As Soon as You Can – SCUBA Dive Tubbataha Reef National Park

SCUBA dive Tubbataha reef national park – More details on this STUNNING underwater world are coming SOON! For now, have a look at our experience SCUBA diving Tubbataha Reef National Park, and then book your trip ASAP. (Details on how to do that are below the movie!)

How to Get to Tubbataha Reef National Park

To scuba dive Tubbataha Reef National Park, you’ll need to go between mid-February and mid-June. It is closed to tourists for the rest of the year.  Additionally, you’ll have to visit it via a live aboard dive boat, where for 5-7 days, you’ll live on the boat.  You’ll experience the peaceful calm of the soothing Sulu Sea, and you’ll gain access to one of the best underwater ecosystems and dive sites in the world. There are many live aboard options to choose from (we’ll tell you the one we choose below), but the majority of them leave from Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. So, quite obviously, to SCUBA Dive Tubbataha Reef National Park, you’ll need to get to Puerto Princesa. While you’re there, consider taking a Puerto Princesa city tour.

Which Live Aboard Boat to Take

We chose the MY Vasco live aboard boat to dive Tubbataha Reef National Park, as it was both GREAT value and ample comfort. The MY Vasco however, is NOT a luxury comfort boat, and is well suited for those looking to optimize value and dive Tubbataha. There are other live aboard boats going to Tubbataha Reef National Park available at, so you should have a look there for other options. As always, make sure to scour Google too.

Gear You Will Need

When we go SCUBA diving, we usually rent most of our gear, as we only dive a few times a year. The things we have considered buying however are some of the smaller more personal items. For example, a face mask, a snorkel, fins, and even a wetsuit. If you don’t want to purchase a full wet suit however, check out some of these best rash guards, as they are less expensive and a bit lighter weight than a full wet suit.

Get Diving

We will be putting more information on this post in the next while, so if you have any question in the mean time, feel free to drop us a line here or leave us a question in the comments section below!

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