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Eat Street In Seminyak Seemingly Endless Eating Options

Once predominantly a beach holiday destination, over the past decade, Bali has become better known as a celebration of global cuisine. At the center of its foodie revolution is ‘Eat Street in Seminyak’, or Jalan Laksmana to give its local name.

This is the beating heart of Seminyak’s food scene, with delicious dishes available all day. It’s just around the corner from Seminyak Square, right by the beach, and leads from Cornerstone in the city center to Petitenget Temple. So, you can take in Balinese culture while enjoying local street foods, fine cuisine from around the world, and a coffee or a cool refreshing drink.

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Getting There

Once you arrive on the island, there are plenty of taxis available to take you from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. Likewise, there is no shortage of taxis available in and around Eat Street in Seminyak so you don’t need to worry about getting around.

There are currently no direct flights to Indonesia from the US. Typically, passengers stop off in Singapore en route to Bali. The flight between islands is around three hours and you can find cheap flights from Singapore to Bali online, making the journey simpler and easier.

Where To Start

When you arrive on Eat Street for the first time, you’re greeted by a cacophony of sights, sounds, and smells. The place is always buzzing and the choice of things to do and places to go seems almost limitless.

Our recommendation is to start your day by finding a seat in a bar or coffee shop, savoring your drink and just taking it all in. People watching and taking time to appreciate everything going on around you is part of the experience. Why not use this opportunity to plan some holiday activities for families with children?

Breakfast In Eat Street

It would be impossible to give you all the best places to grab breakfast on Eat Street. But this is a selection of some popular lunch and brunch options to get your day off to the best start:

  1. Sisterfields: If you like uploading foodie pictures to Instagram, this is the place for you. But the food doesn’t just look great, it tastes great too. There’s a vast menu from which to choose from at any time of day. But be prepared to queue.
  2. Shelter Café: If you’ve had a lazy morning and want to grab brunch, you can’t go wrong with Shelter Café. The menu is huge and includes a wide variety of vegan options. If you can’t decide what to choose, you can even create your own brunch.
  3. Fat Turtle: This restaurant is a bit quieter than those mentioned above. The menu is limited, but the quality is just as high as you’d expect from a restaurant in one of the emerging food capitals of the world.
  4. Kynd: For a complete plant-based breakfast in Seminyak, Kynd is the place to go. Even if you don’t usually eat a plant-based diet, the flavors are sublime and it’s worth eating here at least once while you’re in town.

Eat Like a Local

All foodies love to try the local cuisine when they travel and it will come as no surprise that Eat Street is the best place to try traditional Balinese foods.

In Seminyak, eating food from a warung is a rite of passage. These are typically small kiosks, shops, or carts that are usually family-owned and sell local food you can just grab and eat. If you’re around at the right time, picking up some ribs or satay and eating while watching the sun go down over the horizon is a moment to remember forever.

There are warungs dotted all over Eat Street in Seminyak. One of the most popular is Warung Nia which also runs cooking classes for those who want to return home with a new skill. Warung Nia is bigger than some warungs and you can eat in if you want to.

Fine Dining Balinese Style

In line with its growing reputation as a culinary tourist destination, Seminyak is also home to some fine dining restaurants.

  1. Chandi: A child-friendly restaurant that serves a full menu of pan-Asian dishes with a twist. It prides itself on sourcing all its spices from local farmers so you can’t get more authentic flavors.
  2. Mejekawi at Ku De Ta: Nothing explains the global status of the Bali food scene better than a celebrated Scottish chef, Will Meyrick, creating an Asian fine dining experience in Eat Street in Seminyak. The menu here is constantly evolving and you’re guaranteed innovative, contemporary dishes fused with traditional Indonesian cuisine.

Global Cuisine in Seminyak

All the best foodie destinations in the world offer a wide variety of cuisines from around the world, and Eat Street is no exception. Recent years have seen an influx of top Australian chefs setting up on the island. But there are also some great food options from across the world:

  1. Motel Mexicola: A taste of Mexico in the heart of Bali. There’s a whole range of traditional Mexican delights, including sharing platters. If you’re traveling with kids, it’s best to eat here early as it becomes a tequila joint and nightclub later in the evening.
  2. Ultimo: All the Italian classics, cooked by hand. Eat Street in Seminyak isn’t short of Italian restaurants serving pizza and pasta, but this one is the most popular with the locals.
  3. Barbacoa: To look at, this restaurant may appear unsuitable for vegetarians. But that couldn’t be more wrong. While its specialty is flame-grilled meat dishes, there are plenty of chargrilled vegan and vegetarian dishes on the menu too.

Tips For Visiting Eat Street In Seminyak Bali

Follow these suggestions to get the most out of your visit to Eat Street:

  • Use taxis with a set price to avoid being overcharged.
  • Opt for ATMs instead of money changers if possible.
  • If you do need to use a money changer, only use an authorized one.
  • Drink bottled water to avoid getting ill.
  • Enjoy the whole experience. Visit the shops, buy souvenirs, and try some beach activities.
  • Experiment with new dishes. It’s foodie heaven – indulge yourself.

Bali is a traveler’s paradise and a foodie heaven. It’s an island that is full of beauty, adventure, and great foods from around the world. Whatever else you do while you’re in Bali, be sure to visit Eat Street and experience the sights, tastes, and sounds of one of the world’s most fashionable places to eat.

Eat Street In Seminyak – Conclusion

In conclusion, foodies from all over the world are drawn to Eat Street in Seminyak which is a culinary paradise. It provides a fascinating gastronomic trip with its broad selection of dining alternatives, from fine dining places to traditional Balinese warungs, and offerings of global cuisine.

Eat Street has everything you could possibly want, whether you’re exploring new flavors, enjoying regional specialties, or just people-watching at a quaint cafe. Our travel advice also guarantees a hassle-free and joyful trip. Bali’s rise to fame as a gourmet hotspot has made it an alluring travel destination for anyone seeking the ideal fusion of gastronomy, beauty, and culture.

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