travel to Portugal The Algarve beaches
The Algarve is magical!

As summer edges ever closer, many of us will be thinking about where we want to enjoy some downtime during the warmer months. And whilst some may be planning a holiday in the States, others might be thinking of destinations further afield. If indeed you are in this latter category, and you can’t yet tell, we’re about to dive into why we think some travel to Portugal will make your summer a memorable one!

Travel to Portugal will certainly provide you with adventure, great food, family-friendly Portuguese beaches, and centuries-old culture. Below are a few reasons why it should be on your bucket list this summer!

Travel To Portugal Via Visiting From The USA

It might seem like many miles away on the map, but it’s surprisingly easy to get to. Located in the southwest of Europe, Portugal seems rather far away from Europe’s core countries, but there are many airlines that operate frequently between the States and Portugal.

Additionally, thanks to Europe being much smaller than the States, it’s remarkably easy to get around. So, if you discover that there are more frequent and cheaper flights to Spain, you can always hop on a train from Madrid or any of the major cities and make it to Portugal with no hassle.

Where To Visit In Portugal

Boasting endless coastlines, colorful metropolises, and plenty of activities for adventure lovers to get stuck into, here are some places you have to visit on your Portugal tour.


travel to Portugal Lisbon
Lisbon is a great place to start your travel to Portugal!

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is a picture postcard city that offers something for everyone. From steep hills that offer panoramic views to white-domed cathedrals and a bustling nightlife; you can’t help but beam from ear to ear when you see the yellow trams trundling along.

Brimming with charm and personality, Lisbon is comparable to the picturesque cityscapes of San Francisco. And there’s no tram more iconic than the number 28 that runs around the steep cobbled streets of the old Alfama district.

As well as great shopping and lazing on the beach, history buffs will love the Torre de Belém. Towering above the Lisbon quays, this landmark displays a whole range of architectural styles and has been standing tall since the 16th century.

torre de belém travel to Portugal
Torre de Belém

For those who love a gastronomic adventure, when you travel to Portugal, Lisbon has plenty to offer. The first place to start is the Time Out Market Lisboa, which offers a vast array of culinary delights, but if you find there is just too much choice and you would like to opt for something a little more traditional, there’s no better place than Lisbons oldest restaurant, Martinho da Arcada. A trip to Lisbon can’t be had without trying the world-famous pastel de nata.

Lisbon can be enjoyed all year round with an average of 300 days of sunshine a year. If you are planning on traveling in the summer, expect larger crowds and hot weather. The shoulder seasons of April and September offer a quieter experience. The winter season can see many attractions close but if you are looking for a peaceful retreat packed with culture, great deals can be found in the off-season.


Porto travel to portugal
Even a casual stroll down a random street in Porto is scenic.

If you wish to see Northern Portugal, Porto should be on your list. Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city but is by no means lesser than its big sister Lisbon. Known for its astounding food, coffee, and museums, Porto is one for city lovers. Indulge in octopus fillets, Francesinha, and local chocolate at the Chocolataria Equador. Once you’re full, take in the view from Clérigos Tower, stroll the countless art galleries, and walk around the Jardins do Palácio de Cristal.

For those looking to immerse themselves in history, Porto is the place. If you travel to Portugal and can only experience one place, Porto might be the one you should choose. Existing since the 3rd Century BC Porto has really seen it all, and where better place to start your historic tour than the UNESCO world heritage site, Porto’s Old Town.

If you are looking to combine a historical trip to Porto with some days lazing on the beach, the months from June through to September are the best for warmer weather. However, if the beach isn’t your scene, May and October are good choices, with cooler weather and fewer tourists. The winter months in Porto are colder due to the city’s northern position.


Slightly more inland is Coimbra, Portugal’s Medieval Capital for over a century and home to the oldest university in the country. If you travel to Porgugal, you’ll notice the grand and celestial feel of this place, and quite likely, you’ll envy the students who get to experience this every day. Not only is it a world heritage site, but it is also set on a hill in the middle of the city, affording stunning views day and night.

Then, stroll around other historical buildings like Biblioteca Joanina, the Chapel of São Miguel, and the Monastery of Santa Cruz.

If you are looking for something to do with the whole family then head to Portugal dos Pequenitos, where you can enjoy exploring kid-sized scale models of Coimbra and Portugal’s most famous monuments.

The Algarve

travel to Portugal visit the Algarve
The coastline in The Algarve is like none other.

If you are after the ultimate beach vacation when you travel to Portugal then look no further than the Algarve region of Portugal. Known for its sandy beaches, scalloped bays, and sea caves, the region is visited by over 4 million visitors a year. Positioned in the south of Portugal the warmer weather allows for a long visiting season, but the region has much more to offer than relaxing on the beach.

If you and your family are into adventure, the region is famous for its surf. So grab a surfboard, and some surfleisure gear and hit the waves, or take a surf lesson and learn a new skill. If surfing isn’t your thing then why not take a boat tour and explore the many sea caves, including the world-famous Benagil Cave?

If you would rather stay on dry land than the long-distance path, The Via Algarviana offers great hiking opportunities, across 300 kilometers (approx), which is divided into 14 sections. To hike the whole trail would take about 3 weeks and is something for the cooler season, however, walking only parts of the trail can offer beautiful views.

Choosing to vacation in Portugal is the easy part, choosing where to go is the difficult bit!

Travel To Portugal Conclusion

From Lisbon to Porto to Coimbra to the Algarve, even this guide is just a jumping-off point for your travel to Portugal. Once you experience these iconic spots, you’ll likely want to get off the beaten path and explore some of the less well know areas of Portugal such as ‎⁨Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês⁩, Sintra, and Colares. But the ultimate point is, no matter what you choose to do, Portugal is a magical country that you could spend a lifetime exploring. So, start off somewhere, and then plan to come back time and time again!

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