How To Choose The Best Carry-On Bags

Traveling can be exciting as you explore new places and discover more adventures. But before you get fired up about your new experience, you should first pack your things the right way. How to choose the best carry on bags is not a one size fits all consideration, but if you make the right choice, you can avoid any inconveniences as you board your plane and arrive at your destination.

Apart from how you pack your things, choosing your travel bag can also affect how you carry your items. While you might think that choosing any bag would suffice, you might be surprised by how inconvenient those things can be, especially if you plan to take a carry-on bag with you. To help you out, here are some ways to choose the best carry-on bags:

1. Decide On Your Purpose

Before you go shopping for a carry on bag, you need to decide why you’re bringing one in the first place. Of course, you can always check in your luggage and allow yourself to have a comfortable flight.

But suppose you don’t need to take a lot with you. You might not be checking in or too uncomfortable with the thought of other people tossing your valuables on to the plane. Then a carry on bag might be an option. Thinking about your purpose is essential in regards to how to choose the best carry on bags.

But first, decide what things you need to put inside your carry on bag. After that, choose which kind of carry on bag would be the perfect choice. Here are some options to choose:

Carry On Bags With Laptop Compartments 

If you prefer to carry your tech with you on the plane, then go for a carry on bag with a laptop compartment. Make sure it’s padded to keep your laptop safe during the flight. This way, you can keep a close eye on your electronics as they’ll be completely safe under your supervision. You can also use them while waiting for your flight, especially if you’ve checked in too early.

Even with a laptop cover, choosing a carry on bag with a laptop compartment can put you at ease. You know your valuables are completely safe from any possible bumps on the plane ride. You can also assure yourself that they’re safe inside the overhead cabin bins, knowing these bags have special paddings. Considering the safety of your belongins is certainly part of how to choose the best carry on bags.

Laptop Carry On from Von Baer

Carry On Backpack – An Option To Consider In How To Choose The Best Carry On Bags

If you’re a backpacker, a carry on backpack might be the only thing you’ll be bringing with you during your flight. As you choose to go with this, ensure you have plenty of compartments with you. You need maximum organization as much as possible. Since you’re taking everything with you in your bag, you can imagine how difficult it is to look for a single item and have to dig deep. You can take them out without having to remove everything else with a bag with many compartments.

Carry On Suitcases Or Duffel Bag

Suppose you want to stay classy or laid back with your carry ons. Another way how to choose the best carry on bags might be going for a suitcase or duffel bag. This way, you can easily carry your bag and take all your necessities. With some bags sporting sleek and chic designs, you can stay classy and fashionable in the airport at the same time.

Carry On Under-Seat Luggage 

Say you want to open your carry on during your flight. Most often, you might feel uncomfortable taking them in and out of the cabin. That’s especially true if you have a window seat and have to make your way out the aisle. You might want to consider taking an under-seat luggage instead.

That way, you won’t disturb the other passengers and you can place your bag under your seat and take it out whenever you need it. This can provide you with the greatest convenience. You no longer have to get up and pull your bag out of your seat.

Carry On Bags With Wheels 

While a carry-on bag is meant to be handheld, as what its name claims, it doesn’t mean you have to take it literally. If you don’t want to check in your bag and don’t want to carry a heavy bag with you, choosing a carry-on bag with wheels is another option. A carry-on with wheels can allow you to bring anything you want on the plane as you can pull them easily. There are many carry-on bags with wheels to choose on the market. It might be small luggage, a backpack, or even a duffel bag.

2. Consider The Size 

When going about how to choose the best carry on bags, your number one priority should be deciding on the size. Naturally, you’ll want to carry as many things with you. But if they don’t fit inside the cabin, you can’t take them or you’ll have to force yourself to check them in. To avoid extra expenses, you should check the size of your carry-on. See if your carry-on can fit perfectly inside the cabin.

If you’re planning to bring many carry-on bags, you need to consider their total size and see if they can fit inside. This will help to avoid any possible inconveniences, especially when you’re already boarding and have a hard time closing the overhead cabin as they’re too bulky to fit in. Alternatively, you can go for an under-seat carry-on to avoid any disturbances with your cabin.

3. Check The Weight 

Apart from the size of your carry-on bags, one thing you must keep in mind is the bag’s weight. Many airlines follow a weight restriction rule about how much each passenger can carry. This weight restriction ensures the perfect balance of the plane. But if your bag is already heavy, you might only be able to take fewer items as you need to keep the bag’s weight in mind. With that, you need to ensure that your carry-on will be lightweight.

Ideally, you should weigh your carry-on bag while it’s empty so you can check how many things you can bring with you. If you have a luggage weighing scale with you, the better it’ll be to ensure that you pack just enough with you, allowing you to take home some items from your destination and still not exceed your weight limit.

4. See Casing Options

If you’re planning to bring carry-on luggage with you, you might come across two different casing options: Hard shell and soft shell. Apart from their distinct appearance, a few factors can affect its performance all of which are important consideerations when deciding how to choose the best carry on bags.

For starters, a soft shell provides more flexibility to store more items. While soft shell casings are flexible, they’re also durable as they’re made of robust fabric. It can also provide better accessibility and organization with several exterior pockets. That means you can grab things without opening your entire bag.

Alternatively, a hard case shell provides a more playful design as you can choose from various colors and patterns. These designs allow your luggage to stand out once it goes into the carousel. Moreover, they’re also resistant to water, protecting your luggage from any spills and weird smells and keeping your items protected from moisture. 

With either of the two choices, decide which one you’d be most comfortable. Of course, you’ll need to consider its usage, appearance, and longevity. 

5. Check The Warranty 

Buying luggage doesn’t come with a low price. Part of how to choose the best carry on bags is making sure you’ll have recourse if something goes wrong. This is especially true if you’re eyeing a sturdy yet lightweight option.

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying expensive luggage only to see damage after one flight. To secure your purchase and ensure you get the most of them, you should check the warranty and see which brand offers a policy you’re most comfortable with.

Depending on your brand of choice, you can either get a lifetime or limited-time warranty. You should also double-check the policies to see if they can accommodate the damage you’re expecting the product will endure. Some brands might offer replacements for simple wear and tear, airport mishandling, or any accidental damage.

However, other brands might only provide replacements for manufacturer defects. Any outside damage by human interaction might already be outside their scope. Before settling in with the luggage of your choice, check the brand’s policies first and see if they’re fair for you.

6. Decide On The Style

Even if you’re not planning to walk on the runway at the airport, wouldn’t it be nice if you could still look stylish? This can vary depending on what kind of carry-on you choose. If you’d like to look laid back and casual, a duffel bag or suitcase is the ideal option. On the other hand, some duffle bags with wheels allow you to look stylish yet comfortable at the same time. You can pull them easily instead of carrying them.

For your carry-on luggage, choosing between a hard and soft shell can provide you with plenty of benefits. Luggage with a soft shell can help make you look more relaxed, while a hard shell can give a more rugged look. Moreover, there are plenty of design and color options to choose from. These options can help make your packing more fun and exciting.

Takeaways – How To Choose The Best Carry-On Bags

Going about how to choose the best carry on bags can be challenging, as there are plenty of things you must keep in mind. As you decide on the purpose, you still need to focus on its comfort inside and outside the plane. But with the right choice, you should pick the perfect one that meets all your needs. Luggage that meets all your needs will make you comfortable throughout your trip.  

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