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We truly enjoyed out stay at Rancho Samadhi in San José del Pacifico in Oaxaca, Mexico.

If you find yourself in San José del Pacifico, in Oaxaca, Mexico, it’s likely for one of two reasons. First, you may be here to enjoy the various hiking and biking experiences bountiful in the approximately 8,500 ft (2,500 m) mountains comprising San José del Pacifico. On the few hikes we did in the area, we were pretty impressed.

The second likely reason that you might find yourself in San José del Pacifico is that you’re keen to break up the approximately 6.5-hour drive from Oaxaca City to the tropical coastal areas of Puerto Ángel and Mazunte. Given that San José del Pacifico is almost smack dab in the middle, it’s a perfect place to rest for the night, or again, if you like the great outdoors, consider staying for a few days.

When we drove from Oaxaca City to the coast, we broke up the drive by enjoying a hosted stay in San José del Pacifico at Rancho Samadhi (Samadhi Ranch) for a total of four nights – two coming and two returning. Even after our relatively short stays at Rancho Samadhi, we were reluctant to leave, as this cozy, off-grid, and comfortable cabin in the mountains of Oaxaca truly allowed us to feel a sense of samadhi.

Rancho Samadhi – Off Grid And Comfortable

If the idea of waking up immersed in the pristine quiet of a high alpine forest is appealing to you, we highly recommend you check out Rancho Samadhi. Further, if you like the idea of a steaming hot shower, a cup of coffee, and cozying up to a warm fire to start your day, Rancho Samadhi will again be a great fit for you.

The point we’re driving at is, in spite of Rancho Samadhi being an off-grid cabin in the woods (all the power comes from the solar array out front), you will not at all be sacrificing comfort.

Cabin Amenities

In specific, Rancho Samadhi has a full kitchen (with an oven), a spacious full bathroom with a rainfall shower, a large living room with a fireplace, two decks – one in the back, and on the roof, a bedroom upstairs and a sleeping area downstairs too, a large front yard, and overall has a fresh and clean design that allows for plenty of natural light to fill all the parts of this beautiful A-frame cabin. NOTE: There is no wifi or cell service here, so make sure to download all your favorite shows before you head to this lovely mountain escape!

Great Location

The most simple way to put this is, Rancho Samadhi is located just outside the center of the downtown. It’s quiet, private, and a great spot for escaping the hustle and bustle of normal daily rhythms. If you’d like, you can do some great hikes right from your front door, or if you care to check out the town, you’re nearby to that too.

If you drive to Rancho Samadhi, you’ll quickly realize that by car, you’re about 5 minutes from the center of the town. If you venture up to San José del Pacifico without your own vehicle, it’ll be about a 20-minute walk to the center of town. By auto-taxi (basically a Mexican tuk-tuk), it’ll again be about a 5-minute drive to the center of the town.

Peri enjoyed strolling through the town center.

If you don’t care to walk as far as the town center, about 10 minutes on foot, and 2 minutes by car, you can access some of the small restaurants and shops that are located along the road leading up to Rancho Samadhi.

While more limited than the town center, there were some shops on the road leading up to Rancho Samadhi.

Easy Access And Friendly Owner

Omar, the owner of Rancho Samadhi has his logistics on lock, and he is also a super friendly guy. Upon arriving at Rancho Samadhi, his local property manager, Isabel, met us and gave us a quick welcome tour. She showed us the complimentary firewood we could use, how to operate the hot shower and the basic ins and outs of the cabin. She made herself available if we had any questions or concerns, but since everything was perfect, we never had to contact her.

Conclusion – Rancho Samadhi San José del Pacifico A Mountain Top Escape

Our stay at Rancho Samadhi was truly a treat. The cabin itself was cozy and comfortable, the location was great because we could easily get to town and also hike right from our front door, and Omar as well Isabell were fantastic hosts. If you’re in San José del Pacifico, we recommend you give Rancho Samadhi a try. If you have any questions about all of this, feel free to leave us a comment below.

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