Whether you’re traveling with a newborn or a moody pre-teen, finding the appropriate balance of family rest and enjoyment can be tough.

We’ve produced a list of family holiday planning tips to help you plan the perfect trip for anyone heading on a family vacation this summer.

We’re chilling by the Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

Family Holiday Planning Tip #1: Make It A Family Decision

The first of our family holiday planning tips is to include your kids in the planning and decision-making stages of the vacation.

They will be more interested and attached to the vacation from the start.

Begin by completing budget-based research, and then get feedback from the children on your short-listed lodging or location possibilities.

#2: Conduct Research

A genuinely wonderful family vacation requires both happy children and happy parents.

You must perform considerable study into sites that will cater to everyone on the trip, not just one or two people. Find a happy medium between kids’ activities and quiet outings and exquisite meals.

Make an informed choice between a longer or shorter trip, and obtain any necessary immunizations.

You should also consider how busy a region gets during the season in which you’re planning your holiday. If you’re thinking about doing something like snorkeling or scuba diving, Dip ‘N’ Dive has a great website with information. 

Family Holiday Planning Tip #3: Become An Administrator Expert

Now that you’ve done your research, you must ensure that you and your family can travel.

Children were previously only attached to their mothers’ passports; now, children, even infants, need to have their passports.

Start applying early to accommodate for unexpected delays. Get some good family travel insurance while you’re at it.

#4: Be Prepared

For some parents, simply taking their youngsters to the airport or on an airplane is enough to prevent them from traveling.

Nevertheless, as long as you plan ahead of time, there is nothing to fear. Pack food and games to keep them entertained until you arrive.

You may arrange different games every half hour, depending on your child’s attention and focus, such as spotting ‘landmarks’ such as the correct ticket desk or the first flight.

Family Holiday Planning Tip #5: On Your Trip 

Children may be exposed to new dangers while traveling abroad, such as a hotter environment, strong tides, and swimming pools.

When near water, keep your child hydrated and protected in high-factor sunscreen.

Remember to keep children, especially young newborns, in the shade wherever possible – Don’t cover their crib with a bedsheet to generate shade, since this will just make them hotter.

#6: Build A Timetable

Most parents recognize that their child needs structure.

There’s a small line between being spontaneous and having nothing planned for an entire vacation.

Make preliminary plans for each day to create a structure for your children. It may be as simple as two days at the pool accompanied by one outing, then repeat.

Just keep in mind, to achieve a balance between rest and excitement for both you and your children, a timetable will help.

This little guide should assist you in arranging your next family vacation.

Although you may not be able to go until next year, now is the time to make such preparations.

Do you have any more suggestions that should be included? Please include them in the comments.

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