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Tai Shui Hang Waterfall Hike Up Madai Stream (馬大石澗)

Fast Facts – Tai Shui Hang Waterfall Hike Up Madai Stream


4.2 km




2-3 hours

Tai Shui Hang Waterfall Hike Up Madai Stream: A Hong Kong Hidden Gem With Something For Everyone

The Tai Shui Hang Waterfall hike up Madai Stream is perfect for both families and thrill-seekers alike. Of course, one part is more suitable for families, and the other for thrill seekers, but we’ll get into all those details below.

A man rock climbing on the wall above Tai Shui Hang Waterfall

More broadly speaking, if you’re keen for an off the beaten path waterfall hike in Hong Kong, this is an excellent choice. In the summertime Madai Stream is perfect because it has countless swimming holes.

This is one of the many pools we swam in!

If you want to experience the Tai Shui Hang waterfalls with nearly no one else around, consider hiking here in the winter months. Last but not least, if you want us to guide you on this hike, send us an email, or click below!

No matter what you decide to do, if you have questions or comments, drop us a line below, and then get hiking! NOTE: This hike takes you up a flowing stream bed. It is inherently dangerous. Please read our disclaimer below.

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Gear For Hiking Tai Shui Hang Waterfalls Up Madai Stream

We call this the Tai Shui Hang Waterfall hike up Madai Stream because, that’s exactly what it is – a stream hike. More to the point, for a good portion of this hike you are going to be anywhere from ankle to waist deep in a flowing stream.

We recommend you bring the following items to be best prepared.

You may want the following items.

Below is the specific gear we use and why we use it.


You can’t live without it. For this hike, we recommend at least 2 liters per person. In the summer, on the full loop (not suitable for families) we recommend you bring 3 liters per person. These reusable bottles are good for the environment. They’re also insulated, so they will keep your water cold.

Sun Protection

If you do the full loop of our route, you’ll need sun protection for the descent, as it’s fully exposed to the sun.

Hiking Shoes (Or Water Shoes)

We use our trail running shoes when we hike to the Tai Shui Hang Waterfall up Madai Stream. Wet or dry, our trail running shoes provide us with good traction and support. If however, you don’t want to get yours wet, make sure to use a sturdy pair of water shoes.

Hiking Socks

No matter the season, we hike in wool socks. They naturally help prevent blisters, they are breathable and relatively quick dry. For this hike, we use our thinner pairs.


Hiking burns calories. A few snacks never hurt, and these ProBars are DELICIOUS!

Camera (Optional)

This is the camera setup we use. It’s small, lightweight, weatherproof, and optically speaking, amply powerful for our purposes.

Baby Backpack (Optional)

If you want to hike the Tai Shui Hang Waterfall up Madai Stream with a little one who can’t yet handle all the rock scrambling, this is an essential piece of gear. We love this Osprey pack, and it has allowed us to venture all over the world with our son Peri. We’ve even used it to trek up to Poon Hill in the Himalayas of Nepal with him as a baby.

Water Filter (Optional)

Especially in the summertime, it’s nice to be able to drink from Madai Stream. Doing so also allows you to lighten your pack. One of the only ways to drink safely however is by using a water filter. We have used all of these. The smaller and lighter ones are the best choice for hiking the Tai Shui Hang Waterfalls.

Getting To And From Tai Shui Hang Waterfalls

The Tai Shui Hang Waterfall hike up Madai Stream is nearly hidden in plain sight. So, while not too many people know about it, it’s easy to get to. Just make your way to the Tai Shui Hang MTR Station, Exit B, and you’ll nearly be at the trailhead.

The trailhead, right near Tai Hang MTR, Exit B

This hike can either be done as a loop, or as an up-and-back hike. Either way you’ll end this hike at Tai Shui Hang MTR Station, Exit B. So again, use the MTR to get to and from the trailhead. Once you’re at the trailhead, you can follow our route map.

Difficulty, Duration, Distance and Elevation – Tai Shui Hang Waterfall Hike

This pool is past the family-friendly section.


4.2 km




2-3 hours

If choose to follow the full loop, do so in a counter-clockwise direction.
The elevation profile for the full loop

The Full Loop

The full loop of our route up the Tai Shui Hang Waterfall hike via Madai Stream is only suitable for strong-intermediate and advanced hikers. The full loop is not family-friendly. The stream climb is quite strenuous.

Some of the many falls you will see along the way.

Moreover, the trail down is completely exposed to the sun and on some semi-slippery gravel trails. It is beautiful, and will give you lovely views of Pat Sin Leng, but again it’s not family friendly.

A view of the Tolo Harbor and Pat Sin Leng off in the distance.

Family Friendly Option

However, if you want to bring your little ones to experience Madai Stream, you certainly can. Just don’t plan on doing the whole loop.

We had a great time rock scrambling.

We suggest you follow our route for as long as you feel comfortable (but no further), and then play in the numerous pools. There are swimming-worthy pools just a few hundred feet from the paved road – quite family friendly.

We also had a great time swimming.

When you’ve had your fill, turn back around and retrace your steps back to the trailhead. With Julia 23-weeks pregnant, our 15-month old son, a 2-year old and a 5-year old, we slowly went up Madai Stream for about an hour before turning back. Again, the full loop is not family-friendly.

Two badass ladies – Julia at 23-weeks pregnant and our friend carrying her 2-year old!

Our Route On A Map – Tai Shui Hang Waterfalls

General Notes

Guru Maps

We highly recommend you download the Guru Maps app (iOS/Android), in order to follow our Tai Shui Hang Waterfall hike route up Madai Stream. Once you have downloaded the app, simply download either the KML, GPX or GeoJSON file (linked in the top right-hand corner of the map below), and then open said file using the Guru Maps app. The data will be saved to your mobile device, so you’ll be able to use it to navigate when you’re out in the wild, even if you’re offline.

Google Maps

We do not recommend using this Google Map to navigate while you’re out on the trail, as the dataset for this area is incomplete. We have provided it for reference only.

Our Route In Pictures – Tai Shui Hang Waterfalls Hike

This is the start of the trail. Go straight, and then turn left down the cream colored stairs on the left.
Walk straight until you see this left hand turn. Go up the stairs, and then turn right.
Go up these stairs. Then, turn right.
In a matter of moments, you will be here. Make your way up the stream however you’d like.
To get over these falls, use the small ladder on the right.
Even kids can make it up the ladder!
Some kids must be carried up.
Enjoy a swim in any or all of the pools!
Then continue upward.
Again, make sure to enjoy a swim or two.
Then, head onward and upward.
This is where we stopped going up. Families should likely stop here.

Thrill Seekers Keep On, Main Falls Ahead

Continuing on, you’ll reach more pools.
Then, continue heading upstream.
Enjoy this collection of waterfalls.
This is the ribbon trail. Follow it up and around to the left.
Keep going up to the left.
Soon you’ll arrive here, the Tai Shui Hang Waterfall – The Main Fall!
Take a swim! The water is perfect!

Above Tai Shui Hang Waterfall

Enjoy the view behind you. You were just down there!
Keep heading up!
Follow the stream up.
Another view looking back.
Keep going.
Go left at the fork.
This banana grove is at the edge of the farms.
Carefully walk through the aquaponic farm.
Follow this path.
Keep going up.

The Descent Through Ma On Shan Country Park

Turn left, and go up this trail.
Enjoy the view of the Shing Mun River and Needle Hill.
Look back, and you’ll see Ma On Shan.
Follow the trail down. Enjoy the views of Pat Sin Leng in the background.
Eventually, you’ll arrive at this survey marker.

Other Hong Kong Waterfall Hikes

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