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Hong Kong For Kids Is Amazing

What’s in Hong Kong for kids? In short, just about anything you’d like! From indoor activities to outdoor adventures, exploring Hong Kong with kids can be as active or relaxing as you’d like. There are lots of free options, and many that also come with a fee, but the bottom line is that there are a TON of things to do in Hong Kong with kids. Some of the activities below are old classics that you’ll be quite familiar with, and we hope some give you new ways to enjoy this marvelous city with your kiddos!

We’ve divided our list of things to do into two sections:

Section 1 – 29 Free Activities To Do In Hong Kong With Kids
Section 2 – 26 Fee-Based Activities To Do In Hong Kong With Kids

It also goes with out saying (but we’ll say it anyway), some of the activities below are more suitable for older children and others are more suitable for younger ones. You know your own kids best, so we’re confident you’ll choose wisely.

Lastly, we’ve compiled this list knowing full well that we would never be able to capture all the ways Hong Kong is for kids. So, if we’ve left out some of your favorite things to do in Hong Kong with your kids, just leave us a comment below, and we’ll gladly add it. And, if you have any questions/comments, feel free to leave them below too.

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29 Free Things To Do – Hong Kong For Kids

1. Explore Waterfall Bay

Waterfall bay is Hong Kong for kids

Located right near Cyberport is the family friendly Waterfall Bay walk. Nearly the entire path is paved, the route is only 3.4 km (2.1 mi) long, and ends in Aberdeen. There are a few playgrounds and toilets along the way, so this is a perfect thing to do with kids in Hong Kong. While this route is not pram-friendly, it’s super flat, so again, it’s a top choice for families. And, while you are not allowed to swim anywhere along this route, there are a few spots that you could take a dip, if you and your kids are very strong swimmers.
Location: Waterfall Bay

2. Go To A Play Room

Hong Kong’s Leisure and Culture Services Department, LCSD, has free play rooms all over the city. So if you’re keen for your little one to run and climb around in a clean, air-conditioned and completely padded room, check these out. To find the one nearest you, click on the above link, and use the drop down menu in the top right hand corner of the page.

3. Lingnan Garden

This 12,500 square meter garden is great for exploring! Lingnan Garden has tons of interesting nooks and crannies scattered throughout its 10 scenic spots. Once you’re inside you’ll forget you’re in Hong Kong. Bring a sketch book or some water colors, and you and your little ones can do some plein air art!
Location: Lingnan Garden

4. Hike Devil’s Peak

Devil's Peak

A hike up Devil’s Peak is a family friendly option (but not suitable for prams), and it rewards you with stunning views of Kowloon, Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong Island. If you do this in the summer, start early to avoid the sun and heat. Afterwards, stroll through the old Hong Kong fishing village, Man Wan Tsuen, make your way to the Sam Ka Tsuen Ferry Pier, and then take the boat across to Hong Kong Island so you can have some lunch along the Sai Wan Ho Ferry Pier.
Location: Devil’s Peak

5. Tai Po Waterfront Park is Hong Kong for Kids

Tai Po Waterfront Park is Hong Kong for kids

The Tai Po Waterfront Park, located along side the Tolo Harbor is a whopping 22 hectares making it the largest LCSD park in Hong Kong. From a spiral lookout tour, to a bowling green, to a model boat pool, to a few children’s playgrounds, this park will give you and your kids plenty of area to explore!
Location: Tai Po Waterfront Park

6. Hong Kong Railroad Museum

The Hong Kong Railroad Museum in Tai Po showcases Hong Kong’s railway history. If your child likes trains, this is definitely a place you should check out. Spending about one hour here will likely be enough, so afterwards, you can head on over to the Tai Po Waterfront Park or even do our Tai Po Walking Tour.
Location: Hong Kong Railroad Museum

7. Walking Tour of Tai Po is Hong Kong for Kids

Tai Po Walking Tour

Because Tai Po is such a cool and local area, it’s worth taking this Tai Po Walking Tour. If you want to immerse yourself in local Hong Kong culture, this is a great way to do just that. From temples, to food markets to lovely waterside ares, plan on this being an all day activity, and prepare accordingly.
Location: Various

8. Hike Razor’s Edge Ridge (The Dragon’s Back of the New Territories)

Tai To Yan is Hong Kong for kids

If you have older kids in Hong Kong, and they are well accustomed to hiking, consider hiking Razor’s Edge Ridge – The Dragon’s Back of the New Territories. This challenging hike, which should only be attempted in the cooler months, is indeed appropriate if you’ve got kids with strong hiking legs. The trail is tough, but the sweeping views of the norther New Territories, the Lam Tsuen Valley and Shenzhen are gorgeous!
Location: Tai To Yan

9. Kowloon Walled City Park

This once infamous part of the city, known for various criminal activities and home to nearly 50,000 residents, was demolished in 1993. Thereafter it was converted into the Kowloon Walled City Park. Again, great for kids to explore, this park is large and has a free cultural heritage museum in the center. If you and your kids have worked up an appetite roaming around, head south into Kowloon City informally know as “little Thailand” and try any one of the dozens of Thai restaurants. Alternatively, if you’re keen for a restaurant that has stood the test of time since 1950, check out the Halal Chinese dishes at Islam Food. Make sure to try their Pan Fried Beef Buns. For dessert, get some of the best egg tarts in town at the Hoover Cake Shop.
Location: Kowloon Walled City Park

10. Swim at Bride’s Pool Waterfall

Waterfall Bay

One of the main reasons Hong Kong is for kids is because there are so many lovely swimming holes! In particular, Brides Pool Waterfall is suitable for a cool refreshing summertime dip. Best for kids who can navigate a short but slippery stream climb, the reward at the end is a pristine waterfall fed pool. Check this out any time of year but especially when you want to escape Hong Kong’s summer heat.
Location: Bride’s Pool Waterfall

11. Swimming at Shek O Beach is Hong Kong for Kids

And on the topic of places to cool off in the water, swimming at Shek O Beach is a classic thing to do with kids in Hong Kong. While you’ll need to bring some beach supplies, you can rent beach umbrellas from some nearby shops. If your kids are picky eaters, make sure to pack lunch, but if they’re not, consider enjoying some delicious Thai food nearby.
Location: Shek O Beach

12. Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree (Only During Chinese New Year)

If you and your kids are in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, consider heading to the Lam Tsuen Wishing tree. Legend has it that if you make a wish here during CNY, you’ll be setting yourself up for it to come true in the new year. A word of caution however, this spot gets VERY crowded during CNY, so if you go, try to do so very early in the morning.
Location: Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

13. Stroll Through Lee Tung Ave

We all know Lee Tung Avenue as it’s one of the only (if not the only) tree lined pedestrian avenues in Wan Chai. Bring your kids here for a fun city-stroll and a bit of window shopping. If the kids get bored, grab a burger at nearby Five Guys and then walk over to Tamar Park and have a burger-picnic!
Location: Lee Tung Ave

14. Hike The Dragon’s Back

A hike along the Dragon’s Back is yet another thing to do in Hong Kong with kids. While this hike is not suitable to do with kids in the summer months, when it gets a bit cooler outside, this moderately challenging route will afford you breathtaking coastal views of Tai Tam Bay and Island Bay. End this hike in Shek O if you want to extend this adventure with your kids!
Location: The Dragon’s Back

15. Picnic in Cyberport Park

While most consider Cyberport a business park and shopping mall, would you believe it’s also a great spot for a family picnic? Indeed, you can picnic at Cyberport. Either bring along all the goodies you and your kids love, or if you want to avoid carrying heavy bags of food to Cyberport, do a quick shop at the nearby Fusion. If your kids are still full of energy afterwards, check out Waterfall Bay.
Location: Cyberport

16. Hike The Peak (But Avoid the Crowds)

Victoria Peak is for kids

If you find yourself in Aberdeen, consider hiking The Peak, but head up via Peel Rise to avoid all the usual crowds. While this hike is somewhat challenging, we have done it with our infant in a baby carrier as well as with a 7 and 9 year old, so indeed it is possible, albeit a bit challenging. Of course, you can hike The Peak by starting in Central too, but that more typical route is often crowded, so we don’t prefer it.
Location: Victoria Peak

17. Hong Kong Cycling Track

Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) maintains numerous cycling tracks all over the city. Find your nearest cycling track, and then get peddling! However, make sure to wear your helmet. The Hong Kong Cycling Alliance has an extensive list of bike rental shops, so you can utilize that if you decide to go for a ride.
Location: Various

18. Chi Lin Nunnery is Hong Kong for Kids

The Chi Lin Nunnery in Wong Tai Sin is connected to the Nan Lian Garden, and both are Hong Kong cultural heritage sites that you and your children will throughly enjoy exploring. This area is a patch of Zen calm nestled amidst the frenetic hustle bustle of Hong Kong. Wander through the winding paths of the traditional Chinese gardens, and if you work up an appetite while you are here, consider enjoying some food at the Chi Lin vegetarian restaurant.
Location: Chi Lin Nunnery

19. Sai Kung UNESCO Geopark

Hong Kong’s geoparks are places of significance in regards to their geology, ecology, and natural landscape. More simply put, they are beautiful and interesting outdoor areas. And in what way is Hong Kong more suitable for kids than having amazing outdoor places for them? We can’t think of one. The High Island Reservoir UESCO Geopark in Sai Kung is definitely something you should check out with your little ones. The hexagonal rock columns are just one of the many things to explore here. Go early, as there is no shade to protect you from the hot sun.
Location: Sai Kung UNESCO Geopark

20. MacLehose Trail Section 2

MacLehose Trail Seciton 2

Starting just past the east side of the High Island Reservoir UESCO Geopark in Sai Kung is the MacLehose Trail Section 2. This section is arguably one of the most beautiful on the entire 100 km hiking trail that spans the New Territories from east to west. While this stretch of trail is not the most challenging, it’s only suitable for kids that are well acclimated to hiking. So, if that describes your children, definitely add this to your list of things to do in Hong Kong with kids.
Location: MacLehose Trail Section 2

21. Hike Pat Sin Leng (Only With Older Kids)

Pati Sin Leng is Hong Kong for kids

Pat Sin Leng, The Ridge of Eight Immortals, is an intense hike, but if you’ve got teens that are keen on Hong Kong’s great outdoor scene, this is an amazing hike. Start early in the morning, and while we don’t suggest you attempt this with little kids, we do suggest you meet them in Tai Mei Tuk for BBQ afterwards.
Location: Pat Sin Leng

22. Visit the Hong Kong Zoo

It still amazes us that the Hong Kong Zoo is completely free. Whether you care to see birds, mammals or reptiles, they are all here, and this is yet another reason we think Hong Kong is truly a place for kids. As an aside, there are over 900 plant species within the zoo, so after your kids have seen all the animals, they can try spotting the various flowering plants of the month.
Location: Hong Kong Zoo

23. Outdoor Playgrounds are Hong Kong for Kids

A good old fashioned Hong Kong playground is always an easy way to bring some joy to your kiddos. Whether it’s riding on the swings, making laps on the slide or just running around on the rubberized playground, these are some of Hong Kong kids’ favorite places – we can tell from all their smiles and laughter!
Location: Various

24. Victoria Park

The veritable Central Park of Hong Kong, Victoria Park is truly a collective treasure. There are so many little areas (and big ones too) to explore! It’s a slice of nature among the towering skyscrapers, and we find ourselves here very often. Our son likes wandering through the mini forest trails, and we think your kids will find something to love about Victoria Park too. The Victoria Park Fast Food Kiosk is perfect for an affordable on-the-go bite. They also sell bubble wands, an instant favorite for our son.
Location: Victoria Park

25. Camping on Lantau Island

Camping on Lantau

Hong Kong with kids is sometime most enjoyable when it’s experienced via the great outdoors! So, if you and your kids are looking for a beginner backpacking trip, consider camping on Lantau Island. You’ll need the proper gear, but other than that this is a very beginner friendly backpacking trip. If you do this trip in the cooler winter months you’ll sleep more comfortably at night. If you come here in the summer however, you’ll be able to enjoy swimming at the beach. So, the choice is yours!
Location: Camping on Lantau

26. Go Mountain Biking

If you and your kids like mountains and biking, why not do some mountain biking in Hong Kong? Trails range from easy to super difficult, so choose wisely, and always remember to wear your helmets. If you don’t have your own bikes, you can always rent mountain bikes.
Location: Various

27. 10,000 Buddhas Monastery and Cycling in Sha Tin

10000 Buddhas Monastery

Taking a day trip to Sha Tin to cycle and to see the 10,000 Buddhas is a classic family outing in Hong Kong. If you’re exploring this great city with really little kids, choosing either one of these will give you plenty of activity for the day. If your kids are a bit older, doing both in a day is reasonable. However, if you plan to count all 10,000 Buddhas you’ll need to spend much more than a single day in the monastery.
Location: 10,000 Buddhas Monastery

28. Tai Kwun is Hong Kong for Kids

You know that old converted prison thing near the escalators in Central? Well, the name is Tai Kwun, and if you have not yet been to this center for Hong Kong heritage and arts, you and your kids should definitely check it out. While you will likely not want to spend more than an hour here with your little ones, it’s a nice quick activity right down town. And afterwards, you can check out the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Museum.
Location: Tai Kwun

29. Hong Kong Monetary Authority Museum

Located on the 55th floor of the IFC Building, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority Museum is a place where you and your kids can learn everything and anything about Hong Kong’s currency and financial system. If you don’t think the topic of the museum will be captivating for your little one, the view from the 55th floor certainly will. So, even if you make only a quick trip up here, it’ll be well worth the price of the free admission.
Location: Hong Kong Monetary Authority Museum

26 Fee-Based Things To Do – Hong Kong For Kids

1. Alpaca Petting Farm and Pineapple Picking (Go Green Farm)

Believe it or not, Hong Kong has an alpaca petting and pineapple picking farm. Established in 2010 to promote green, organic and low-carbon agriculture, if you take your kids here, you’ll not only get an interesting and tasty experience, but you’ll be supporting a farm that is doing some good for Mother Earth.
Location: Go Green Farm

2. Strawberry Picking At Tam Tin Country Club

Kids love strawberries, and they love them even more when they are sun warmed and hand-picked. With that said, strawberry picking at Tam Tin Country Club, isn’t something you can do year round. The season is December to March, so you’ll have to plan ahead to enjoy this sweet experience, but if you do you’ll be pleasantly rewarded.
Location: Kam Tin Country Club

3. Explore The Hong Kong Wetland Park

If you and your kids want to experience a veritable safari without having to travel farther than Tin Shui Wai, definitely add the Hong Kong Wetland Park to your list of things to do. From birds, to butterflies, to fish and amphibians, as well as countless plant species, this place is packed with many marvels of Hong Kong’s natural world. This 61-hectare area is a wetland ecotourism site second to none. Bring some binoculars, and plan to come back here multiple times as there is plenty of ground to cover.
Location: Hong Kong Wetland Park

4. Go Motocross Riding MX Club

One of the many things in Hong Kong for kids (as well as adults) is the Hong Kong MX Club. If you and your crew want an action packed day of extreme sport quad riding or even dirt biking, get in touch with these folks, and plan your next adventure. They also do birthday parties, and we know kids as young as 7 who have had a great time here!
Location: MX Club

5. The Butterfly Valley is Hong Kong for Kids

Kids love butterflies, and butterflies love kids (we think). So, why not make your kids and the butterflies happy by taking a trip to The Butterfly Valley? There is also an apiary, so if you’re keen, you can buy some fresh local honey too. Make sure to wear bright clothes and be respectful of the wildlife.
Location: Butterfly Valley

6. Camping In Teepees

Have you ever wanted to go camping in a teepee? Inspired by the indigenous communities of the North American Plains, Saiyuen Outdoor Adventure Playground provides three different types of teepee you can go camping in: 12-foot (4-meter), 16-foot (5-meter) and 22-foot (7-meter). All teepees are fitted with mosquito nets, lights, folding cots, sleeping bags, a fan and a table and chart set outside the tent. They also offer a ton of other adventure activities for you and your kids to enjoy.
Location: Saiyuen Outdoor Adventure Playground

7. TramOramic Sight Seeing Tour

Riding Hong Kongs iconic 1920’s style tram is a great thing to do in Hong Kong with kids in and of itself. So taking the TramOramic Sight Seeing Tour where you will also learn about Hong Kong history in a fun and authentic way, makes this something we definitely suggest you check out. Kids under four are free!
Location: TramOramic Sight Seeing Tour

8. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden is Hong Kong for Kids

One of our favorite things in Hong Kong for kids is the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden. If you’re keen to learn about Hong Kong’s agricultural heritage in a hands on fashion, this is the place to go! The 148 hectare plot includes various animal rehabilitation displays, terraced vegetable gardens, raw forest, theme gardens, 8km of walking trails, 9km of roads, conservation areas as well as educational facilities. Their programs on sustainable living, nature conservation and holistic education are just the tip of the ice berg here, so you and the kids will likely want to come back multiple times. Use some of their self-guided itineraries as a way to organize your time here.
Location: Kadoorie Farm

9. Hong Kong Kids Love The Pink Dolphin Tour

Hong Kong Pink Dolphin Tour

Something in Hong Kong that is definitely for kids is the legendary Pink Dolphin Tour. However, your time to enjoy this incredible experience is limited, as Hong Kong’s Pink Dolphin population is near extinction. So, book your excursion ASAP, and feel good that part of the proceeds go towards conservation efforts.
Location: Various

10. Jade Market Jewlery Shopping

We realize that jewelry shopping isn’t usually something you’d see on a list of things to do in Hong Kong with kids, but the Jade Market in Jordan is definitely a place you’re going to want to check out. Jade has long been a popular gem in Chinese culture, as it’s associated with having a good, long and healthy life. Since most of the jade here isn’t super high-end, it’s perfect for some fun and affordable shopping. Make sure you bargain a bit to get the best price!
Location: Jade Market

11. Explore Kwai Chung Plaza

Keen for a rainy day activity? Why not explore Kwai Chung Plaza! Use the MTR Exit E to get here, and then get ready for everything from fast fashion clothes, beauty products, new age drinks and snack shops galore. This increasingly trendy spot for teens is a perfect place for you and your kids to have an urban adventure.
Location: Kwai Chung Plaza

12. Bike To Tai Mei Tuk and BBQ

There are lots of different ways you and your kids can bike to Tai Mei Tuk, but whichever you choose, make sure you enjoy this beautiful Hong Kong experience. Most routes to and from Tai Mei Tuk will take you along some beautiful coastal areas, so get your cameras ready for lots of great photo ops. Along the way, there are plenty of places to take breaks, and there are ample restrooms too. Once you’re in Tai Mei Tuk enjoy some Chinese BBQ at any of the number of restaurants in the area. NOTE: Some bike rental shops allow you to ride one way and leave the bikes at your ending destination. Check in to this option, especially if you think your kids won’t have the energy to ride the return trip.
Location: Tai Mei Tuk

13. Go Ice Skating

Indeed, even in a place as hot and humid as Hong Kong, you and your kids can go ice skating. You’ll have to do so indoors of course. Check out any one of Hong Kong’s ice skating rinks, or maybe even check them all out! Most offer lessons if your little one wants to learn the basics or even aspires to such heights as the olympics. Just remember to dress warmly, as it’s a bit chilly inside the rinks.
Location: Various

14. Watch An Omnimax Show at The Space Museum

Hong Kong’s Omnimax Theatre has some pretty amazing features. The tickets are super affordable, and the shows are never super long (usually 20-30 minutes), so we’ve done a double feature a couple of times. Afterwards, check out the Hong Kong Space Museum. Without having to rush, you’ll be able to enjoy both an Omnimax feature and the museum in one afternoon.
Location: Space Museum

15. Coastal Defense Museum is Hong Kong for Kids

Yet another opportunity for some hands on and authentic learning, a visit to the Coastal Defense Museum will not disappoint. You and your kids will learn about the long history of Hong Kong’s various coastal defense in an interactive and engaging manner.
Location: Coastal Defense Museum

16. Boating to Sai Wan Beach

If your kids are too young for a hike to Tai Long Wan, consider taking a boat to Tai Long Wan instead. To begin this experience, head to the Sai Kung Public Pier. From there, approach any one of the number of kiosks that advertise rides to Tai Long Wan Beach. Make sure you price shop and bargain a bit, and then make your choice. Make sure to arrange a return passage so you don’t get stuck walking back from the beach. NOTE: Do not plan on any of the boats having life vests for infants and/or small children, so make sure to bring your own.
Location: Sai Wan Beach

17. Hong Kong Scouts

The Hong Kong Scouts mission is “to operate an education movement for young people providing them with challenging and progressive training programs for their physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic development.” Put more simply, they give kids countless opportunities to learn and grow outside the bounds of a traditional school classroom. They offer so many things to do in Hong Kong with kids, that you’ll be able to get your little ones involved in the Scouts for many many years to come.
Location: Various

18. Water Sports is Hong Kong for Kids

Hong Kong is made up of more than 250 islands. That means there are a ton of opportunities for kids in Hong Kong to enjoy some water sports. More specifically, on Lantau’s Lower Cheung Sha Beach, you can enjoy a number of different water sports. Longcoast offers gear rentals at a reasonable price too, so if you don’t have your own kit, don’t worry. Just make sure you bring a shade tent as well as your normal beach supplies, and you’ll be set for a fantastic day of fun in the sun.
Location: Various

19. Hong Kong Science Museum

We’re not aware of a science museum that wasn’t designed with kids in mind, and the Hong Kong Science Museum is no exception. With a long list of exhibits on offer, you will likely find yourself back here a few times. And since you’ll be in East Tsim Sha Tsui, why not enjoy a delicious Indian lunch at Sangeetha, one of the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong.
Location: Hong Kong Science Museum

20. Indoor Play Room

Sometimes it’s too darn hot outside to play, especially if your kids are really young. That’s why it’s good to know of a few indoor playrooms in Hong Kong. While there are a plethora in Hong Kong, a few we like are SuperPark Hong Kong, Baumhaus, Planet J Kids, Pamela Peck Discovery Space and The Children’s Discovery Museum.
Location: Various

21. Ryze Trampoline Park

If your kids are a bit too old for an indoor play room, they might like bouncing around at Ryze Trampoline Park. With wall to wall trampolines and foam pits galore, you and your kids will have loads of fun while getting in a great workout too. If you plan to come here often, consider purchasing a monthly pass, as it will afford you the best value.
Location: Ryze Trampoline Park

22. Verm City (Indoor Rock Climbing)

Located in the same building as Ryze is the Verm City Climbing Gym. If your kids have experience with indoor rock climbing or if they are keen to try it out for their first time, Verm city has both the facilities and instructors for all skill levels. Parents can climb too of course, that is if you’re not afraid of heights.
Location: Verm City Climbing Gym

23. Visiting Stanley Market

A visit to Stanley Market is not an all day affair, but after you’ve visited the market, you can play on the beach and then eat at any of the many beach side restaurants in Stanley. If your kids are a bit older, consider taking some of the water sports training courses that the Water Sports Centers offer.
Location: Stanley Market

24. Ride the Star Ferry is Hong Kong for Kids

An old Hong Kong classic, and all the kids we’ve met love it – riding on the Star Ferry. While technically this activity is not free, at HK$2.7 for adults and HK$1.6 for kids (at the time of writing) we’re quite certain this won’t hurt your wallet too much. Of course, you can simply ride the ferry back and forth all day long, but if you’re looking for something else to do afterwards, stroll down the Avenue of The Stars, and then make your way over to East TST for lunch at Sangeetha, one of the best Indian restaurants in Hong Kong.
Location: Star Ferry Pier in Central

25. Go Squid Fishing

Whether you like to eat it or not, going squid fishing is a uniquely thrilling experience. Since you’ll have to do this at night, we recommend this for older kids. However, if you’ve got a little one who will sleep anywhere, maybe consider bringing them along too. Either way, make sure you add this to your list of things to do with kids in Hong Kong.
Location: Various

25. Go On A Junk Boat

Junk boating is something to do for kids in Hong Kong

If you’ve never been on a Junk Boat, don’t be fooled by the word ‘junk.’ Basically, you can charter a private boat that will take you to any one of Hong Kong’s amazing coastal destinations. Once you’re there, you can swim, play on the beach or even just nap on the boat. Charter options range from all inclusive which includes food catering and unlimited drinks to a la carte. We prefer the all inclusive option, as the organizing effort is less. If you arrange a junk boat with other families, it’ll surely make for a lasting and enjoyable memory. We usually organize with Jaspa’s Junks due to their amazing service and delicious food, but again, there are lots of options.

Discover Hong Kong For Kids On Your Own!

Well there ya have it – 55 reasons why Hong Kong is for kids! But as we mentioned up top, we realize this list is not exhaustive. So, if we’ve missed some of your favorites, leave a comment below, and we’ll get it added in just as soon as we can. In the mean time, we hope you your family enjoy experiencing all these things to do in Hong Kong with kids!

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