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Julia hiked the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) when she was pregnant with Kai. She’s also hiked it with him in our LILLEBaby Airflow carrier – One of the many reasons why she’s a supermom!

Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) Is A Family-Friendly Hong Kong Hike

Fast Facts – Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑)


3.0 km




2-3 hours

The Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) is truly a family-friendly Hong Kong hiking route. We say that because it has something for everyone. If you’re hiking with small children, the route that stays entirely on paved roads and stairs will be perfect for you.

Julia heading up the beginning of the trail

In fact, it’s one of the first hikes we did with Kai.

If however, you’re with older kids or little ones that have a keen sense of adventure, you can try the route that takes you on some more challenging (but still not too hard) dirt trails.

Peri is happiest scurrying around outdoors

One time when we hiked here, Julia carried Kai up the dirt trail route in our LILLEBaby Airflow carrier. It all worked out, as Julia is a strong hiker, but it was a bit much all things considered.

Again, supermom

On subsequent trips to the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑), we’ve stuck to the paved roads and decided the dirt trail is best left for when both kids can hike.

Family-Friendly And Scenic No Matter What

No matter which route you choose, we like the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) because it’s easy to get to, and the best coastal views (which start about halfway up either route) are absolutely spectacular! More specifically, you’ll be able to see the Dragon’s Back ridge.

A view of the Dragon’s Back

You’ll also get great views of Tung Lung Chau – a family-friendly island camping destination! And beyond, you’ll be able to see far out into the Tathong Channel.

As you near the end of the trail, you’ll get great views looking down to Big Wave Bay.

Big Wave Bay

And of course, if you and your family set out to hike the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) on a beach-friendly day, you can enjoy all that’s on offer at Big Wave Bay once you’ve finished the hike.

Peri playing on the beach

Family-Friendly “Coasteering”

Something we also like about this trail is that you’ll have a fun and adventurous activity to do right from the start. If you begin this hike at the Siu Sai Wan Promenade (which is where we recommend you begin), you will be able to explore the rocky coastline that is just beyond the promenade barrier. Our downloadable route map below shows you where this is located.

Julia, Peri, and Kai exploring the rocky coastline

The rocky area isn’t massive, but it’s still fun to explore.

More Exploring

Once you’re done, enjoy the beautiful views to your heart’s content, and then you can begin the hike.

Taking in the scenery before our hike (Not something you often get to say!)

Want Us To Guide You Here?

While this is indeed a family-friendly hike, we also know that sometimes it’s nice to simply relax and follow someone else’s lead. If you’d prefer to focus all your energy on having fun and enjoying the beautiful views along the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑), we’d be glad to guide you on a hike here.

Just click below or get in touch with us!

Questions Or Comments?

As always, if you have any comments or questions about all of this, feel free to leave us a comment below. We will get back to you in a flash!

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Getting To And From The Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑)

When you hike from the Siu Sai Wan Promenade to Big Wave Bay via the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑), you’ll essentially be walking from point A to B. In other words, the route is not a loop. Check out our route map below for a visual.

Public Transit

To avoid having to retrieve your vehicle at the end of the hike, we recommend you use public transit – most conveniently a bus – to get to the trailhead. But whichever mode of public transit you choose, make your destination the Sui Sai Wan Promenade (小西灣海濱花園).

If you want to get to the promenade via MTR, the nearest station is the Chai Wan MTR Station.

The City Mapper app (iOS/Android) is our go-to option for finding the most efficient way to get around Hong Kong via. public transit. So, we suggest you use it to find your best route.

Hop In A Taxi

A taxi/Uber is your second-best option. Again, ask the driver to take you to the Sui Sai Wan Promenade (小西灣海濱花園). We use the HK Taxi App (iOS/Android) to request our taxis.

Drive and Park

If you’re okay with retrieving your car at the end of the hike, you can drive to the trailhead located at the Sui Sai Wan Promenade (小西灣海濱花園). The nearest carpark is the Island Resort Carpark (located here).

To Get Home…

From Big Wave Bay, walk up to the bus stop or taxi stand (labeled on our map), and head on home!

What To Bring For The Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑)

Although this trail skirts the summit of Pottinger Peak, it’s not very long, and it’s certainly not technical. Therefore, we only bring our basic day hiking gear for this excursion.

Below is our tried and true gear list for the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑). We’re confident that if you bring these items you’ll have a fun and safe outdoor family adventure.

Water Bottle(s)

When you hike, you need a bit of water. This route is no exception. For adults, 1 liter should be fine, and for kids 0.5 liters. In the summer months, consider bringing a bit more.

Rain/Wind Jacket

We usually bring our Marmot PreCip jackets when we hike, as they are lightweight and provide protection against both wind and rain.

Hiking Shoes

We don’t use hiking boots for the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑). Either a pair of trail runners or hiking shoes (like the ones below) will give you more than enough support and traction for this family-friendly trail.

Hiking Socks

Wool socks make us happy because they naturally help to prevent blisters by wicking moisture away from our feet. Short thin ones in the warm months and thick long ones in the summer is the way we roll!

Sun Protection

The Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) is not very shaded. Therefore, you’ll need to stay safe from the sun. Year-round, consider using some sun cream. If you hike this trail in the summer, definitely also wear a hat and seriously consider a sun umbrella.

Baby Backpack (optional)

While neither of our two routes are particularly difficult for adults, we bring our baby backpack because the route is still a good challenge for Peri.

For the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) we bring our Osprey Poco Plus for Peri. Though, he loves to get out and go “fun hiking” quite often.

There are lots of options out there for baby backpacks, but we love our Osprey Poco Plus. It’s durable, and comfortable, and we’ve taken it all over the world, including when we went backpacking with Peri up Poon Hill in Nepal, and it’s never failed us.

Baby Carrier (optional)

If you’ve got a little one who can’t yet sit up on their own, they won’t be able to go in a baby backpack. Enter our LILLEBaby Airflow carrier. While it’s a bit challenging to go upstairs with this, all things considered, it’s a great option for hiking with infants, and we use ours all the time on the trails.

Camera/Lens (optional)

Of course, you don’t need a camera to hike here, but we sure like taking photos, so this is the setup we use. It’s powerful, weather-resistant, and relative to other similar setups, lightweight.

NOTE: We bring either the 35mm prime lens or the 24-105mm zoom lens, as bringing both is redundant. The a7 II E-mount is the only body we own.

Difficulty, Distance, Duration, And Elevation Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑)

Below we detail two options for hiking the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑). Both options are nearly the same. The main difference is that option 2 is a little bit more difficult because of the dirt trail, but it also gives you a few more coastal views.

Ultimately, if you want the most family-friendly route, stick with option 1, and rest assured, you won’t be missing much on the dirt trail. If however you want a bit more challenge and you have somewhat older kids, (5+ years) consider option 2.

Option 1: Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) [The Blue Line]


3.0 km




2-3 hours

Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) Map

This route is the easiest option, and it’s the blue line on our map. It starts at the Siu Sai Wan Promenade. (Don’t forget you can explore the rocky coast a bit before hiking onwards.)

Siu Sai Wan Promenade

Then, it goes up the Dragon Trail.

The trail begins here.

For a while, you’ll be on the road. So maybe take a selfie?

Surprise, surprise, hiking is our happy place!

Next, you’ll cross over Cape Collinson Road.

Right after, the 500 stairs begin, and you’ll head up the Pottinger Peak Country Trail.

There are about 500 stairs

Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the views at the Pottinger Peak View Compass.

Tung Lung Chau

Eventually, you’ll turn off towards Big Wave Bay Beach.

Turn left at the sign.

On the way down, consider a water break at the scenic gazebo.

Right before you arrive at the beach, make sure to check out the ancient rock carvings.

Julia and Peri exploring near the ancient rock carving

Then, carry on to the beach.

Good ol’ Big Wave Bay

And don’t worry, there is no need to memorize any of this. Just download our map below, and then use it when you’re out on the trail.

Overall, option 1 is a gentle uphill followed by a gentle downhill. We do sweat a bit on this route, but then again, what fun is hiking if you don’t get at least a bit of a workout?

Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) Elevation Profile

Option 2: Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) And Dirt Side Trail [The Red Line + The Blue Line]


3.4 km




2-3 hours

Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) And Dirt Side Trail Map

The Option 2 route is identical to option 1 except for the beginning. The alternate beginning, the red line on the map, gives you a few more coastal views that you don’t get on option 1.

The red line takes you along the coast right away.

Also, option 2 is a bit more challenging since it requires you to go up a slightly steep dirt trail.

Peri loves exploring on his own.

If you have kids that are 5+ or littles ones who really like to scramble around in the dirt, this would be a more challenging but still family-friendly choice.

Sometimes however he wants, “Daddy hand!”

Ultimately, while option 2 is a bit more challenging than option one, we still enjoyed it as a family, and we think you will too.

Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) And Dirt Side Trail Elevation Profile

Download Our Route Map – Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑)

While you can certainly use the photos above to navigate along the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑), we suggest you download our route map data, and then view it in the Guru Maps app (iOS/Android). We think Guru Maps is far superior to other mapping apps. Read our Guru Maps review to learn why.

To do download our route and use it in Guru Maps, follow these simple steps.

1. Download Guru Maps (iOS/Android)
2. Click on the KML, GPX, or GeoJSON links here or in the top right-hand corner of the map below
3. Once the map file has finished downloading, open it in Guru Maps, and you’ll have our map in your pocket. It’s that easy!

If you’re more comfortable with Google Maps, you can use this instead.

Other Family-Friendly Adventures In Hong Kong

All in all, the Leaping Dragon Walk (龍躍徑) is a great family-friendly hike in Hong Kong. It’s not too hard. The trailhead is easy to get to, and the scenery is beautiful! What more can you ask for? If you have questions/comments about all this, feel free to leave them below.

If you’re looking for other family-friendly hikes and adventures, check out our list of 55 things to do in Hong Kong for kids.

More specifically, consider exploring the Ma Wan (馬灣) Ghost Town.

Or, if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path and family-friendly hike (which ends at an amazing Indian/Pakistani restaurant), definitely experience the Ho Pui Reservoir Family Walk.

Last, but certainly not least, if you have older children who would be keen for a stream hike/climb, the Tai Shu Hang waterfall hike up Madai Stream is definitely a Hong Kong bucket list item.

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  1. I am a local with a 3 year old girl came across your page while looking for family friendly hike. I enjoyed reading your blog, with all the information I need and it’s easy to understand. I will definitely try this trail and will read more of your recommendations.
    I explored dragon back to big wave bay last week and devils peak to lei Yue mun, I found them too challenging with kids.

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