What Is The Ride Safer Travel Vest?

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The Ride Safer Travel Vest is a safe, legal (in all 50 states), and super convenient child restraint for kids in boosters and forward-facing 5-point harness seats. It meets the same standards that all legal car seats and child restraints must meet in order to be considered legal. In more technical terms, it’s a FMVSS 213 certified child restraint.

ride safer travel vest

To put all of that much more simply, the Ride Safer Vest is basically a harness that you put on your child. Once your kiddo is in the harness, you weave a seatbelt through a couple of points in the harness, and voila, your kiddo will be safely restrained in your vehicle – again, just as he/she would be in a traditional forward-facing 5-point harness seat.

The harness itself folds into a ball that’s about the size of a basketball and weighs about 2 lbs. (~ 1 kg.), so it’s absolutely portable and packable.

In our section below on how to use the Ride Safer Travel Vest, we go into full detail on this topic, although there aren’t many, as it’s super simple to use!

Why We Use The Ride Safer Vest

There are a few main reasons we use our vests, but broadly speaking, we use them when it’s not practical to use our traditional forward-facing 5-point harness seats.

Traveling Abroad

When we travel abroad, due to the sheer size and weight of our traditional forward-facing 5-point harness seat, it’s not practical to bring them along with us. And, as putting the kids in a vehicle without a seatbelt of any kind is NOT an option for us, the Ride Safer Travel Vest is an obvious choice for us.

Taking Taxis/Ubers

Whether we’re traveling abroad or domestically, like on our Southern New Mexico road trip, when we need to taxi or Uber somewhere, it’s again not practical to use our forward-facing 5-point harness seats. Merely connecting our traditional car seats into a taxi and then taking them out again poses a large challenge, and then storing the seats at our destination is also problematic.

Since we can put the RideSafer travel Vest on each kid (a process that takes 10-15 seconds) before we hail our taxi, once the taxi arrives, we can quickly buckle the kids into the back seat (another 10-15 second process), and we’re safely on our way.

Once we arrive at our destination, we take the kids out of the vehicle and their vests (a total of 20-30 seconds of work), and then we stuff the vests away into one of our backpacks.

Riding In A Friend’s Car

Along the same lines as when we ride in a taxi, if we’re ever riding in a friend’s car, again, it’s not practical for us to bring our traditional car seats. Our RideSafer Vest allows us to ensure our kids are riding safely no matter the setting.

How To Use The RideSafer Travel Vest – It’s SUPER Simple

The short video below shows how quick and easy the Ride Safer Travel Vest is to use.

@forsomethingmore This is how you put the vest on. As you can see, super simple. 😃 Let me know what else you might want to see! #carseat #travelwithkids #travelwithchildren #travelingkids #carseattiktoks ♬ original sound – .

If the video didn’t cut it for you, the basic process is this.

  1. Put your child’s arms through the arm loops
  2. Velcro the tummy strap across their tummy and velcro the lap portion too
  3. Attach then tighten the waist belt
  4. If you’re using the crotch belt – typically only for younger children – lightly tighten that too

Once your tot is in the vest, buckling them in the car is again a 10-15 second process.

Have a look.

@forsomethingmore If you’re interested in purchasing the Ride Safer vest, you can here: SR4K.com/ForSomethingMore This is an affiliate link and we will earn a small commission if you make a purchase. We thank you in advance as you are the bloodline to our ability to create more great content. More information: The vest also comes with a shoulder tether. Because we are usually only using our Ride Safer vest for short taxi or Uber rides, we don’t use it often. However, when we rent a car, we plan to use the shoulder tether for consistent sitting position and increased safety. You don’t HAVE to use a booster with the vest, however, if your kiddos want to be able to see out the window, a booster is nice for the longer car rides. The Travel Smarter Delight Booster Seat (sold by Safe Ride 4 Kids) has been crash tested along with the Ride Safer vest, so it’s the one you need to use, if wanting to boost your kiddo up. My next video will show the use of the Ride Safer Vest with the Travel Smarter Delight Booster Seat. @saferide4kids ♬ flowers x love you like a love song – Adam Wright

Again, if the video didn’t do it for you…

  1. Buckle the seat belt as you normally would
  2. Thread the seat belt through the three points on the vest
  3. Tighten the seat belt a bit

The big takeaway is, the vests should NOT be insanely tight. If your child is having trouble moving around, and certainly if they’re having trouble breathing, you’ve fastened it WAY too tightly. Loosen it up a bit!

The other takeaway is, the lap portion of the vest should sit flat on your kiddo’s lap. If it’s not sitting flat, go ahead and adjust the vest accordingly.

The first time we used our Ride Safer Travel Vests, it took us about 2-3 minutes to learn how to use the vests. After practicing just a couple of times, it now takes us 10-15 seconds to get our kiddos into their vests.

A Booster Seat Is An Optional Accessory For The RideSafer Travel Vest

While using the RideSafer Vest is equally as safe with or without a TravelSmarter Delight Booster Seat, if your little one isn’t able to see out the window, and if that’s troubling to either you or them, definitely consider using one.

We use one with our kiddos, and we’re all happier because of it, but ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Conclusion – The Ride Safer Travel Vest Is What We Use As A Travel Car Seat

The bottom line is that the Ride Safer Travel Vest is a safe, legal (in all 50 states), and super convenient child restraint for kids in boosters and forward-facing 5-point harness seats.

If you’ve still got questions about the RideSafer Travel Vest, feel free to leave us a comment below, and most definitely feel free to check out the FAQ’s as well as the plethora of other information that you’ll find on the manufacturers website.

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