Tips for Family Travel in Thailand
Thailand can be a family-friendly travel destination!

If you’ve been thinking about visiting Thailand with your whole family, you should go ahead and take that plunge.

There are lots of great reasons to do so.

There’s so much great culture for your kids to explore and learn about. It’s also a very friendly and welcoming country.

If you do visit with your family, here are a few tips for family travel in Thailand that’ll serve you well.

Teach Your Kids About the Country and Culture Beforehand

It can be a good idea to prepare your kids in advance for the trip. One of the best ways, to do that is to teach them a bit about the local culture and what they should expect.

You can help them learn about what Thai culture has to offer, a bit about the language and the local customs.

If anything, this will only get them more excited about the trip.


It adds an educational dimension to it too.

Make the Most of the Food

One of the best things about traveling to Thailand is the quality of the local food. It’s one of the best places to travel to for that reason.

Thailand has its own unique cuisine that has roots in other Asian food cultures.

But…It also has some of the best French food around as well.

There’s no shortage of options, so an obvious tip for family travel in Thailand is to dine at as many great restaurants as you can there and make the most of the cuisine.

Stay Safe and Hydrated – One Of The Most Important Tips for Family Travel in Thailand

It’s always important to stay safe and hydrated when you’re traveling with your family in a location that’s hot. That’s certainly true in Thailand!


Try to make sure that you’re always carrying water with you when you’re out and about.

And, be sure to protect yourselves from the sun as well. It’s something that tourists here too often overlook.

Choose an Established Resort

When choosing accommodation for your family, it’s usually best to go with a safe and reliable option.

On the whole, Thailand is safe.

However, if you’re new to traveling or you just feel a bit worried about being in a new place, a resort that’s tailored to the needs of foreign guests might be a good place to stay.

The Koh Samui resorts are among the most popular, and they’re ideal for anyone who’s looking for a little luxury from their family trip to Thailand.

For something quite a bit more local and less expensive, consider Esmeralda View on Koh Yao Yai.

Tips for Family Travel in Thailand – Plan a Variety of Activities

The final tip for family travel in Thailand is that you should make sure that when you’re planning your travels, you plan a variety of different activities.

There’s so much variation in Thailand so it would be a shame not to.

There are great urban activities, stunning beaches, and lots of religious and cultural landmarks and highlights.

So, make space for all of that and more!

Tips for Family Travel in Thailand
An island hopping tour is a fun and family-friendly activity!

Thailand might not be a place you’ve visited together with your family before, but there are many good reasons to do so.

It’s a beautiful place with great people and lots to explore.

And, more and more families are choosing to spend their vacation time there, so make the most of the tips above!

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