stay energized after a long flight

Flying is the fastest way to cross a significant distance quickly. Although airlines try to secure maximum comfort, there are a few tricks about how to stay energized after a long flight that will make a long-distance flight a more pleasant experience. After landing, many travelers experience jet lag symptoms and fatigue. 

Fortunately, there are ways to speed up the acclimation to a new time zone and recover from jet lag faster. Here are several healthy ways to remain energized after landing in your target destination!

Stay Energized After A Long Flight – Look For Ways To Maximize Comfort During the Flight

You can offset some adverse reactions to long-distance travel by ensuring you are comfortable in transit. These tips can help you feel better while in the air and will also help you stay energized after a long flight.

  • Book in advance and choose your seat. A window seat provides unique views of the clouds and incoming destination, while an aisle seat may be the right fit for those looking for extra legroom.
  • Bring along multiple entertainment options. Most airplanes offer in-flight entertainment but remember to pack some of your favorite content. Download episodes of your favorite TV show and podcast or install games on your tablet and laptop.
  • Get that circulation going. Whether you need to use the restroom or not, get up and stretch your legs at least once every few hours to boost blood circulation and help avoid cramps and muscle fatigue. In fact, having less Fat Vs Muscle will benefit you in the first place.
  • Consider using compression products. Compression socks help ensure minimal swelling after your flight. If you can hop off your flight feeling light on your feet, you’ll certainly be more energized than otherwise!
  • Have a caffeinated beverage. Depending on the time you land, and of course, if you drink caffeinated beverages, having a caffeinated beverage at just the perfect time can certainly leave you feeling energized and peppy when you arrive at your destination.

Get an Energy Boost from a Myers Cocktail

Mobile IVs have gained popularity for their ability to deliver vitamin and nutrient mixtures that can help alleviate symptoms of jetlag, hangover, and dehydration. After landing in the city, many travelers opt to receive a Myers cocktail in Chicago

The nourishing nutrient blend contains B-complex vitamins, magnesium, and vitamin C to dissipate the effects of jet lag and reenergize your body quickly. A Myers cocktail is available via mobile IV services. It can be scheduled in advance at your home, hotel, or any convenient location in Chicago where you would like to get your treatment.

Stretching During The Flight And Exercising After You Land Will Help You Stay Energized After A Long Flight

According to research, jet lag occurs when your circadian rhythm becomes out of sync with the cues from the local environment. Exercise is an ideal way to help reset your circadian system. Stretching during the flight can assist in avoiding cramps and muscle fatigue. 

Don’t Forget to Stay Hydrated

Dry air and low cabin pressures often lead to dehydration, so staying hydrated is an ideal way to prevent and treat jet lag. It’s equally important what you do not drink. Experts advise avoiding coffee and tea since they have diuretic effects. Alcohol boosts dehydration and increases jet lag symptom risk, so stick to water or juice while in the air. 

Final Thoughts

A successful flight begins with proper planning long before boarding the plane. While in the air, maximize your comfort in these unique surroundings and stay hydrated. After you arrive, a nutrient-boosting Myers Cocktail, some energy-boosting food, and exercise can help you quickly adapt to Chicago. Another pro tip is avoiding napping during the first few days in the city. Wait for evening hours and the night to fall before heading to bed since that will accelerate optimizing your circadian rhythm.

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