Slowood is Sustainable Eco-Friendly Shopping in Kennedy Town at its Finest

This article is not a paid advertisement/endorsement of eco-friendly Slowood, and we receive no financial benefits from them. We simply love this shop and wanted to share!

Shopping at eco-friendly Slowood in Kennedy Town was an experience that began for me right on the sidewalk. As I approached 11 Davis Street, through the floor to ceiling glass shopfront, I gazed in at the warmly lit, relaxed and beautiful minimalist interior design ethic that forms both Slowood’s literal and philosophical foundation.

Shopping in Slowood is a pleasure.

Once inside, I wandered through Slowood’s luxuriously wide aisles. I strolled under its lofty ceilings and enjoyed bathing in what felt like natural sunlight from their tasteful lighting design. Shopping at Slowood was refreshing, rejuvenating, and made me feel like I was in the great outdoors. The chill music they had playing in the background only added to this feeling. Yet obviously I was not outside. I was immersed in exploring this treasure trove of an eco-friendly shop. By the time I reached the cashier, I was convinced that living greener in Hong Kong had just gotten a whole lot easier.

The DIY weigh scales allow you to buy just what you need.

Slowood is a Vision for a Sustainable Future

While Hong Kong is not one of the most environmentally friendly counties in the world, don’t be lulled into thinking Slowood is only about beautiful aesthetics. Fundamentally, Slowood is a statement of founder Vicky Chen’s vision for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for Hong Kong. Maybe even the world. And she’s not new to this game. Chen opened her first shop, Pimary, in Tai Mei Tuk. Ever since, she has only gained momentum and popularity in the Hong Kong eco-friendly shopping scene. It is with her forward looking vision that she carefully sources products for her shops.

Eco-Friendly Products Galore

Slowood sources 100 Bon, refillable perfume and colognes.

Wandering through Slowood’s aisles, I noticed that their clean wooden shelves are comfortably full of eco-friendly products. They range from from practical household goods such a laundry detergent, basic staples such as rice to some truly unique and gourmet foods such as sardines imported from Portugal. Slowood also sources some boutique cosmetics. In fact, Slowood gave me my first introduction to 100 Bon. It is a line of perfume and cologne with eco-friendly refillable bottles.

There are plenty of attractive and eco-friendly housewares at Slowood.

Slowood also sources sustainably made and eco-friendly housewares. These will comfort you that your home is full of products that are safe for you and the environment.

Good luck navigating all these options!

And what eco-friendly shop would forget to provide customers with an impressive array of reusable waterbottles? Certainly not Slowood.

There are plenty of eco-friendly beauty products as well.

If cosmetics are your thing, Slowood has an entire wall of perfumes, moisturizers, cleansers, soaps and more. With plenty of testers, you’ll have a lot to explore in this section.

Reduce Your Waste and Buy What You’d Like

The bulk bins have just about everything you’d want in the way of dry good and even spices.

Beyond providing eco-friendly items, they also provide many package-free products that I can already tell will allow me to drastically increase my ability to live a zero waste lifestyle here in Hong Kong. One of my favorite elements of Slowood is the buy-what-you’d-like ethic which allows you to, purchase just the right amount of whatever you desire.

Simply scoop or pour out any number of spices, grains, legumes, liquid soaps, oils and more, weigh it out, and you’ll be on your way! If you forget to bring your own reusable containers, they have a variety available right in the store.

Refill your dish soap laundry detergent.
There is plenty of hand and body soap as well as general all purpose cleaner.
There are oils and sweeteners too. Enjoy olive and macadamia oil and more. Agave syrup? No problem!

Prepared Food Coming Soon

With their organic and vegan cafe set to open in about a month’s time, it’s not hard to imagine Slowood in Kennedy Town becoming a go-to option for a casual meet up, a healthy meal and a comfortable third space for small gatherings of any variety.

Check out Slowood for Yourself

The bottom line is that I will certainly be patronizing Slowood in Kennedy Town quite often. If you too are someone who cares about buying high quality food and products for your home, living an eco-friendly and zero waste lifestyle as well as supporting businesses that support the world, I highly recommend you take a stroll through Slowood. You won’t be disappointed!

If you’re wondering what else there is to do in Kennedy Town, beyond shopping at eco-friendly Slowood, there is LOTS to do. You can hike up Mt. High West or take a casual urban hike to Central. Why not have a photo shoot at Instagram Pier? Or consider chilling on Wester District’s Waterfront Promenade. As you can see, Kennedy Town is chock full of fun things to do. But no matter when you decide to do, swing by Slowood first. However, don’t forget your reusable shopping bags! After you’ve checked it out, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Happy eco-friendly shopping!

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