whale watching is a family friendly activity
Try your luck with some whale watching.

Why Whale Watching Is One of the Safest Outdoor Activities

Whale watching and Covid-19 seem an unlikely combo, but in fact, they pair quite nicely. While the pandemic has thrown most people for a loop, whale watching is indeed a relatively safe outdoor family activity. And, it’s one you can enjoy without worrying about catching or spreading the virus to others.

Most medical advice suggests that people are less at risk for illness if they spend time outdoors. That is if you still maintain physical distance and wear masks.

Many attractions remain closed during this difficult time, whereas others, such as private boat charters, are not only available but also a natural choice for getting out and enjoying the beauty of nature.

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If you are near San Diego, you are in luck; whale watching is here to take your mind off the pandemic concerns. And luckily, it’s a super safe outdoor option, and with good reason.

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Keep Your Distance

Whale watching is really all about physical distancing. Federal law requires boats to stay away from whales. That means both private boaters and San Diego whale watching tours cannot get up close and personal with whales in their natural habitat. But, if you’re lucky, you’ll still get some excellent views of these amazing creatures.

a humpback whale breaching
It’s possible to see Humpbacks near San Diego.

Model that behavior in your own encounters with people sharing your tour, and you can avoid sharing germs through close contact.

Luckily, most tour companies are currently operating at reduced capacity to limit the potential of virus spread. You can also book a private boat for a tour just for your family.

Breathe Fresh Air

When you are indoors, especially around people not in your household, you probably wear a face mask to protect yourself and others. Masks allow plenty of oxygen to reach you, but you may get hot or uncomfortable with prolonged mask use.

Imagine how much more comfortable you can be on a boat with an ocean breeze.

relax while whale watching
You’ll be comfortable and also social-distancing.

Of course, masks may still be mandatory on a tour or private boat charter. But, the fresh air surrounding you as you look for different kinds of whales can help you breathe a literal sigh of relief.

Save the Whales

It is not just all about you; whale watching that follows government guidelines can also raise awareness about these majestic marine mammals.

whale flukes on the surface of the water while whale watching
It’s common to see tail flukes!

Many species of whales are endangered or threatened because of climate change, the environmental impact of pollution and the shipping industry, and even the history of commercial whaling which depleted the population in ways still felt today.

Whale watching tours stick to safe tactics to curb any effect felt by the whales, including these practices:

  • Moving slowly while in the presence of any marine mammals
  • Limiting viewing time when whales are spotted
  • Approaching whales from the side rather than head-on

Watching whales is a bit like having someone stare at you through your windows. The goal in following these procedures is to minimize any interference with the feeding or swimming behaviors of the whales. The animals could become disoriented or confused if they are followed by multiple boats for miles and hours on end.

Whale Watching Just The Start

As you can see, a lot of planning and thought goes into establishing measures to protect whales, much like the guidelines people should follow to protect themselves from viral exposure.

With these policies in place, whale watching is safe for both you and the whales. Treat yourself and your immediate family to a socially distanced whale watching tour, and you may just forget all about the pandemic for an hour or two.

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And as always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below, and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can!

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