In Episode 3 we explore the question of, RV parks or boondocking? And at the end, you’ll get to see what we prefer!

The Benefits Of Boondocking

One of the most obvious benefits of Boondocking (taking our travel trailer totally off-grid) is that it’s completely free!

On most Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land parcels, National Forest Service land parcels, and even some National Recreation Areas you can boondock there for up to 14 days completely free!


As long as you move at least 5 miles down the road, you can boondock again for another 14 days.

This may be one of the very few things in the world that seems too good to be true but it’s actually true!

With Peri and Kai in the mix, another huge benefit for us is that when we’re Boondocking we really don’t have to worry about them running around and screaming and making noise, as there’s seldom anyone else around.

And last but certainly not least…

One of the major benefits of boondocking for us is being able to commune with nature.

Getting out of the hustle-bustle of the city is what we’re after with our full-time RV life, so boondocking is a perfect fit for us.

The benefits of RV parks

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway, the biggest benefit of being in an RV park is a virtually unlimited supply of water electricity, and septic capacity. 

Although while we are at an RV park we still try and be as environmentally friendly and conservative with our resource consumption, I must admit, we do let the water run a little bit longer when we’re washing dishes.


We certainly enjoy showers that are a bit more comprehensive than our Boondocking sponge baths.

Another related benefit of an RV park is the typical laundry facilities.

While we have definitely done a number of loads of laundry by hand when we’re not at an RV park, it is certainly nice to pop in a couple of dollars worth of quarters and essentially “set it and forget it.“

Another facet of staying at RV parks that we really like is the typical amenities such as playgrounds, pools, hot tubs, and even sometimes pumpkin patches and horseback riding lessons (those last two are not typical)!

If you wanna know all of the differences between RV Parkes and Boondocking make sure to watch the full video above, and always if you’d like to keep up with our adventures click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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