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Chicken Parm Soup

Chicken parm soup is a delicious, creamy and rich variation on this old classic! You will find it easy and quick to make and can be modified for vegetarians! Just substitute the chicken with seitan or any other meat substitute, and voila!

A Bit of Background

I was inspired to make this recipe from the great Marcella Hazan. In a sentence, though she deserves MUCH more praise, in the 1960’s she introduced the public in the United States and Britain to the techniques of traditional Italian cooking.  This is a big deal.

The specific recipe that inspired me was her classic tomato sauce recipe.

Here it is from her book Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking – Marcella Hazan. (Affiliate link)

To turn this into chicken parm soup, all you do is sauté some chicken before hand, add it to the finished sauce and then top the whole dish with shredded parmesan and mozzarella. If you’d like, you can add penne pasta into the whole mix too. Lastly, I sprinkle on some shredded fresh basil leaves, and I call it dinner!

I hope you enjoy this SUPER simple and delicious recipe, as I know I do!

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