Mind Your Step!

At the edge of Suicide Cliff
Me experiencing some major vertigo on Suicide Cliff
Here’s a sneak peak of what Suicide Cliff is all about!

I’m certainly not a glutton for punishment, but the extreme vertigo I experienced when I hiked Suicide Cliff was 100% worth it.  Suicide Cliff is breathtakingly spectacular. If you haven’t already hiked it, definitely add it to your Hong Kong bucket list. Standing at the edge of it, I felt like an ant in relation to it’s massive cliffs as well as the expansive panoramic views of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. And, since I mustered up the courage to look over the edge of the cliff, I not only got a massive rush of adrenaline but also an immediate understanding of why the cliff is called “Suicide Cliff.”

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Join Us!

And if you do dare to experience Suicide Cliff, just make sure to mind your step! If you’d like us to guide on this SPECTACULAR hike, just click below, and we’ll start planning with you!

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At the cliff right above Suicide Cliff
At the cliff right above Suicide Cliff

After the hike, I quickly realized that the particular approach trail we took was equally if not more stunning than Suicide Cliff itself! The approach trail we took afforded us amazing 360-degree views. of Hong Kong I’ve ever experienced in my nearly 6 years of hiking ALL over this marvelous city. The view point I’m referring to allowed us to see Tai Mo Shan, Pat Sin Leng, Ma On Shan, Marina Cove, Victoria Harbor, Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak, High West, Mt. Davis, Lantau Island, Tuen Mun and Shenzhen. Quite a list, I know.

The last part of the approach trail to Suicide Cliff
The last part of the approach trail to Suicide Cliff

Below, I’ll share with you all the details you’ll need to experience Suicide Ciff yourself. I’ll also let you know the specific approach trail to take. Don’t they say that sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination? Well in this case, both are amazing.

By the end of this hike, we knew we had just discovered one of our new favorite hiking routes. We think you’ll feel the same way after you experience it all for yourselves too.

What You’ll Need to Bring

The gear you'll need for Suicide Cliff
We only bring the essentials on a day hike to Suicide Cliff

Day Hiking Gear

For our complete day hiking gear recommendations, check out our day hike packing guide. For the particular items we recommend for this specific hike, read on!


For a day hike, we usually pack quite light. Because there is always a chance of rain and/or a cold windy part of the trail, we bring our raincoats.  The ones below are what we recommend.


We of course always bring water too. For this hike, we each brought 2 liters. These RTIC water bottles are rugged, reusable and best of all, insulated.  On hot days we fill them with ice water, and on cold days we fill them with warm water.  We also feel morally good using them. We know how important it is to always be living greener here in Hong Kong.

Water Filter

This next item is one of our favorite pieces of hiking/travel gear. It’s a super simple, super lightweight, super effective, and super affordable in-line water filter by Sawyer. This filter allows us to drink water from any cool and refreshing wild water source. And with it, we don’t have to worry about getting sick. On this hike, I found a seasonal spring. I’ll tell you where it is, below, and I would not recommend drinking from it without using a filter.

Power Bank and External Hard Drive/SD Card Reader

If we’re relying on our phones for navigation, we’ll also bring this power bank. It doubles as an SD card reader. With this external hard drive, we can also back up our camera in the field if need be.

Hiking Poles

Last but certainly not least, on any day hikes much longer than 10km we both bring our hiking poles. We most often use them on the downhills, and every time we do, our knees thank us profusely.

Difficulty and Distance

There are many ways to hike Suicide Cliff. The information below is for our route, the one that includes the beautiful 360-degree view that we’ve been ranting and raving about as well as, of course, Suicide Cliff.

Hike Suicide Cliff Hong Kong
Our Suicide Cliff route displayed on Google Earth

Distance and Elevation Gain:

(Start) City One MTR StationSuicide Cliff → (End) Fai Ngo Shan Road [Taxis available at FNS Rd.]

Distance: 10km / 6.25mi 

Elevation Gain: 851m / 2791ft

Hike Suicide Cliff Hong Kong
The elevation profile for our Suicide Cliff route


City One MTR StationSuicide CliffFai Ngo Shan Road – Moderate

As you can see from the elevation profile above, the hike is a starts out quite flat and then transitions into a gentle uphill for most of the time.  While it looks a bit challenging, it’s really suitable for beginner/intermediate hikers. While we were out on this route, we saw a number of families with young children, so don’t be intimidated by the elevation profile.  It’s a lot easier than it looks.

Want a guide?

If however you’d like us go guide you on this hike, click below, and we’d be glad to arrange private or group hikes to your liking!

The Route

More Than One Route

It’s possible to hike Suicide Cliff from the Choi Hung MTR Station. This route is quite short and goes directly to the cliff. However, this route does not include the approach trail with the spectacular 360-degree view.  

Our Route

In order to hike Suicide Cliff and see the 360-degree view on the approach trail, simply follow along on our Suicide Cliff route map, also displayed below. When you’re out on the trail, just click on the link above to display our route in your Google Maps app. (If you don’t have Google Maps, download Google Maps for iOS here and Android here.) Then, follow along on the map as you’re hiking, and you’ll not lose your way! Just don’t forget to look around and enjoy the scenery, even while you’re navigating!

+++If you only want to see Suicide Cliff, and you want to skip the approach trail, consider simply starting from the end of our route and just heading up Suicide Cliff.+++

hike Lamma Island and either Yung Shue Ha or Sham Wan
Click this button in the map to view the map legend

MAP NOTE: Once our Suicide Cliff route map has popped up in your Google Maps app, don’t forget to click on “View Map Legend” at the bottom of the map to see (1) the location of the natural spring and (2) the location of the 360-degree view. On the map below, you can click on the arrow-symbol in the top left hand corner to see the map legend.

Again, if you’d like a guide for this hike, click below, and let us know! We’ll get in touch with you soon thereafter to start making arrangements!

Want a guide?

Water Along the Route

As I mentioned above, you should NOT drink from any natural sources of water unless you filter it with something like this in-line water filter by Sawyer.

Location of Water Sources

  1. City One MTR Station (various convenience stores)
  2. Seasonal Spring – You can also find the location of this spring on our Suicide Cliff route map by clicking on “View Map Legend” at the bottom of the map.

Getting There

Take the MTR to City One MTR station, exit D, then use our Suicide Cliff route map, and you’ll be well on your way.  If you’re not familiar with Hong Kong, here is an MTR system map.

What it Looks Like

We’re not going to spoil all of the spectacular views you’ll see along the way, so here are just a few, to whet your appetite!

Walk along the Shing Mun River near City One MTR station as you begin your hike to Suicide Cliff
Starting out near City One MTR Station, the Shing Mun River
 Gaining elevation through a village, as we head out of Sha Tin on our way to Suicide Cliff
Gaining elevation through a village, as we head out of Sha Tin on our way to Suicide Cliff
 Keep any eye out for this turn off on your way to Suicide Cliff
Keep any eye out for this turn off
Enjoy the beautiful green tunnels of Hong Kong on your way to Suicide Cliff
Enjoy the beautiful green tunnels of Hong Kong
 Take in the view of Marina Bay on your way to Suicide Cliff
Take in the view of Marina Bay
Looking down on Kowloon from way up here makes it all look so peaceful and small when you're headed to Suicide Cliff
Looking down on Kowloon from way up here makes it all look so peaceful and small
A bit of floral color along the route to Suicide Cliff
A bit of floral color along the route to Suicide Cliff
The ridge that leads to suicide cliff - The 360 degree view is along this (but you'll have to go see it for yourself!)
The ridge that leads to suicide cliff – The 360 degree view is along this (but you’ll have to go see it for yourself!)
Having fun on the Kowloon TV and and radio transmission tower helipad en route to Suicide Cliff
Having fun on the Kowloon TV and and radio transmission tower helipad
A lovely view with a lovely partner on the way to Suicide Cliff
A lovely view with a lovely partner!
Chillin' on the cliff above Suicide Cliff
Chillin’ on the cliff above Suicide Cliff
Walking out on the long awaited...Suicide Cliff
Walking out on the long awaited…Suicide Cliff

Get Hiking

Suicide Cliff in Hong Kong is For Everyone

This hike is rewarding yet family friendly. So, lace up your hiking shoes, and get hiking! If you’re looking for another Hong Kong adventure, consider taking a hike to this remote beach on Lamma Island. Or hike the eight peaks of Pat Sin Leng.  If you’re looking for something a little more mellow, how about you try an urban hike from Kennedy Town to Central?  Why not stop at Instagram Pier along the way? And as always, if you have any questions about any of this, leave them in the comment section below. We will get back to you just as soon as we can.

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  1. The call of the void is too strong for me. I have to stand several feet behind the yellow line when I wait for the train. No standing alone on balconies. No looking down at lower lobbies. Looks beautiful, but no wait am I getting near this cliff.

    • Hi Ari,

      I definitely had to muster up all of my courage to get so close to the edge! Indeed, if you are scared or uncomfortable with heights, you might not want to go right to the edge. However, you can still enjoy Suicide Cliff! Just don’t go all the way out to the edge.

  2. Hi!

    Your website is great but did the Suicide cliff hike yesterday and the google maps link has some mistakes – when you’re about to start the hike from sha tin village, it shows a turn to the right but according to your images and directions it’s a turn to the left. There is also one more error and a wrong turn before the campsite. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. It is a nice route with great views. We followed the google map route. The first part was quite difficult, There is hardly a trail there. Once you reach the maclehose trail it gets much easier to walk and follow the route and enjoy the views.

  4. This looks awesome! We’ll definitely want to try this out next time we’re in Hong Kong. It’s so easy to forget there’s so much to explore everywhere you go. Beautiful photos!

    • Thanks Deb for your kind words! Indeed, there are so many green spaces in Hong Kong that it’s indeed
      easy to forget some of them! 🙂 When you’re back, let us know. Maybe we can hike it together!

    • Hi Bea,

      Thanks for the question 🙂 The route we have listed will take ~3 hours, if you go at relaxed pace. It could take a bit more or less if you’re going faster or slower of course! Let us know is you have any more questions!

  5. I’m getting dizzy just looking at these photos, but the views are so incredible!

  6. Looks amazing! Planning to hike it up in July but I’m a bit hesitant because I’m going alone. Any chance you know a guide or someone who can show me the way? There’s no map in the world helpful for someone who doesnt have a sense of direction (ME). Please help! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for writing such detailed description; always so happy that there’s people taking the time to do this, thanks!! Tried the hike today, also after being 5 years in Hong Kong. Beautiful one!

  8. We followed your path yesterday but found it very difficult compared to what you were saying. The first 2 hours are quite useless from MTR to Kowloon peak) no views, only steps so we didn’t enjoy it.
    Second part from kowloon peak to suicide cliff is amazing but challenging, I will not bring children (some signs forbid to take this path!).
    Thank you for your advice anyway we enjoyed the views !

    • Hello Amandine,

      I’m sorry to hear you did not enjoy the first section of the trail. I guess the definition of “beautiful” is in the eye of the beholder 🙂 I’m also sorry to hear it was difficult. Again, this is certainly all relative. I’m glad you enjoyed Suicide Cliff! We love it too! Please let us know if you have any more questions or comments, as we are glad to help!

  9. Hi I have been “dying” to do this, how long did it take you, what time did you start and what time did you finish?

    • Hi WL,

      The route with the approach trail is ~10km, and it takes us, at a moderate pace, about 3-4 hours.

      The route without the approach trail, again at a moderate pace, takes us about 1-2 hours.

      I hope this helps!

  10. Hi, may i know how long it takes to hike to the 360 degree view spot? We would like to catch the sunset. Thank you!

    • Hi Nancy,

      From City One MTR it’s ~7km. At a slow pace, this could approximately take 3 hours, medium pace 2.5 and fast 2.

      From Fai Ngo Shan Road it’s ~3.5km. At a slow pace this could approximately take 2 hours, medium 1.5 and fast 1.

      I hope that helps! And if you need a guide, we are glad to help!

  11. My wife and I gave up while trying to climb Elephant Hill after the Kowloon Peak Viewing Point. It was too steep and dangerous.

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