The summit you reach when you hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Hong Kong
When you hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung, Hong Kong this is what you’ll see

Hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Hong Kong

When you hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung, Hong Kong you will quickly realize that often the best places are the ones that are difficult to get to and to get back from. But we promise, the breathtaking views from the summit will make all the sweat (and maybe even some tears) well worth it.

Looking at Sharp Peak from a distance
Sharp Peak from afar

The summit of Sharp Peak stands at 468 m (1535 ft) above sea level, so it’s no small peak. Only advanced hikers should attempt to summit Sharp Peak. If there is any rain, thunder or lightning forecast (or any adverse weather at all) you should NOT hike Sharp Peak. However, if you hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung on a clear day, the 360 degree views from the summit are arguably the best in all of Hong Kong. We have hiked Sharp Peak half a dozen times, and only once have we gotten sunny weather, so be patient, and keep trying to hike Sharp Peak! If you’re lucky, you’ll get a day like the one we’ve pictured below!

When you hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Hong Kong you will see oceans and mountains
View from the ascent

On the way up, and from the summit you’ll not only see some of Hong Kong’s beautiful mountains, but you’ll also see the turquoise blue waters that are an integral part of the Sai Kung landscape. If however you’re afraid of heights, or you’re worried that you don’t have firm enough footing to navigate the steep, rocky and gravely route, take a look below at some other easier Hong Kong hiking options that are also quite beautiful. And, once you’ve had a bit more practice, hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Hong Kong!

If you are an advanced hiker, we would be glad to guide you up to the summit of Sharp Peak in Sai Kung. Just click below, and we will start making plans with you!

Keen for a sneak peak of the sights you’ll see on this spectacularly beautiful hike? Skip ahead to see our Sharp Peak photos! But make sure to come back and read about what gear you’re going to need to bring.

What Gear You NEED to Bring When You Hike Sharp Peak

Hiking Shoes

Any sturdy hiking shoes will do. You do not need hiking boots to hike Sharp Peak. We have used and like the ones below.

Hiking Socks

We hike in light-weight wool socks year round. And when we hike Sharp Peak, we definitely wear our wool socks. Wool is super breathable, wicks moisture away from your foot, and will help prevent any blisters. And, if you get these light-weight ones, they’ll be perfectly cool too, even in the summer months.

Water Bottles – Reusable

We always use reusable water bottles because we know that it is important to live a green life! These are insulated and keep our water perfectly hot or cold! When you hike Sharp Peak, we recommend you bring at least 3 liters per person in the summer months and at least 2 liters per person in the winter months. This sounds like a lot, we know, but this route up Sharp Peak is quite challenging, especially in the summer heat.


Our route is ~11.7 km (~7.2 mi), so you’ll want to bring some lightweight yet calorie dense snacks. We usually bring some fruit and nuts, and we’re good to go! If you can get your hands on any of these ProBars, they are some of the tastiest, most nutritious and filing bars out there!

Sun Protection

For approximately the first half of our Sharp Peak route, you’ll be in the shade. The second half is fully exposed to the sun. Therefore, and especially if you hike Sharp Peak in the summer time, you will need sun protection. It may seem like overkill, but we’re always glad to have the items below.

Rain/Wind Protection

No matter when you hike Sharp Peak, there is always a chance of rain and wind. Therefore, there is a chance you may become wet and then cold. These rain/wind jackets are super lightweight, pack down to the size of an orange, and are items we take with us on every hike! Being cold sucks, so these can prevent that from happening!

Gear You MIGHT Want To Bring When you Hike Sharp Peak

Camera and Lens

With views like the ones above, would you really NOT want to bring a camera? Of course, you don’t NEED a camera to hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, but with all the spectacular views, you’ll likely want to have a camera with you. We use this camera and this lens as they’re extremely durable, super light for how powerful they are, and best of all, they’re weatherproof.

Drone and Remote Controller Shield

Again, a drone isn’t necessary, but look at the photos you can take if you have one! We love the unique perspective it gives us when we are in a beautiful place! The remote controller monitor hood will help you see the remote controller screen even on a sunny day. We suggest this drone combo pack.

External Hard Drive and Wireless SD Card Reader/Battery Pack

This SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable External SSD drive is AMAZING!!! It’s water-resistant, shock-resistant, dust-resistant, it has 2 TB of storage, and it’s smaller than a deck of playing-cards. This next item, the RAVPower Filehub Plus does two main things. First, it is a battery pack you can use to charge your devices. Second, it is a wireless SD card reader. That means, you can take the SD card out of you camera, drone, etc, put it into the RAVPower Filehub and backup the data on your SD card to your SanDisk 2TB Extreme Portable External SSD drive. Put more simply, the RAVPower Filehub allows you to back up your SD cards to a hard drive, while you’re in the field. Again, this is quite useful for us, and we think it will be for you too!

Getting There and Getting Home

There are MANY ways to hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, but the route we recommend starts and ends at Pak Tam Au in Sai Kung. The three main ways to get to Pak Tam Au (北潭凹) are: (1) taking public transit, (2) taking a taxi and (3) driving. If you want to leave all of the logistics to us, just click below, and we’d be glad to guide you on a hike up Sharp Peak.

Pak Tam Au is where the trail starts
This is Pak Tam Au. You will start and end here.

Public Transit to Pak Tam Au

Using the Google Maps App (iOS / Android) or City Mapper App (iOS / Android) is going to be the best way for you to determine how to get to Pak Tam Au. To use public transit, you’ll likely have to take the MTR (the Hong Kong metro) as well as one or two busses. This is the cheapest but slowest way to get to Pak Tam Au. But don’t worry, the time and effort will be worth the rewarding 360 degree views from atop Sharp Peak.

Taxi to Pak Tam Au

Taking a taxi to Pak Tam Au is the fastest and likely, most expensive, way to get to Pak Tam Au in Sai Kung. Once you’re in the taxi tell them that you want to go to “Pak Tam Au in Sai Kung” and you should be good to go. If not, you can show them “Pak Tam Au, Sai Kung” in Cantonese [北潭凹西貢市], and you should be good to go. Worst case, show them the taxi driver Pak Tam Au on Google Maps.

Driving to Pak Tam Au

You cannot park at Pak Tam Au, so of course that means you cannot drive directly to Pak Tam Au. The nearest parking lot is about 3.5km away at the Sai Kung Country Park Vistors’ Centre. From there, you’ll have to take a bus or taxi to Pak Tam Au. Get to the Visitors Center early (before 8:00AM on weekends), as the lot fills up very quickly.

Difficulty and Distance – Sharp Peak Hike


If you hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung, Hong Kong you should be an advanced hiker. By ‘advanced’ we mean someone who has ample experience hiking on loose and slippery gravel, on muddy slippery trails and on terrain that overall is not stable.

scrambling to get up Sharp Peak
To summit Sharp Peak you will have to scramble on hands and knees at points.

We also mean someone who is not afraid of heights, someone who is sure footed (nearly every year someone falls to their death on Sharp Peak), someone accustomed to hiking 10km+ in one day, someone who is comfortable with a good bit of elevation gain and someone who is okay with the possibility of having to scramble on hands and knees to get up certain parts of this route. If you hike Sharp Peak in the summer time, you should also be well aware of the signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. More over, you should be well versed in how to stay hydrated in Hong Kong’s extreme summer temperatures.

the terrain is challenging
Much of the ascent up Sharp Peak is on loose rocky terrain.

If you fit this description, a hike up Sharp Peak is indeed for you, if not, check out some of the other beautiful hikes we recommend below!

Distance, Elevation Gain, Duration

Our route is ~11.7km (~7.2mi) round trip, and it covers ~754 m (~2473 ft) of elevation gain. It requires some scrambling on hands and knees and contains a good bit of slippery terrain due to loose gravel and muddy patches.

elevation profile of Sharp Peak
Sharp Peak elevation profile

Our Route to Hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung

Want to follow our Hike Sharp Peak Google map route while you’re on the trail? Just click on the previous link, and you’ll be good to go! As you can see, our route starts at point A, Pak Tam Au, goes to point B, Sharp Peak, and then ends back at point A, Pak Tam Au. We take the same trail in and out. There are other routes you can take to Sharp Peak, but we like this most direct one!

Again, if you just want to enjoy the views, and you don’t want to worry about navigating, leave all that to us! Click below, and we’d be glad to guide you up Sharp Peak.

Our Route in Pictures – Hike Sharp Peak

Go Hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung Hong Kong

Well, that’s all the information (and hopefully all the inspiration) you need to hike Sharp Peak in Sai Kung, Hong Kong on your own! If you’re looking for something a bit more mellow however, why not check out the Venice of Hong Kong via a walking tour of Tai Po or even try some cycling along the beautiful Hong Kong coastline in Sha Tin? If you’re looking for another intermediate/advanced option, consider hiking Tai To Yan – The Dragon’s Back of the New Territories or even the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls. Whatever you do, if you have questions, leave them below, and we’ll get back to you in a flash! Happy hiking!

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