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Hike the whole Via Dinarica!
EvaDinarica Project

Eva, from the EvaDinarica Project has hiked the entire Via Dinarica Trail (VDT). We encourage you to hike the Via Dinarica Trail too! In brief, the VDT is a nearly 1,200 mile route following the spine of the Dinaric Alps actually weaves its way through many of those previously warring republics. The trail starts in Slovenia and goes through Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, and terminates in Albania.

The Terrain

The trail covers terrain ranging from limestone karst fields to flower carpeted alpine pastures, to steep and rugged river canyons to dense pine forests to alpine zones dotted with emerald lakes to forest ponds teeming with fish. The Via Dinarica Trail is SO much more than this, and we share TONS of details in both our Via Dinarica Trail itinerary and in our Via Dinarica Trail Guide, but there is no way any single source can answer all your questions, so we highly recommend you check out Eva’s post about Crossing the Balkan’s on Foot.

Since she’s still out there hiking, you can also find her on Facebook at the EvaDinaricaProject.

Happy hiking!

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