Motorcycle tour Asia for a unique experience
Motorcycles are a great way to get around Asia.

If you’re keen to motorcycle tour Asia you will definitely want to check out any of the following four routes. While none of them are for the faint of heart, if you’re the intrepid type, you’ll have a bunch of great options for your next few motorcycle holidays. And whichever you choose, they all are going to allow you to experience a motorcycle adventure tour through Asia that you’ll not soon forget! If you have any questions, leave us a comment below.

Along these routes you’ll find breathtaking scenery, delicious local foods, and welcoming local people. When you embark on a motorcycle adventure in Asia, you’ll be in for a well rounded experience. While you’re on these rural routes, you won’t hit much traffic. You will experience local culture, traditions, and some well kept culinary secrets. So, mark this region of the world on your own map, and plan to motorcycle tour Asia the next change you get. But, remember to check all your motorcycle parts before you hit the road. You will want to prepare for whatever may come your way, and if you have a choice, make sure to rent/buy an adventure touring motorcycle.

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1. Motorcycle Tour Asia – Thailand To Cambodia

Take a motorcycle from Thailand to Cambodia
Some of the roads, especially in Cambodia, are quite rough.

Thailand To Cambodia

This route from Thailand to Cambodia is comprised of 2153 kilometers of open road, and it takes about 10 days to complete it, at a relaxed pace. The roads on the Thai side are excellent, but those on the Cambodian side are less well kept. There is nothing particularly difficult about this route, so it is well suited for beginners.

This route blesses you with the coastal joys of Southeast Thailand as well as those of some of the best beaches in Cambodia. Moreover, you will also get the opportunity to explore the world’s largest religious monument at Angkor Wat. On this long trail, you may have to deal with a few issues regarding the fitness of your motorcycle. So, you must know how to change your motorcycle oil, mend a puncture, tighten the chain, etc. to keep on riding smoothly. 

The journey starts in Pattaya and passes through the Southeast coastline of Thailand where it will take you along many Cambodian beaches. On the way, you will pass through Kampot, a city famous for its black pepper. You will also undergo the unnerving experience of crossing the Killing Fields near Phnom Penh. When you motorcycle tour Asia, you’ll want to take a lot of pictures, especially on this historic and scenic route. If you’re keen to explore Cambodia once you’ve arrived, hop off your motorcycle and use this Cambodia backpacking itinerary to further experience this marvelous country.

2. Motorcycle Tour Asia – The Great Himalaya Trail

This route, on a motorcycle, is only suitable for the most intrepid folks!

The Great Himalaya Trail

You can motorcycle tour Asia via the Great Himalaya Trail
A road in the Indian Himalayan Region (IHR)

Starting from Srinagar and going to Manali, this route is comprised of 1500 km of rugged Himalayan mountains. Following along the Great Himalayan Trail, this journey is extremely challenging. Suitable only for experts, if you are a mountain lover and like thrilling adventures, you will want to motorcycle tour Asia via the Great Himalayan Trail.

The roads here are quite mixed. Some are smooth and paved. Others are narrow and mountainous. And quite often, there are only small trails you’ll have to navigate your motorcycle along. Again, this route is for experts only. With that said, if you choose to motorcycle tour Asia via the Great Himalaya Trail, you’ll experience some of the most spectacular views in the world. The high altitude of the Kashmir Valley and the famous Indus Valley Range will test your nerves but please your eyes. And the rich culture you’ll experience all along the way will further make this a very memorable experience.

3. Motorcycle Tour Asia – Thailand To Myanmar

Motorcycling from Thailand to Myanmar
You’ll pass through diverse landscapes on this route.

Thailand To Myanmar

This long trail from Thailand to Myanmar is a whopper at 2950 km. With lots of pristine natural beauty, this might be one of the most scenic routes along which you can motorcycle tour Asia. The roads in Thailand are pretty well kept whereas those in Myanmar are often in a bit of disrepair. Along this journey, you’ll pass by the Monastery of Kyaly Khat Wai and the Shwedagon Pagoda, both which are over 2500 years old. A grand home to several thousand monks, Mandalay in Myanmar is home to the Mahagandayone Monastery. With so many cultural and historic landmarks along the way, if you choose to motorcycle tour Asia via this route, plan to enjoy many stops along the way.

4. Motorcycle Tour Asia – Thailand To Tibet

Motorcycle tour Asia by riding from Thailand to Tibet
Autumn time at Yading Nature Reserve in Daocheng County ,China

Thailand To Tibet

Mostly on smooth roads, this 4800 km journey from Thailand to Tibet is full of thrills and is arguably the most culturally diverse of all the routes. You start from Thailand, go to Laos and then on to Yunan Province in China. On the way, you pass through the autonomous regions of Tibet via Shangri-La. This route provides stunning mountain views, wonderful culinary experiences, and lots of adventure. The picturesque beauty along this route will afford you countless photo-ops, and endless excitement.

Start Your Engines!

While there are TONS of different routes you can take to motorcycle tour Asia, these are surely some of the best around. While all of these experiences take a lot of pre-planning, nothing in life worth having comes easily, and these experience are certainly worth having. So, pick the one that suites you most, get your gear prepared and map out what will surely be a memorable travel experience!

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