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Have a Hong Kong Junk Boat Experience

Hong Kong’s shimmering seascape offers not just a mesmerizing view, but an invitation to one of the city’s most cherished summertime traditions – the Junk Boat experience. Picture yourself on a well-appointed yacht, adorned with both contemporary amenities and classic Hong Kong charm, setting sail with a group of fellow sun-seekers for a day of laughter, sunshine, and the open sea.

Despite the misleading name, Hong Kong’s junk boats are anything but decrepit. These vessels are high-quality yachts equipped to host anywhere from intimate groups of 10 to a lively party of 30. With flexible departure times generally between 10 AM to 5 PM, these sea adventures can be tailor-made to suit your preferences, offering a departure from downtown or the picturesque Sai Kung.

On board, the fun unfurls with an open bar stocked to delight every palette, alongside delectable brunch appetizers to kickstart the day. The crowning jewel of the trip? A refreshing swim in Hong Kong’s inviting waters, with the crew on hand to ensure your drink is never empty, even as you float.

As the day winds down, a sense of serenity takes hold as the setting sun casts golden hues over the tranquil waters, promising the indelible memory of a day well spent in the lap of luxury.

Prepare for a day of splendid sunshine, delightful gastronomy, and jovial company with a Hong Kong junk boat experience, a summer venture that promises not just a day out on the water, but a lifetime of memories.

Summer fun in Hong Kong is synonymous with ‘junk boat’! Hong Kong junk boats are not junky at all! These high-quality yachts hold anywhere from 10-30 guests and most sail right from downtown! Some depart from Sai Kung too. If you like swimming, sun, and summertime fun, you’ve got to get onto a junk ASAP!

They usually set sail around 10 AM and return around 5 PM, but all of this is negotiable.

If you don’t want to wrangle 10-30 of your own friends, hop aboard another group’s junk boat!

You can lounge in the sun or the shade, but either way, it will be hard to NOT have a good time!

Our boat had an open bar stocked with wine, beer, and liquor. You can even book your boat as BYOB or alcohol-free. Whatever you’d like (within reason of course) the junk boat can accommodate!

The crew serves various brunch-type appetizers as soon as you set sail.

Take a Junk Boat Swim

And once you reach your destination, you will be able to swim! If you’d like a drink in the water, the crew will hurl you a plastic bottle filled with a drink of your choice.  This is hard living, folks.

Some people are even daring/crazy enough to jump off of the top of the boat into the water below. Make sure to avoid doing a belly flop, unless of course you like excruciating pain. 😉

Enjoy Some Lunch

While you swim or lounge on the boat, the crew grills up lunch. Vegetarian options are available, and they are equally as delicious as the meat one.

And then…lunch is served! There is always plenty of food, so make sure you get your fill. You’ll NOT be disappointed.

Inevitably the Hong Kong junk boat experience will come to an end.  Some will be shocked and horrified, while others will take it with more grace.

But the evening sun setting makes it hard to feel anything but peaceful and happy.

And ultimately, even with a little sun burn, everyone always ends up having a good time.

If you’re looking for this exact experience, or one very similar, check out Jaspa’s Junks. Your Hong Kong junk boat experience will surely be one you remember for a lifetime!

Hong Kong Junk Boat – Conclusion

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun…same same, but different than the Missouri River in Bismarck! 🙂

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      Very cool to know! In spite of time and distance I often find people and places are more similar than they are different!

  2. Looks like so much fun! Same Same – but Different than floating on the Missouri River in Bismarck! 🙂

  3. Looks like sooooooooo much fun! Food looks amazing too! Same Same – But Different than riding on a boat on the Missouri River in Bismarck, ND! 🙂

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