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Learning Japanese, let alone any new language may seem overwhelming and challenging. Just the thought of exploring new alphabets, grammar rules, and dictions may turn off those who are the least bit interested in becoming bilingual. 

Still, if you’re heading to Japan, it can be a fantastic idea to learn Nihongo. 

There are many benefits to learning Japanese. For many travelers, the opportunity to connect with the locals and understand their way of life tops the list. There’s something about immersing yourself in a unique culture that makes traveling very fulfilling. And when you know the language of a place, you can navigate it easily and feel safer, enhancing your experience.

Even if you’ve failed to learn other languages before, you can think positively and look forward to being able to get this one. Start your journey by exploring options to learn Japanese online, where you can find courses tailored to your travel itinerary and linguistic needs. After all, there are easy Japanese classes for adults, and with good practice and commitment to learning, you’ll be able to speak with the locals soon.  

Consider hiring Japanese language tutors before traveling. Unlike previous language-learning attempts, this time, you can be optimistic. With commitment and practice, you can converse with locals effortlessly. For instance, connecting with dedicated Japanese language tutors can help you master essential phrases, making your travel experience smoother.

Here’s why learning Japanese before traveling is a sound decision.  

Useful For Business Opportunities

It’s without question that the Japanese language is among the most popularly spoken languages in the world. While the country’s population is not as big as others, there are a lot of Japanese-speaking individuals and communities worldwide. Learning Japanese before you travel to Japan will allow you to spot great business opportunities once offshore.  

You can leverage your Japanese skills in engaging with prospective business partners or suppliers. Or, you can create transactions or build ties with new colleagues. 

Having the ability to speak Japanese will also enable you to make Japanese friends outside the office. The locals will be more comfortable with you since there are fewer language barriers.   

No matter what industry or business opportunity you’re on the hunt for, speaking Japanese will allow you to discover more connections and prospects. You’ll have the same network as local businessmen that may have otherwise been impossible if you don’t speak their mother tongue. Even if you’re staying for a short while, being fluent in Nihongo will land you positive business deals.  

This becomes even more advantageous if you plan to stay in Tokyo to work. Many foreigners flock to this cosmopolitan city, even if the cost of living in Tokyo is considerably higher than in other cities like Osaka, Yokohama, and Nagoya. The city’s beauty, splendor, and liveliness will be worth it all.

Broadens Your Perspective

Learning a new language generally broadens your perspective. You become more open-minded as you delve into the language’s origins, demographic, connections to real-life things, and how it’s used in daily living. 

Historically, Japan is an island nation. Its unique culture can be experienced through visiting, but understanding how it has grown and changed is best done by learning Japanese.

Increases Awareness Of Your Environment

Learning Japanese helps you understand your surroundings and environment much better. For instance, when you go out to dine, you’ll be able to choose foods that fit your taste. Also, it enables you to avoid allergies and other local dishes that might not sit well with your palate.  

The same thing applies to other situations, not just food. When you can read and understand Nihongo, you’ll have no trouble moving around and using their public transportation. You can use their ATM machines, access public services, and do many other things that locals would usually do. You can read the ingredients of grocery products and decide whether you want to use or buy a similar product to what you’re used to back home.  

Basically, you’d be able to get more out of a holiday destination.  

The mere knowledge of some basic words and phrases may be a big help when traveling to Japan. To further enhance your experience, consider joining one of the guided tours in Japan available for tourists.

Allows You To Find Jobs Or Better Apartments  

English-teaching jobs and other jobs requiring English fluency are available in Japan, making it a great job opportunity if English is your first language. However, if you want to find jobs more easily or spot better companies, speaking their local language is definitely a great advantage. It will help you stand out from other candidates.  

As for finding a place to stay, being able to speak Japanese can help you land great deals for apartments or condominiums. You can communicate and transact with a real estate agent and explain your preferences for an apartment. Without language barriers, you can explain your plans and ideals for your living arrangements as a foreigner.  

Lets You Access More Future Prospects

With the trajectory of the economy today, more business opportunities will open up. This is enough reason to brush up on your Nihongo skills as early as now. 

As globalization becomes more common for countries from every continent, people will find more value in those who can speak more languages.

As a result of learning Japanese, you’ll have that competitive advantage over other applicants who might not know other languages. Having this in your resume will attract more employers and position you over other highly qualified candidates. 

Furthermore, if you’re interested in being reassigned to a branch of your company for a higher position, using Japanese will raise your odds of being chosen for promotion.  

Creates Lasting Connections Across Cultures And Countries

Japanese traditions and culture may be familiar to you through your family, friends, and colleagues. They probably have shared how things work in that country. 

But when you know how to speak Japanese by yourself, you can build even more connections than what you have now. 

Being able to speak and communicate is the first step in getting to know someone. You will naturally meet a wide range of people, including those who are Japanese learners like you, as well as locals. You gain insight into cultural differences and new perspectives while practicing your skills by meeting new people.  

Learning Japanese with a partner or group not only makes it more enjoyable but also makes it more effective. Nothing beats the convenience of having people you can learn and practice with.

While you can get by living in Japan and not doing all these things, being able to do so can enrich your life and allow you to survive and thrive. You don’t have to be fluent, and the more you do, the more you will learn. You also become empowered, which motivates you to continue learning.  

Lets You Access Information Specific To The Country 

By understanding the Japanese language, through learning Japanese, you can research with ease online about anything under the sun. Even if you can survive in Japan without mastering the language, it’s still valuable to be able to view news and research local updates with ease. This will allow you to thrive rather than just survive. 

As an amateur Japanese learner, you can spend a little time every day on Japanese websites to familiarize yourself with their content for future use.  

Ready To Start Learning? 

Due to globalization, more people are interested in learning additional languages other than their mother tongues. Learning Japanese is a good place to start. The key is to be able to grasp basic words and phrases before you travel to Japan. Start with a learning program today.

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