough food and water for which ever route you choose. I usually bring 3 liters when I’m doing the Hok Tau <–> Tai Mei Tuk stretch, and I also bring a few snacks. If I am doing the Tai Wo <–> Tai Mei Tuk route, I bring the same stuff, but I also bring this water filter* so we can fill up our water at the Hok Tau Reservoir. Also, bring a hat to protect you from the sun. Other than that, whatever you’d normally bring on an intermediate-advanced day hike, make sure to bring that too!

Get Hiking Pat Sin Leng

Well there ya have it! All the info you need to hike Pat Sin Leng! Give it a try, and leave us a comment below letting us know what you think! If you’re looking for other hikes up in the New Territories, you’ve gotta check out the Ng Tung Chai waterfalls, and for something closer to Hong Kong Island, definitely check out Yung Shue Ha on Lamma Island!

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