a father and son swimming in the infinity pool at a Puerty Escondido resort

If you’ve ever had the chance to experience a Puerto Escondido resort, and the sun-soaked tropical coastline of Oaxaca, Mexico that bustles with breaching whales, jumping dolphins, schools of stingrays that leap almost vertically from the azure blue water, bald eagles and vultures that soar through the wide-open skies above and fresh sea turtle tracks scrawled on the beach each morning, chances are that by the end of your stay, you’ll really not be wanting to go home.

boy releases sea turtle onto beach

To this point, after our stay at Vivo Resorts Puerto Escondido, located beachfront in Oaxaca, Mexico, we certainly didn’t want to leave.

Vivo Resort and Residences a Puerto Escondido Resort in Oaxaca, Mexico

And, given that at the time of writing a number of beachfront condos and villas at Vivo were available for ownership, we were quite tempted to take the plunge into experiencing perpetual vacation life on the spectacular stretch of Oaxacan coastline where the Vivo Resorts and Residences sits.

Vivo Resort and Residences is on the coast in Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Quite frankly, being able to play in the pool, and then about 30 seconds later being able to jump in the crashing waves of the Pacific, and then 30 seconds after that being able to sit down for a delicious bite to eat made for a splendid daily rhythm. But then again, that’s Puerto Escondido resort life!

man and son swimming in a pool at a Puerto Escondido resort

However, in spite of our temptation to live amongst the rich biodiversity of Oaxaca, and having the beach literally about 100 feet from our doorstep, our perpetual wanderlust won out, so alas we didn’t purchase our own piece of neverending vacation life at the tropical Vivo Resorts and Residences.


If you happen to be in the market for something of this sort, Vivo’s wrap-around services, well-established community of residents, and postcard-perfect beaches and grounds, make Vivo a compelling choice for perpetually experiencing Puerto Escondido resort life.

Our Condo

a luxurious condo at the Puerto Escondido resort called Vivo Resort and Residences
Our condo was modern, spacious, and built to last.

Our condo was one of the many types of accommodations that you can experience at Vivo Resorts and Residences. And, while we found the high-quality craftsmanship and materials of our two-bedroom, two-bathroom, nearly 1500-square foot condo a veritable piece of luxury, (especially compared to our normal RV life – where indeed there are a number of RV pros and cons), we’re also certain that we would have been just as happy experiencing one of Vivo’s villas, or private homes.

To put this all much more simply, the build quality, the amenities, and the views from our condo were all top-notch.

Spectacular Views

a partial beach view from a condo at a Puerto Escondido resort
Our condo had a partial beach view.

If you choose to experience Puerto Escondido resort life, and you’d like to set down some roots at Vivo Resorts and Residences, you’ll have to decide whether you’d like to live with a full beach view, a partial beach view, or a mountain view. The way we see it is, you can’t go wrong with whichever you choose.

Our condo had a partial beach view, and it still felt like the entire splendid glory of the Pacific Ocean was right at our doorstep. In fact, we were able to whale watch right from our balcony, but more about that is below.

If you opt for a mountain view, you’ll also not be disappointed, as the Sierra Madre del Sur’s are spectacular in their own right, and they will afford you a long list of mountain-style things to do.

a view of the Santa Maria del Sur mountains in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico
The Sierra Madre del Sur’s are ripe for outdoor adventures.

Generous Balcony

The balcony on our condo was one of our favorite spots to hang out! It wrapped around the entire outside edge of the condo, and given that it was a pseudo-L-shape, it provided us with shade no matter the time of day. The outdoor-indoor space it provided us was fantastic!

the balconies are spacious at Vivo Resort and Residences, a Puerto Escondido resort
We loved hanging out on our balcony!

From up on our balcony we were able to whale watch, enjoy our morning coffee, and of course, take in the magnificent sunsets too! If you choose to buy a place at Vivo and experience Puerto Escondido resort life perpetually, this could be an everyday experience for you and yours.

Spacious Kitchen

the kitchens are modern and stylish at Vivo Resort and Residences
We truly enjoyed cooking in our spacious and convenient kitchen.

Our kitchen was fully outfitted with state-of-the-art appliances (more about that right below), and granite countertops, and it was roomy enough for all four of us. There were no elbow-bumping moments, and we always had a hard time deciding whether we’d enjoy our meals at the island or the dining room table – oh the tough choices we had to make during our delve into Puerto Escondido resort life!

State Of The Art Appliances

a kitchen with new appliances at Vivo Resort and Residences

In every room, there were mini-split airconditioners and a ceiling fan. In the kitchen, there was a dishwasher, stove, and oven. Right off the kitchen, there was a laundry closet outfitted with a washing machine and a dryer.

In Mexico, it’s uncommon that you can drink water directly from the faucet.


At Vivo Resorts and Residences, you can do just that! In addition, the cold water from the refrigerator dispenser was also potable. So again, if you’re thinking about making Vivo your home, you’ll certainly have an abundance of creature comforts.

Resort Amenities

a Puerto Escondido resort called Vivo Resort and Residences

If you decided that Puerto Escondido resort life is indeed something you’d like to experience perpetually, rest assured, you’ll be plenty comfortable at Vivo Resorts and Residences given the many amenities they have on site. In specific, they include:

  • beachfront location
  • full-service spa
  • 3 swimming pools (one adult-only, two family-friendly)
  • 2 restaurants
  • 2 bars
  • fitness room
The fitness room had plenty of equipment and was never crowded.
  • yoga room
  • basketball courts
  • tennis courts
  • pickleball courts
  • beach volleyball court
  • pool volleyball court
  • grill/bbq area
  • market/shop (stocked with all the basics)
  • shuttle service

Experiences On And Off-Site

There are a TON of things to do at Vivo Resorts and Residences. After all, even if you slip into the luxurious relaxation of a Puerto Escondido resort vibe, you’ll likely want to shake things up a bit after you’ve had your fill of lounging by the pool or beach.

Below are some of the experiences Vivo can arrange for you. And, keep in mind, if you’re keen on a bespoke experience, the Vivo staff can help you craft one of those too.

Ocean And Water

family on the beach of a Puerto Escondido resort
We couldn’t get enough of the Pacific, so we were happy that it was less than a 1-minute walk from our front door!

If you stay at Vivo Resorts and Residences, you’ll quickly realize that one of its biggest assets is its beachfront location. To that end, Vivo can help you arrange any of the following activities. They include:

  • sea turtle release (ask ahead for the schedule, as it only happens intermittently)
  • whale/dolphin watching (DIY from the beach or on an organized boat excursion)
  • fishing
  • boat tours
  • kayaking
  • paddleboarding
  • surf lessons

Resort Activities

More to the point that you never need to leave the resort in order to have a very full dance-card of things to do, the on-site resort activities in and of themselves will keep you busy for quite a while. They include:

  • pickleball
  • tennis
  • basketball
  • pool volleyball
retirees playing pool volleyball at a Puerto Escondido resort called Vivo Resort and Residences
Residents and guests regularly played pool volleyball!
  • ping-pong ball
  • beach volleyball
  • full-service spa
a serene spa at Vivo Resort and Residences
The spa was serene.
  • yoga class
  • fitness class
  • water aerobics
retirees enjoy a water aerobics class at a Puerto Escondido resort called Vivo Resort and Residences
Water aerobics was part of Vivo’s regular rhythm!

Mountain Adventures

mother and son gaze at the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains from a Puerto Escondido resort
The Sierra Madre del Sur’s were mesmerizing!

As much as Vivo will allow you to experience beachfront Puerto Escondido resort life, if you turn a mere 180 degrees away from the ocean, you’ll realize you’re standing virtually at the foot of the Sierra Madre del Sur’s. They are spectacular mountains, and they are chock full of outdoor adventures that Vivo can help you arrange. Of the many things to do up in the mountains, some that Vivo can help you organize are:

  • ecological adventures
  • mountain biking
  • horseback riding
  • ziplining
  • hiking
  • hot spring swimming
  • waterfall hiking
  • coffee plantation tours

On-Site Dining And Bars

Whether you venture to Vivo for a vacation, or if you decide to purchase one of their various homes, you’ll have plenty of on-site dining and bar options during your experience of Puerto Escondido resort life.


Ernesto’s offers casual dining in the farm/ocean-to-table style. From authentic Oaxacan cuisine to various international dishes, you’ll have plenty to choose from whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner time!


Mezcalina's at Vivo Resort and Residences
Mezcalina’s was usually hopping once the sun went down!

This hacienda-style dining lounge is great for a meal, a drink, or better yet, even both! If you’re in the mood to socialize with your friends or meet some new ones, this is the place to be at Vivo! When the game is on, you can enjoy it here on their wide-screen TV.

Coco Bar

Coco Bar is hands down Vivo’s most eclectic dining experience. From fresh ceviches to sandwiches to Asian entrées, you’ll have plenty of tasty choices during your Puerto Escondido resort experience. If you’re in the mood for a drink or two, their wide selection of gin and tequila will not disappoint.

Pool Bar

This one is quite straightforward. If you’re in the pool, and you’d like a cocktail, the pool bar will be your best friend! Whether you sit on one of the in-pool barstools or at one of the small pool-side tables nearby, your drink will be cool and refreshing, and if you get a bit hungry, Ernesto’s will deliver down here too!

Vivo’s Commitment To CSR

Undergirding Vivo Resorts and Residences is the Vivo Foundation which exists entirely to care for and support the surrounding community and environment. So, if you do choose to visit or live here, you can know that while you’re enjoying Puerto Escondido resort life you’re also giving back by doing so.

With a mission of creating opportunities that promote strong families, communities, and stewardship of the environment, Vivo and its residents give back in a number of ways. They include:

  • Sea Turtle Preservation – To offset the impact of the resort, Vivo donates resources, including its beachfront, to ensure the preservation and continuance of the local sea turtle population.
  • Local Orphanage – Vivo and its residents donate both time and money to ensure the children in Puerto Escondido—Casa Hogar have a safe and loving place to live. At the time of writing their contributions include: building a treehouse, donating new kitchen appliances, installing fencing, and providing donations for essential medical assistance.
  • Red Cross Support – Vivo supports the local chapter of the Mexican Red Cross by funding their purchases of medically necessary equipment, such as defibrillators and heart monitors.
  • Educational Support – One Vivo resident with particular drive helped found a school where local children can learn English as a second language. Yearly, Vivo provides funds and supplies to support this endeavor, as Vivo and its residents believe that learning English when kids are young will open wide opportunities for when they are older.

Conclusion – Puerto Escondido Resort Life Is Splendid

Whether you’re in the mood for lounging by an infinity pool, sunning on the beach, getting your sweat on in the fitness room, socializing with the many residents who already call Vivo home, or simply gazing out over the Pacific in the likelihood that you’ll spot a breaching whale, if you choose to experience Puerto Escondido resort life, and in particular the flavor that Vivo Resorts and Residences has on offer, you’ll not be disappointed.

And, if by the end of your experience on this spectacular stretch of Oaxacan coastline, you really are reticent to head back home, we’re certain that any of the condos or villas that Vivo has to offer will situate you right in the lap of luxury and comfort and will certainly allow you to experience coastal Mexican resort life forever.

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