Want to Escape Hong Kong for a While? Hike Jardine’s Lookout

Not the typical crowded route up Mt. Parker Road

hike Jardine's Lookout
The view from Jardine’s Lookout

Fast Facts – Hike Jardine’s Lookout

When I need to recharge from the marvelous-insanity that is Hong Kong, one of my go-to options is that I hike Jardine’s lookout. Not only do the sweeping views of Hong Kong Island, Victoria Harbor and Kowloon set my mind at ease, but the ~2000 steps along this route force me to sweat out any stress or tension I may be holding on to. So if you’re looking for stunning city views, a great workout and a quick escape from Hong Kong’s hustle bustle, I highly recommend you hike Jardine’s lookout too!

Have a look below at some of the sights you’ll get to see along my route, and then below the pictures, check out the logistical details you’ll need in order to hike Jardine’s lookout yourself! 

If you DON’T want to worry about logistics or navigating, we’d be glad to guide you on this hike. If you’re interested, just click below and we’ll get back in touch with you shortly!

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Our Route in Pictures

hike Jardine's Lookout
Head up the road for a few minutes
hike Jardine's Lookout
Take a right here
hike Jardine's Lookout
Snake your way up Mt. Parker Road (just for a bit)
hike Jardine's Lookout
Turn off of Mt. Parker Road here
hike Jardine's Lookout
Cross over this stone bridge
Keep on keeping on straight
Hang a right here
Say hello to the Buddhista and then head on up
Don’t forget to enjoy the views
Enjoy the green tunnels
More beautiful views
Head up and to the right
Keep heading up
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Not sure you wanna navigate this on your own? We’d be glad to guide you on this hike! Just click below.

Still more spectacular views
A view of Mt. Parker
Looking westward over Hong Kong Island
A view of Tai Tam Reservoir
Jardine’s Lookout (the peak on the right) and Parkview Apartment Complex
Another view of Tai Tam Reservoir
Us in front of the Hong Kong Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Depot
The marker for Jardine’s Lookout
The view from Jardine’s Lookout

Difficulty and Distance

jardine's lookout elevation profile
Jardine’s Lookout Elevation Profile

Fast Facts – Hike Jardine’s Lookout

Our Route

As mentioned above, this route up Jardine’s is not the typical one that follows along Mt. Parker Road. This one is much less crowded, much more tree lined all the more suited to help you unwind. We suggest you start at Quarry Bay MTR station and end at Wan Chai MTR station. If you’d like to follow along with our Google Map when you’re out on the trail, feel free to open this link on your smartphone, and you’ll be all set! You can also see the route below!

Getting There

Since this hike starts from either Quarry Bay or Wan Chai MTR stations, this might be the easiest “trail head” you’ll ever have to find. If you want to hike Jardine’s Lookout and start from Quarry Bay, use Exit A. If you want to hike Jardine’s Lookout from Wan Chai, use Exit A4. From either starting point, just use our Google Map to enjoy this hike!

Again, if you’d prefer to NOT worry about all these details and instead just enjoy the beautiful sights on this hike, we’d be glad to guide you on this hike. Just click below, and let us know! We’ll be back in touch with you shortly!

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What You’ll Need To Bring

You can safely enjoy this hike with minimal gear. With a bit of water, maybe some food, and a wind breaking layer, you should be good to go.  Here’s what we bring when we hike Jardine’s Lookout.

  • Water Bottles:
    • I usually bring 1-2 liters of water, depending on the temperature. I like the Hydro Flask water bottles*, as they’re super sturdy, and best of all, insulated. On cold days I bring warm water, and on warm ones I bring cold water. Though these bottles are a bit of an investment upfront, I think they are great value considering their quality as well as how much plastic waste you’ll reduce by not using disposable bottles.
  • Food:
    • I usually don’t need a snack on this shorter route, but do what makes you most comfortable.  
  • Warm Layer
    • On a windy and/or chilly days, I usually bring my raincoat, the Marmot Precip*.  Marmot also makes a Precip for women*. Although this is indeed only a thin raincoat, as long as I keep moving, I seldom need much more than this jacket to keep me warm on a day hike.
    • If indeed you are someone who gets chilly, and you want a warm layer, my wife and I use these by ColdPruf, and we love them: Female option*, Male option*.

Get Hiking

Well, there ya have it, all the details you need to hike Jardine’s Lookout!  If you’re looking for some other great routes on Hong Kong Island, check out this route up High West over in Kennedy Town, or if you’re looking for something a little more removed from downtown, head up to the New Territories, and check out these spectacular waterfalls!  No matter what you do though, get out there and enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful green hills!

[*Indicates an affiliate link to a place/product of high value and quality and one which we completely stand behind! :-)]

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