Having a sense of wanderlust brings you a multitude of things. You get to experience the world through a new lens by way of language, adventure, people, and of course travel foods.

Food brings people together. It offers a sense of spirit and a sense of place.

Smelling certain foods and eating them again reminds you of how you felt when you last enjoyed that particular dish.

Even though you might not be in the locale where you first delighted in a delicious meal, you can recreate travel foods at home.

Find Your Travel Foods Recipes

When you are at home and awaiting your next adventure, you may find yourself craving the delights of a different country.

It is helpful to have a cache of your most-loved dishes on hand, such as a falooda recipe for when the mood strikes.

Falooda is perfect for any occasion where you’re keen for sweets, but it shines in the warmer summer months. With its refreshing ingredients, including rose syrup and ice cream, it is sure to please.

If you do not have anything inspirational on hand, try perusing local shops for international cookbooks.

Proprietors will likely have cookbooks or recipe recommendations for you. Scouring the internet will deliver a wealth of information.

If you are looking for a particular recipe, try using the cuisine’s internet country domain to look for inspiration.

Perhaps you have had the joy of staying with people on your travels with whom you remain in contact.

If so…

Reach out and ask about their favorite foods, recipes, and ingredients or inquire about a dish they served you while visiting.

Staying connected and bonding over food are great ways to relive your adventures and create new ones.

While You Are Traveling…

During your travels, whenever you happen upon amazing food that you know you want to eat again, make note of it.

Photograph the prepared food, the menu listing (regardless of language), and any other things that will help you recreate it at home. 

Strike up a conversation with the proprietor, chef, or server and ask them about your meal.

Many people enjoy sharing their culture with others through food and are more than happy – sometimes even eager – to tell you all about it.

Ask about the history of the dishes you are enjoying, if they are willing to share their recipes and if they have any special tips.

Sometimes, the spices and seasonings you will savor and linger over during a vacation are of a higher quality than what you will find at home, online ordering notwithstanding.

If you are able, purchase some packets of your favorite spices to bring back with you. Always ensure they are clearly labeled for easier navigation through customs.

Share What You Have Learned About Your Travel Foods

After you have found your new favorite recipes or recreated them from past travel foods, it is time to share the wealth.

Invite friends and family over and make a day of it.

Bring out objects you collected from the location.

Encourage guests to help out in the kitchen and learn a new recipe or two.

Play music from the country of origin while cooking and dining.

Set up a portable projector and a screen or white sheet outside to regale your guests with pictures and tales of traveling excitement and wonder once the meal is over.

Lay out blankets, pillows, and chairs to encourage congregating.

If anyone else has traveled to the same location, ask them to bring photos or upload them to a shared folder ahead of time. 

Here is a video showing you how to DIY a backyard home video screen. (Feel free to iron the dropcloth before beginning.)

Encourage Your Children To Recreate Travel Foods

Bring your kids into the kitchen with you.

Go a step further and enlist them in grocery shopping and food preparation.

Discuss why you are making the recipes you have selected.

Make this an opportunity to talk about different cultures, and traditions, and why they matter.

If your children traveled with you to the destination from which you are making your meal, talk about what you saw, did, and experienced while you were there.

Take photos of the kids making the meal and create new memories.

When cooking with kids you should always expect a mess but foster good cooking habits such as cleanliness and kitchen safety.

Model good behavior and start with small tasks that they can handle.

Have fun making amazing food from around the world, reliving memories, and making new ones.

Perhaps you can plan a new excursion while celebrating an old one. Eat well and share what you have learned!

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