ForSomethingMore at the Quarry Bay hike Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)
The entry to the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)
Quarry Bay Tree Walk
We’re still hiking this one and loving it!

Hike Quarry Bay – Quarry Bay Tree Walk, Gentle Family-Friendly, Historical

Fast Facts – Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)


3.6 km




2-3 hours

We have been enjoying this Quarry Bay hike, and in particular, the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) for quite some time now. So, we’ve put some “then and now” photos throughout this post.

In any case, we like it because it is:

  • family-friendly (but not pram-possible)
  • easy to get to
  • full of shade (perfect for the summer)
  • a route with a small watering hole

We also like it because it’s both historical in its terrain and to us as a family.

Recently, we’ve been enjoying the Tree Walk with both Peri and Kai. Peri enjoys it most when he can “fly” down the stairs, but who wouldn’t?

It’s a bit hard to see in the picture below, but Kai watches Peri longingly from inside his baby backpack. Someday you’ll fly too Kai, but for now, we’ll focus on walking first!

To the point that this hike is historical to us as a family…

We’ve done it when Julia was pregnant with Peri, and we’ve continued to hike it when she was pregnant with Kai.

Julia is a bada** hiking mama through and through, and thus both of our sons have experienced this hike in utero and out!

Toddler on Mt. Parker Road Green Trail on the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)
Boy hiking up to the Quarry Bay Tree Walk
Now Kai hikes, as he now knows how to walk!

Admittedly, we didn’t do this exact route before we had kids, but we’ve done other more challenging ones in the area such as this route to hike Jardine’s Lookout.

But the point is…

To this day, we still continue to do this Quarry Bay hike, as it’s a lovely way to immerse ourselves in nature, and it’s one of our favorite things to do with kids in Hong Kong!

Mother hiking with two sons in Quarry Bay Hong Kong
Mother and two sons resting on a small cement wall as they hike up Mt. Park Road to the Quarry Bay Tree Walk
We still love this little wall!

Want To Hike With Us?

Let Us Guide You On This Quarry Bay Hike

The Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) is an easy one to do on your own, but it’s also easy to have us guide you on this lovely route.

Julia and I are both seasoned outdoor educators, so we’d be glad to guide you!

If you’d like to transform this hike into a guided nature walk, feel free to get in touch with us here or just click below!


Questions Or Comments?

As always, if you have any comments or questions about all this, feel free to leave us a comment below. We’ll get back to you in a flash!

Difficulty, Distance, Duration, And Elevation – Quarry Bay Hike – Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)


3.6 km




2-3 hours

The Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) is an easy and family-friendly Quarry Bay hike.

If we were pressed to name a “difficult section” on the route, we’d have to say it’s the first bit up Mount Parker Road, but that’s only if we’re pressed.

However, even that section is very easy. Our route starts at the Quarry Bay MTR Station (Exit A), and it ends over at Tai Koo MTR Station (Exit B).

Feel free to use our downloadable map of the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) to navigate along our route.

Quarry Bay hike Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) map
Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) Map

We realize the elevation profile looks quite daunting, but it’s really a mellow route.

You’ll be starting at 2 meters and going up to a maximum of 127 meters over the course of about 1.5 km.

In more meaningful terms, the Tree Walk starts with a gentle uphill section on the Mount Parker Road Green Trail.

Once you hit the dirt trail, it all flattens out, and the dirt trail will eventually take you downhill a bit. 


You’ll make it back out to the road which will lead you to the Taikoo MTR Station. 

Again, this is an easy route, so don’t let the elevation profile scare you.

Quarry Bay hike Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) elevation profile

Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) – Starting From Quarry Bay MTR Station

This Quarry Bay hikes starts right from Quarry Bay MTR station, Exit A.

Quarry Bay MTR Station Exit A

For a few minutes, you’ll walk southeast on King’s Road, but admittedly it’s not the most scenic section.

Woman hiking on King's Road

Mount Parker Road Green Trail

You’ll eventually reach the Mount Parker Road Green Trail Sign. 

At the sign, turn right, and start up Mount Parker Road.

Mount Parker Road Green Trail sign

There is a beautiful small temple you’ll pass by. 

Peri loves the smell of the burning incense, so he always makes a short stop, and you can too!

Boy in temple on Mount Parker Road

Mount Parker Road

Mount Parker Road is usually a place you’ll encounter some other folks, but if you arrive here early, you’ll encounter less.

Clearly, Kai couldn’t care less about how crowded the road is, but neither would I in his state!

Woman hiking with baby in backpack

If you’re under three feet tall, like Peri, take a short pit stop on the curb, but if not consider otherwise.

boy sitting on curb


Keep heading gently uphill, and look forward to the start of the tree walk!

Peri likes to take the stairs here, but you can go around them via the road.

mother hiking up stairs with two sons

If Kai is outside, and especially if he’s with his Mama, he’s a happy baby!

Mother carrying baby in back pack on Quarry Bay hike Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

Peri likes to wash his hands in this stream fed hose. 

If you have a water filtration device, you can drink from this. 

Otherwise, don’t drink this untreated water.

father hiking with son in backpack touching spring water

The Official Trailhead

After a while, you’ll arrive at the official start of the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑).

start of the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

For the rest of this lovely Quarry Bay hike, you’ll be able to follow these nifty little Tree Walk signs.

Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) sign

You’ll notice right away that the terrain is very mellow, but still keep an eye out for roots and rocks.

boy hiking on Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

While we do bring our baby backpack on this hike, it’s only because sometimes Peri simply refuses to walk, but not because the terrain is too difficult for him.

man carrying baby in backpack on the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

Look for this cave on your right-hand side. While we don’t suggest you go inside, a look won’t hurt. It’s a remnant from WWII when the Japanese occupied Hong Kong.

Japanese tunnel on a Quarry Bay hike

Why It’s Called The Quarry Bay Tree Walk

If you were wondering why this Quarry Bay hike has gotten its name, it’s because of the many tree species along the route. 

These informative signs are all along the trail, so if you’d like to take a water break while simultaneously learning about a tree or two, you’ll be perfectly in luck!

tree sign on the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

The Historical Part – The Wartime Stoves

In October of 1938, the Japanese took over Guangzhou. Hong Kong, concerned for its own safety, prepared for war. 

One thing they did was build these stoves in anticipation of having to feed their troops. 

boy playing in wartime stoves on the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)
Two boys playin on the Wartime stoves along the Quarry Bay Tree Walk
Now they both love the wartime stoves.


Since Hong Kong fell to the Japanese in just over 2-weeks time, the stoves were never used. 

In any case, they are interesting to explore, and as long as your little one is gentle, they’re great to climb in too.

boy putting brick in wartime stove on Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

There are two sets of stoves along this route, and they both look quite similar. 

wartime stoves in Quarry Bay

The Halfway Point – Quarry Bay Hike

By the time you reach the second set of wartime stoves, you’ll be approximately halfway done with the Quarry Bay Tree Walk.

From here forward, it’s more or less all downhill, but make sure to watch your step. 

woman hiking with baby and toddler

Of course, Peri “flys” down any stairs he can, so we watch the steps for him!

toddler hiking on a Quarry Bay hike

While there are not too many open and sweeping views on this trail, after all, it is a tree walk, this section of trail does offer a few nice views of the Mt. Parker area.

View of Mount Parker

Kai loves to sleep in his baby backpack, and frankly, I think I would too!

baby sleeping in hiking backpack

Some Water To Explore

You’ll keep going downhill, and eventually, you’ll get to a small bridge that spans a drainage canal.

woman hiking in Hong Kong with baby in backpack

If you search around a bit in this area, you’ll find some nice pools to play in. (Hint: Head uphill along the drainage canal, and keep your eyes peeled.)

father and son playing in stream
Boy climbing rock in a Hong Kong stream
Now Kai can play here too!

And of course, there are plenty of rocks to throw too!

boy playing in stream onQuarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)
Mother and two boys hiking up a stream near the Quarry Bay Tree walk
This is one of the boys’ favorite rock spots!

Barbeque Sites Too

Near the end of our route, you’ll pass by this BBQ site. If you’d like to carry in charcoal and all the fixings you’ll need for a proper barbecue, kudos to you.

barbecue sites in Hong Kong Quarry Bay

However, since such supplies will likely be heavy, we recommend you follow our route map in reverse. That means, start at Tai Koo MTR Station (Exit B), enjoy your BBQ here, and then carry on as you’d like.

No matter the direction in which you enjoy this Quarry Bay hike, keep in mind, this area is quite full of wild boars.

While we’ve never had any problems with the boars, always remember to:

  1. Keep a safe distance
  2. Don’t attempt to touch or feed them
  3. Never stand between the large boars and the baby boars
wild boars on Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

Reaching The End

Once you reach these stairs, you’ll nearly be at the end of the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑).

happy mother with baby in hiking backpack

Eventually, you’ll walk along this paved path, and you’ll do so for about 2 minutes.

woman hiking with baby

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll reach this sign. Head downhill to the Tai Koo MTR Station (or wherever else you’d like to go), and enjoy the satisfaction of having just finished this lovely Quarry Bay hike!

sign to Tai Koo MTR Station

Gear For Quarry Bay Hike – Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

The Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) is an easy route. So, no special gear is necessary. We bring the following items, and they’ve always served us well.

Here is what we bring:

Water Bottle(s)

For this Quarry Bay hike, we recommend 1.0 liters per adult and 0.5 liters per child.

The reason we don’t recommend more is that, aside from the first part up Mt. Parker road, the route is shaded and either flat or downhill.

We like RTIC water bottles because they are built to last, and they can be used over and over.

Hiking Shoes

The terrain on the Tree Walk is super easy, so we only use hiking shoes like the ones below.

Trail runners would also be fine, but we think boots would be overkill here.

We also recommend you check out our post on toddler hiking shoes and how to choose a pair, so that your little one is hiking in comfortable, safe, and functional footwear too!

Hiking Socks

Wool wicks moisture away from your foot, thus keeping it dry. That’s why we use these wool socks year-round. 

In the summer, we use thin ones, and in the winter thick ones.

Baby Backpack

Even though the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) is only 3.5 km, we still bring our baby backpack. 

The main reason is that sometimes Peri’s pace or motivation (or both) is not where we’d like it to be. Also, Kai can’t yet walk. So, we like having the option of being able to carry the kids.

We can not more highly recommend the Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier but try it on for size, and ultimately, choose one that fits you and your little one best.

Baby Carrier

We bring our LILLEbaby Airflow carrier too since sometimes Peri doesn’t want to walk.

This gives us the option of having Kai in the carrier, Peri in the backpack, and all of us moving at a good pace.

Spill-Proof Snack Cup

Spilled snacks are no fun for anyone. So, with this spill-proof cup, we’re all much happier, and our snacks stay where they should!


If you’re into taking photos, and you want something powerful, lightweight, and super durable (as well as weather-sealed), we use this setup, and we LOVE it!

NOTE: We bring either our 24-105mm zoom lens or our 35mm prime lens. The a7 II E-mount is the only body we own, so we certainly bring that too.

Rain/Wind Jacket (Optional)

If you’re hiking this in the wintertime, and you’re particularly prone to getting cold, consider bringing a rain/wind jacket

If you’re hiking this just about any other time of year, we’d say you can leave your rain gear at home. 

Keep in mind, however, we say this as we don’t mind getting rained on a bit.

Sun Protection (Optional)

The first part of the trail, heading up the Mount Parker Road Green Trail, is moderately exposed to the sun. From the dirt trail onward, there is ample shade.

We don’t usually bring any sun protection on this route, but you know yourself best. Make a choice that’ll keep you and your little ones happy and safe!

Getting To And From Quarry Bay Hike – Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

Using Public Transit

We highly recommend you take the MTR to get to and from this hike. Our route on the Quarry Bay Tree walk starts at Quarry Bay MTR Station, Exit A, and it ends at Tai Koo MTR Station (Exit B), so the MTR will prove quite convenient.

For figuring out public transit routes around Hong Kong (in case you prefer the bus or you don’t live close to the MTR), we use the CityMapper app (iOS/Android), and it’s never led us astray.

Driving and Parking

The nearest car park to the Quarry Bay MTR Station (which is where we recommend you start this hike) is the One Island East Car Park

Keep in mind, since this hike ends at the Tai Koo MTR Station, you’ll have to walk a bit back to your car.

Taking A Taxi/Uber

Taking an Uber or Taxi to the start of this route will likely be the easiest (but not cheapest) way to get there. We like the HK Taxi App (iOS/Android) for requesting our taxis, and for Uber, you know what to do.

Download Our Route Map – Quarry Bay Hike – Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑)

You’re not going to need to be Magellan to follow the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) route.

However, we always like having a route map when we hike. 

So, our free downloadable route map is below, and you can use it to navigate when you’re out on the trail!

We LOVE GuruMaps

If you would like to download our route (and follow along with it on your own mobile device), we recommend you first download the Guru Maps app (iOS/Android).

There are other apps that will allow you to open our route map file, but we really like Guru the best.

We even wrote a GuruMaps review, since we like it so much. (There are also some free tutorials at the end of our review.)

Download our map file and then open it using the Guru Maps app, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Download Guru Maps (iOS/Android). (If you want to buy the professional version, get in touch with us, and we’ll shoot you a code for a discount.)
2. Click on the GPX, GeoJSON, or KML links here or in the top right-hand corner of the map below.
3. Once the map file has finished downloading, on your mobile device choose the option to “Open In,” and select Guru Maps. Then, you’ll have our route map (and a whole lot more map data too) right in your pocket. It’s that easy!

And, if you prefer other mapping options, we’ve got you covered.

Other Family-Friendly Adventures In Hong Kong

If the Quarry Bay Tree walk has merely whet your appetite for family-friendly hikes in this area, you’re in luck! 

Another nice hike nearly in the same spot, but that is a good bit harder, is the Hong Pak Country Trail. We still consider it family-friendly, but if you’ve got a toddler, you’ll definitely need your baby backpack and/or carrier. 

If you’ve got older kids, or you’re simply looking for a scenic hike to do without your kids, this Jardine’s Lookout Hike is challenging but also full of rewarding views. We’ve done this one countless times at night, as you can watch the Hong Kong light show from up high, if you time it correctly. Just make sure you bring your headlamp and watch out for snakes!

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for yet another gem of a family-friendly hike on the eastern side of Hong Kong Island, the Leaping Dragon Walk from Siu Sai Wan to Big Wave Bay is marvelous and could double as a beach day!

Ultimately, if you have any questions about the Quarry Bay Tree Walk (鰂魚涌樹木研習徑) or any other family-friendly hikes in Hong, leave us a comment below, and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can!

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