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What Are The New Guidelines For Traveling To Russia?

Traveling to Russia is a popular vacation decision and attracted over 6 million tourists in 2020 alone. Whether you’re planning an official trip or a trip with your family or partner, Russian travel will surely not disappoint.

As a Russian traveler, you’ll be able to engage in a variety of experiences ranging from cultural sites to adventures activities, all of which will make for a very memorable Russian travel experience.

But, traveling to Russia has changed a bit ever since the Covid-19 pandemic. To successfully enter the country. If you’re like us, you’ll need to review the visa for Russia from the US requirements in order to make sure you can enter the country smoothly.

What COVID Protocols Does Russia Follow?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the new Russian traveler COVID regulations, it’s safe to say that the Russian public generally follows COVID best practices.

At the height of the pandemic…

The Russian government closed down most of the cultural sites, and they used the opportunity to do various maintenance tasks.

The general public still has to wear masks throughout the day and also is urged to maintain sanitization practices such as washing hands, etc.

The government also has shut-down hookah bars and other such clubs. They also variable close down other such facilities based on the current COVID situation.


The restrictions are starting to loosen. Therefore, there are increasingly more tourist attractions that are opening back up.

So, if you want to visit Russia, you’ll have to follow the government guidelines. Here they are in brief.

New Guidelines For Tourists Traveling To Russia

If you’re planning some Russian travel, you’ll have to keep a few things in mind in order to get your Russian visa and even exchange currency.

Of equal importance, you have to know the new guidelines for tourists who want to travel to Russia. To get the most current information, check your home country’s travel recommendations.

In the meantime, however, below are some of the general guidelines you’ll want to consider before traveling to Russia.

  • To begin with, you will need to present a negative COVID report before entering the contry.
  • At present, as a tourist, when you enter the country, you need to quarantine yourself for fourteen days.
  • You’ll have to wear a mask when you are in public spaces.
  • Not more than 50 people can gather at a place at a time. 

As regulations for tourists interested in Russian travel change somewhat rapidly, you’ll be able to access the most up-to-date Russian tourist information on the Russian Government’s tourism website.

Traveling To Russia An Experience Not To Be Missed

Ultimately, traveling to Russia is one of the many places in the world where you’ll be able to make lasting memories! From traveling to Moscow with kids to even more off the beaten path places such as Derbent on the Caspian Sea, as long as you’re prepared ahead of time, you’ll surely have a memorable Russian travel experience!

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