Death Valley

Follow along as we continue to explore Death Valley National Park with our two young kiddos in our RV.

If you’ve not yet checked out Death Valley Part 1, we suggest you do so now. And if you have, watch Part 2 below.

Death Valley Part 2

Here in part 2, we show you the Natural Arch Trail, Mosaic Canyon Trail, the Willow Canyon Waterfall Trail, the Titus Canyon scenic drive, and the Ubehebe Crater.

Of course, there are also more gems of Peri and Kai. Because without some footage of those two, would any of this even be worth watching? 😉

There is also a bit where Julia’s mama bear face can be seen! It’s priceless, so you don’t want to miss it.

Be Prepared

If you do end up doing any of these family-friendly outdoor adventures, make sure you are adequately prepared.

In particular, the Titus Canyon Drive takes you over 27-miles of rugged mountain dirt roads, and you’ll want some emergency preparedness supplies with you if you drive this route.

We didn’t have any issues along the drive, but we were glad we had the proper supplies nonetheless.

Pack In All You’ll Need

And, as we mentioned in part 1, you’ll also want to bring all the camping supplies you’ll need, as there are no nearby comprehensive stores/markets, etc. once you’re in the national park itself.

Stay Hydrated In Death Valley

Also, no matter which activities you do, since Death Valley is super dry, you’ll want more water with you than you’d normally take.

Since the humidity is very low in Death Valley, we found ourselves a bit dehydrated all the time, but we never really sweat much! Tricky desert weather.

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