vacation food at home
Korean BBQ is easy to recreate at home. Just make sure you turn our your vent fan!

There is something truly unique about the food you try on holiday. It consistently tastes a lot better and is more exciting than everyday food. So why not make your vacation food at home?

We can’t see any reason not to!

While it’s not possible to pinpoint precisely why vacation food at home seems to taste better more often than not, we find the break from routine, as well as the new flavors, are our main reasons why.

After all, vacation food is one of the best holiday memories! So, it makes sense to want to recreate it at home. 

vacation food at home
Bibimbap and Banchan are easy vacation foods to make at home. (Photo Credit)

In our previous article about how to recreate vacation food, we touched on the importance of learning the proper technique and focusing on high-quality ingredients.


You don’t always have the possibility of spending hours in the kitchen recreating the flavors you’ve enjoyed abroad.


Here are some quick and simple tips to satisfy your craving for vacation food with minimum effort. 

Make Vacation Food At Home By Bringing Exotic Flavors Into Your Weekly Dishes

If you’ve fallen in love with delicious tacos while experiencing all the things to do in Oaxaca, why not incorporate the unique flavors into your weekly meal plan?

The problem with making exotic dishes at home is the lack of dedicated tools and time.

When you try to make your own, you realize you’ve got nothing to hold the shells while they harden. Besides, it can be time-demanding to prepare every ingredient individually.


Here’s a simple but delicious tip that works wonders when you miss specific flavors:

Mix them into a pasta pot.

You can make a one-pot taco spaghetti that combines all the things you love about tacos without the prep time and the stress! 

You can try the one-pot wonder with a variety of dishes, such as bringing the rich taste of the typical Mediterranean fish stew (French bouillabaisse) with a penne pot or combining paella spices and protein into a large farfalle pot.

More or less any flavorful protein can be mixed with pasta for a unique and tasty spin on your vacation food favorites!

And tada, the world is a much simpler place!

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