Family hiking on Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)
We’re happy to be at the summit of Tai Leng Tung on the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣), especially since Julia is 8.5 months pregnant!

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) – Scenic and Family Friendly Up Tai Leng Tung

Fast Facts – Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) Up Tai Leng Tung


2.7 km




2-3 hours

If you hike Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) (Lobster Bay Country Trail – 龍蝦灣郊遊徑) you’ll be right near High Junk Peak. Both are conveniently located in Clearwater Bay. However, Lung Ha Wan Country Trail is a much more family-friendly hiking option. Moreover, we found the coastal views equally as spectacular!

A view north into Lobster Bay

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) starts right from Clear Water Bay Country Park.

The trail starts here.

There are plenty of parking spots if you’re driving. While the first 500 meters or so are stairs, the views along this section become increasingly open and beautiful.

The stairs are well paved.

Therefore, you’ll be pleasantly distracted from the moderately difficult workout you’ll get on this section of stairs.

The Peak Of Tai Leng Tung – A Reward For Your Effort

In what will feel like a short amount of time, you’ll arrive at the peak of Tai Leng Tung.

From that point forward not only are the views absolutely spectacular, but the trail goes downhill all the way to the terminus of the route – the Rock Carving at Lobster Bay.

If you’re planning on hiking this with your family, you will not be disappointed. It’s a moderately challenging but doable and rewarding choice. Julia hiked this when she was 8.5 months pregnant, so if she did, you can too!

More specifically, we only recommend this for children 5+. Though there are some very easy sections.

Peri was eager to do some “fun hiking” on this section!

Keen To Carry Your Kiddos?

However, if you don’t mind carrying your little ones (or helping them walk at times), it’s suitable for kids of all ages.

If we let him, Peri would try this on his own, but like to avoid trips to the hospital…

Once you reach the end of the route and have checked out the ancient rock carving, you can hop in a taxi and off you go!

Look for this sign to get to the rock carving.
This is the rock carving.

Alternatively, if you reach the end of the trail and you’re keen for some more walking, via roads, you can walk right back to the starting point in Clear Water Bay Country Park.

Walk on this road if you don’t care for a taxi.

All the details you need to enjoy this family-friendly hike are below.

However, if you’d like to leave all the navigating to us and simply enjoy the spectacular views, click below. We’d be glad to guide you on this hike!

And as always, if you have any comments or questions about all this, feel free to leave us a comment below. We will get back to you in a flash.

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Getting To And From Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) And Parking Details

Driving and Parking

The easiest way to get to the start of the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) is to drive your own car to Clear Water Bay Country Park.

Once you’re there, park in either of the two parking lots. One parking lot is here. The other parking lot is here. As both lots are free, and as there are only about 50 spaces total, plant to arrive early (ideally before 8 AM).

Keep in mind, however, if you do park your car in one of these two lots, you’ll have to make your way back once you reach the end of the trail. Details about our route as well as a downloadable map of our route are both below.

Looking northward on the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)

Taking A Taxi

The second easiest way to get to the start of the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) is to take a taxi to either one of the parking lots linked above. We use the HK Taxi App (iOS/Android) to request our taxis.

Using Public Transit

Last but certainly not least, while it is possible to use public transit to get to the trailhead, since the nearest bus stop is 1.4 km away, we don’t consider this the most family-friendly option.

If you do choose this one, however, the City Mapper app (iOS/Android) is our go-to option for finding the most efficient way to get around Hong Kong via. public transit.

Gear For Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)

As we mentioned above, Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) is a family-friendly hike in Hong Kong, so you don’t need a lot of gear. Just your basic day hiking supplies should do the trick.

Our Osprey Poco Plus enables us to hike in places like this with Peri.

Below are the items we bring. So, if you bring those too, we think you’ll be well prepared to enjoy this spectacular hike.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking boots are a bit overkill for this hike on Lobster Bay Country Trail (Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)). A good pair of sturdy hiking shoes will give you all the support and traction you need to get to the top of Tai Leng Tung and beyond. We like the shoes below.

Hiking Socks

We wear wool socks year-round, as they naturally wick away moisture and thus help prevent blisters. In the warm months, we use thin ankle highs and in the cool months, we use longer and thicker ones.

Rain/Wind Jacket

Because these Marmot PreCip jackets are good in the rain and the wind, we bring them on nearly all of our outdoor family adventures. We never know when it’s going to get a bit chilly. So, this very lightweight and versatile layer is part of our must-bring gear.

Water Bottle(s)

You’ll certainly need some water on this hike. We recommend 2 liters per adult in the warm months (1 liter per adult in the cooler months). For kids, 1 liter per child in the warm months and 0.5 liters per child in the cooler months will be fine.

Sun Protection

If you decide to hike Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) in the warmer months, you’ll need some sun protection. Even in the cooler months, a bit won’t hurt.

Between Thinksport Sunscreen (which is coral reef safe – if you ever find yourself SCUBA diving in Palau perhaps), a sun umbrella, and a sun hat, we seldom get sunburnt.

Baby Backpack (optional)

Unless your children can walk the entire route, you’ll want to invest in a child carrier. They’re admittedly expensive but also worth their weight in gold. If we didn’t have one, we’d seldom be able to go on our outdoor adventure family travels.

Our child carrier wasn’t cheap, but without it we’d not be able to hike much with Peri.

For example, we used our Osprey Poco Plus Child Carrier when we trekked Ghorepani Poon Hill in Nepal with our baby Peri. It’s super durable, highly functional and we find it very comfortable.

Hiking Poles (optional)

Hiking poles are always nice for the downhill sections. On this route, there is one main descent, but ultimately we don’t consider these hiking poles essential gear for this route unless you know your knees/ankles could use some extra support and less pounding.

Camera/Lens (optional)

A camera is not necessary for hiking this trail, but there are lots of beautiful views, so you’ll likely want to take some photos. If you want a relatively lightweight, weather-resistant, and photographically powerful camera setup, we recommend the gear below.

NOTE: We bring either the 35mm prime lens or the 24-105mm zoom lens, as bringing both is redundant, and the a7 II E-mount is the only body we own.

Difficulty, Distance, Duration, And Elevation Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)


2.7 km




2-3 hours

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail runs north and south through the middle of Clear Water Bay Country Park. For families, we recommend starting in the south and hiking north. This would be option 1 below.

Hiking north on the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)

For those looking for a longer hiking route, after you complete option 1, you can then do a road walk back to the start of the trail. Doing this road walk turns the entire route into a loop. This would be option 2 below.

Ultimately, take a look at our downloadable Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) map, as a picture is worth a thousand words!

Option 1: Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) [The Blue Line]


2.7 km




2-3 hours

As we mentioned above, this is the route we recommend for families. It’s scenic, it’s not too long, and it has only the tiniest bit of road walking at the end. This is also the route we hiked, and we very much enjoyed ourselves.

Looking at the map below, this route starts at the green star labeled “start,” and it ends at the red star labeled “end.”

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) map

While the first 500 meters or so are indeed stairs, they pass quickly.

The stairs really aren’t bad on this route.

Moreover, the views on the stairs are lovely, and the ones after the stairs are simply spectacular.

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) elevation profile

Eventually, you’ll reach the summit of Tai Leng Tung.

The summit marker for Tai Leng Tung

Then, it’s downhill the whole way to the picnic site.

Picnic site near the end of the route

Next, it’s flat to the rocky beach (which is not particularly good for swimming or sunbathing – but is still a scenic spot) and the Lobster Bay rock carving.

The rocky beach

This downhill section is where you might find some hiking poles quite useful.

The downhill isn’t too bad, but hiking poles wouldn’t hurt.

Hike A Bit Past The End

The Lung Ha Wan Country Trail technically ends at/near the picnic site. However, we recommend you walk the short extra distance to see the rock carving. While it’s not particularly spectacular, it’s indeed nearby, so it’s at least worth a quick look.

Once you’ve checked out the rock carving, you’ll be at the end of this route. We used the HK Taxi App (iOS/Android) to call a taxi. Then we took it to the nearest MTR station, Hang Hau Station.

Ultimately, we loved this route. We didn’t find it particularly challenging, and we did find it mesmerizingly scenic. Again, we recommend this one for families.

Views looking North into Lobster Bay and beyond

Option 2: Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) And Road Walking Back [The Blue + Red Line]


3.3 km




3-4 hours

If you hike option 1 (described above), and you don’t want to use a taxi to get to wherever you’re going next, you’ll have three main options.

First, you could continue walking on roads to a bus stop (see the bus stop pin on our map) which you could then ride to the MTR.

Walk on this road to get back to Clear Water Bay Country Park

Second, you could walk on the road all the way back around to the Clear Water Bay Country Park. To do either of these two options, follow the red line on our downloadable map below.

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) And Road Walking Map

While the elevation profile below makes this option seem quite challenging, keep in mind you’ll be entirely on roads, so it won’t be too bad.

Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) And Road Walking Elevation Profile

As this is not particularly scenic, and as we don’t recommend taking kids on a road walk, we don’t consider this a family-friendly option. Clearly, however, you could indeed do this with your family if you’d like.

The third option is that you could turn right around and retrace your steps back to the trailhead at the Clear Water Bay country Park.

A family hiking south on Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣) – Back to the Clear Water Bay County Park

Download Our Route Map – Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣)

If you do decide to head to Clearwater Bay to hike Lung Ha Wan Country Trail (龍蝦灣), we recommend you first download our map. Then, you can use it when you’re out on the trail.

We are all happiest when we don’t get lost, so we usually use a map!

We love the Guru Maps app (iOS/Android). Furthermore, you’ll need it (or some other mapping app) to open our downloadable map.

Once you’ve installed guru Maps on your mobile device, simply click on the KML, GPX, or GeoJSON links here or in the top right-hand corner of the map below. Afterward, the map file will begin to download.

Once the map file has finished downloading, open it using the Guru Maps app. Then, you’ll have all our map data on your own device. It’s that easy!

Other Family-Friendly Adventures In Hong Kong

While we highly recommend you and your family hike the Lung Ha Wan Country Trail, there are a plethora of other family-friendly adventures in Hong Kong.

A good place to start is with this list of things to do with kids in Hong Kong.

If you’re looking for another family-friendly hike, Hong Pak Country Trail is one of our favorites.

And, if you’re willing to stray off the beaten path, the Ho Pui Reservoir Walk (and the delicious Indian/Pakistani restaurant at the end) is another excellent choice.

Last but certainly not least, if you have questions or comments about any of this, feel free to leave them below, and we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can!

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