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Waterfalls In Bosnia Galore

Interested in experiencing some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina? If you’re looking for an addition to your larger Balkans itinerary, our waterfall guide below will help you do just that! This is packed with all the details you’ll need to meet at least one of these Bosnian waterfall beauties on your own. If you have questions/comments about how to do that, feel free to leave us a comment below!

Bosnia Waterfall Map

This Google Map shows the location of all the waterfalls we cover in this guide.

Waterfalls – Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and since Sarajevo is essentially a long field surrounded by mountains, it’s no surprise that there a few great waterfalls right outside the city limits. In fact, there are fantastic waterfalls all throughout many of the ex-Yugoslavian destinations in the Balkans.

Skakavac Waterfall – A Sarajevo Classic

Skakavac Waterfall in Sarajevo is one of the Bosnia waterfalls

Skakavac Falls is among the most popular and stunning natural sights in Sarajevo. This peaceful oasis is just 11 km away from the city center, so you’ll definitely want to check this out when you’re in Sarajevo.

Standing 98 meters high, this is the largest waterfall in Bosnia. The waterfall itself and the surrounding area is part of the Nature Preserve Skakavac. This is a protected area, and consequently it’s rich in wildlife such as brown bear, grey wolf, fox, and of course the local flora. Best of all, there is no entrance fee, so you can enjoy this area for free!

Skakavac Waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to swim here, but on a hot summer day the misty breeze from Skakavac is refreshment enough.

How To Get To Skakavac Waterfall

By Car or Taxi

Using Google Maps is probably the easiest method to drive yourself from Sarajevo to the Skakavac Waterfall trailhead. If you prefer a taxi, flag one down, and tell them you want to got to “Dragan’s Café” (marked on Google Maps as Hotel Promaha). From the taxi stand at the BBI Shopping Center, at the time of writing, this ride costs about 20 BAM (Bosnia and Herzegovina Convertible Marks).

By Bus

Go to the bus stop on Sutjeska Street which is close to the BBI shopping mall. Take minibus number 69. Get off at the last stop. A one-way ticket costs around 2 BAM, at the time of writing.

Skakavac Waterfall Route

Once you arrive, plan to enjoy the Skakavac Walking Trail in order to loop through the Nature Preserve Skakavac. The main trail is approximately 7 km long. This is a perfect activity in the summer, as there is a lot of shade from all the tall trees. The trailhead is at the small cafe marked on Google Maps as Hotel Promaha and known among the locals as Dragan’s Café (Dragan is the host). 

Trail to Skakavac Waterfall

The gravel road will take you to the top of Skakavac Waterfall (an easy 1-hour walk). Just follow along the Skakavac Walking Trail. From the Skakavac Viewpoint, you can continue through the forest and descend via a zig-zagging set of stairs. Eventually, you will reach the foot of the waterfall.

If you follow the forest path for about 2 more hours, you’ll loop back to Dragan’s Café. NOTE: If you do this loop in reverse, the climb up from the bottom of the falls is quite challenging. Also, as there are many natural springs along the way, the path can be muddy and slippery, so make sure to wear sturdy waterproof footwear.

Don’t forget to look behind you and enjoy the lovely views of Sarajevo too!

view of Sarajevo

Lucica Waterfall – Off The Beaten Path

Luica Waterfall in Sarajevo is one of the Bosnia Waterfalls

Lucica Waterfall is another beautiful one right outside of Sarajevo. Although it is a bit closer than Skakavac Falls, Lucica is less well-know, even amongst locals. The trail through Lucia Canyon passes through lush green meadows and traverses through a dense beech forest. Some meadows are being used for grazing cows and some for growing vegetables. But still, you will rarely see people on this trail. 

This 2-hour long walk will take you through a stunning swath of untouched nature and wildlife. 

Luica Waterfall

NOTE: The trail is often slippery. It is also very narrow in parts. Wear sturdy footwear, and bring trekking poles. Also, an app such as Guru Maps (iOS/Android) is helpful for following this trail to the falls.

How To Get To Lucia Waterfall

By Car or Taxi

I recommend you use Google maps to drive from Sarajevo to the Lucia Waterfall trail head. NOTE: After exiting the Nahorevo settlement, before the first steep left bend, continue straight on the asphalt road. Drive to the end of the road (1 km), and leave your car there (you will see a small house). Once you’ve parked your car, follow the trail to the east, and soon you’ll reach the Lucica Waterfall

By Bus

Go to the bus stop in Sutjeska Street close to the BBI shopping mall. Take minibus number 69. Exit at the last stop. Then make your way to the Lucica Waterfall. A one-way ticket costs around 2 BAM, at the time of writing.

Waterfalls in Bosnia – Central Region

Pliva Waterfall

The Pliva Waterfall is the only waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina located within the city center. Therefore, if you choose to visit Jajce, it is impossible not to miss it.

Pliva Waterfall is one of the Bosnia Waterfalls

The most popular photo spot of this 20-meter high waterfall is at the viewpoint close to the Jajce bus station. From here, you can see the mouth of Piva River and the Vrbas River. 

Pliva Waterfall is in the city center

While you’re in town, I would recommend you visit Gradski Park and walk along the Pliva to see some of the ancient remains of buildings from the time when the Romans once controlled this area.

Pliva Waterfall

Kozica Waterfall

Visiting Kozica Waterfall requires some walking, but the countryside views in Fojnica are worth it. Situated in a dense forest 11-km away from town, the Kozica River (in Bosnian it means ‘a small goat’) rolls over the rocky river bed like a little goat. In her jumps, she forms waterfalls from 5 to 20 meters high. 

The best part of Kozica is you will be able to enjoy the whooshing sounds of the water without many people nearby and often, without anyone at all.

How To Get To Kozica Waterfall (Slapovi Kozice)

Keep in mind, there are no signs to Kozica in English, so follow the signs for “Slapovi Kozice.” 

Trail to Kozica Waterfall

By Bike

Due to the gravel road and the lack of traffic, this is a perfect place to do some cycling. The ride from Fojnica to the Kozica Waterfall is somewhat challenging, but biking is one of my favorite ways to experience the beautiful nature in this area! There are lots of loop rides through Fojnica’s countryside, so have fun exploring those too!

By Car

Drive from Fojnica to Slapovi Kozice by using Google Maps. From Fojnica to the picnic area of Vladica Vrh, the road is paved (8 km). From Vladica Vrh to Dragacici Village, and to the entrance into the area of Kozice Waterfalls, there is a 3 km macadam road. The condition of the macadam road changes year to year, due to rain and springs.  Leave your car at the entrance of the area of Kozice Waterfalls. From here, walk about 40-minutes along the forest path, and you’ll soon arrive at the waterfall.

Waterfalls in Bosnia- North West Region

Una National Park Waterfalls 

Una National Park is one of the 4 national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is situated in the north-west of the country, next to the border with Croatia, and it was named after the stunning Una River.

The Una River is full of rapids and waterfalls. Therefore, the best best way to experience this amazing river is by white water rafting. The biggest and most beautiful waterfalls are Strbacki Buk and the complex of waterfalls in Martin Brod. Both areas are candidates for the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Martin Brod Waterfalls

In the Marting Brod settlement you will find one of the few entrances into Una National Park, entrance number 5. This area has many waterfalls, and the biggest is Milancev Buk. This is the largest waterfall complex in the national park with a length of 800 meters and a total height difference of 54 meters. 

The entrance fee for this area is 3 BAM, at the time of writing. Within the park, you can enjoy well maintained trails to trek to all of the waterfalls.

Strbacki Buk Waterfalls

Strbacki Buk waterfall is 24.5 meters tall making it the tallest waterfall on the Una River.

The settlement of Lohovo, 14-km south from Bihac, is one of the three places you can enter the stretch of national park between Lohovo and Strbacki Buk. The entrance fee to this stretch of park area is 7 BAM, at the time of writing.

Lohovo is a nice place to stay, and in town you will find souvenir shops, a few accommodations (apartments and camping), restaurants, a few rafting agencies as well as a few bike rental shops. Entry into Lohovo cost 2BAM, at the time of writing. However, the closest entrance to Strbacki Buk is the Celije entrance – entrance number 3, which is close to Orasac.

How To Get To Strbacki Buk Waterfalls

By Bike

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, definitely check out this road! The road from Gorjevac to Strbacki Buk also has a lot of trailheads for some lovely hikes. The entrance fee at Gorjevac is 2 BAM, at the time of writing.

By Car

Drive from Gorjevac to Strbacki Buk to access the falls. The entrance at Gorjevac, entrance number 1, is situated 18 km south from Bihac, on the same road that takes you to Orasac, the M5. The road from Gorjevac to Strbacki Buk is a 14-km long macadam road and goes through the national park. NOTE: This road is only suitable for jeeps and cars with high bottom-clearance.

Bliha Waterfall in Sanski Most

The Bliha Waterfall, on the Bliha River, situated 14-km from Sanski Most, is among the highest waterfalls in Bosnia.

In just the last few years the Bliha Waterfall started to attract more visitors. But, it is still a lesser-known waterfall to most. To accommodate the increased interest, in November of 2019 the Sanski municipality built a trail to the foot of the waterfall. This 56-meter high waterfall first forms a small lake, and then its waters continue to flow down the Bliha River and eventually to the Sana River.

How To Get To Bliha Waterfall

The waterfall is situated close to the village of Fajtovci. Use Google Maps to drive from Fajtovci to the Bliha Waterfall. Near the end of the drive, if you switch Google Maps to satellite imagery mode, it will be much easier to navigate to the trailhead. At the end of the road, enjoy the 15-minute walk to the foot of the Bliha Waterfall. 

Waterfalls in Bosnia – Southern Region

Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfall is one of the Bosnia Waterfalls

Kravice Waterfalls, on the Trebizat River, is the most popular waterfall in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is with good reason, as it’s absolutely spectacular.

Situated in the heart of the warmest region in the country, the Trebizat River and the Kravice Falls are some of the locals’ favorite swimming spots. Kravice is over 30-meters high, and it’s often compared to Niagara Falls in the U.S. This peaceful green oasis is a great day trip from nearby Mostar (40 km) or even from Sarajevo (170 km).

Kravice Waterfall

If you’re keen to get really close to the falls, you can even hire a boat to take you right up to the base as well as all along the Trebizat River. The entrance fee is 10 BAM, at the time of writing.

Crni Vir

Crni Vir is a more off the beaten path paradise, but it’s close to Konjic, a charming small town in the Herzegovina region. 

Crni Vir is one of the Bosnia Waterfalls

This waterfall is situated in the Dzajica Village, a few kilometers away from Konjic Town. On hot summer days, locals from the village enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool beneath the waterfall. 

Crni Vir Waterfall

Crni Vir is only a few meters high, but it is definitely worth visiting if you’re traveling to Konjic or Mostar. Especially, as the drive takes you along the beautiful emerald-green Neretva River. 

Crni Vir with the pool at the bottom

Also, if you’re driving from Sarajevo (74 km), I would recommend driving to Konjic via Visocica Mountain (117 km). Visocica Mountain is beautiful, and this is arguably the most beautiful mountain road in the country!

Leave your car at the parking lot of Dzajica Buk Rafting Center, and take a 15-minute walk through the village. 

Buna Waterfalls

Bunski Kanal is a place where the Buna River flows into the Neretva River. But, this is not like other confluences. This one is special because the Buna forms of a number of waterfalls before joining the Neretva. This natural wonder is just a few kilometers away from Mostar. So while you’re in the area, use this Mostar travel guide, to make even more out of your trip.

Bunski Kanal is one of the Bosnia Waterfalls

How to get to Buna Waterfalls

By Bike

If you’re an avid cyclist, follow the Ciro Cycling Route from Mostar (13-km) toward Capljina and Dubrovnik (Croatia). The route goes right along the Bunski Kanal, so you will be able to enjoy it all along the way. If you’re really enjoying yourself, you can keep going until you reach Trebinje!

Bunski Kanal

By Car

The drive from Mostar to Bunski Kanal is beautiful, and using Google Maps is your best bet. Once you reach the bridge on Bunski Kanal, park on either side, and then enjoy exploring the are.

Waterfalls in Bosnia – Eastern Region

Skakavac in Sutjeska National Park

Skakavac Waterfall in Sutjeska National Park is one of the Bosnia Waterfalls

Skakavac Waterfall is situated in the heart of the Perucica Forest, one of the last primeval forests in Europe. And, it is part of the oldest and largest national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Sutjeska National Park. This is one of the most beautiful stretches on the entire 2,000 km Via Dinarica Trail. Even a short hike on the Via Dinarica Trail (VDT) will likely make you thirst for more!

Hiking to Skakavac Waterfall in Sutjeska National Park

This is one of my favorite waterfalls in Bosnia. But, the walk to Skakavac Waterfall is challenging because of the steep descent.

Skakavac Waterfall in Sutjeska National Park

But the difficult approach makes it even more special. You will need to put a lot of effort to get here, but you’ll earn the experience of enjoying this hidden gem.

Taking a picture of Skakavac Waterfall in Sutjeska National Park

What makes this 75-meter high waterfall even more beautiful are the rock-faced peaks of Mt. Maglic and the Volujak Mountains that are the backdrop of this beautiful falls.

You can enjoy the view of Skakavac Waterfall from two different places. First from Beskita (a 20-minute walk) and second from Dragos Sedlo (5-minute walk). From both of these places you can take amazing photos of the waterfall.

The entrance fee for Sutjeska National Park is 5 BAM, at the time of writing.

So Many Waterfalls in Bosnia

From north to south to east to west, Bosnia is full of waterfalls. Experience one, or experience them all, but whatever you do make sure you add Bosnia and Herzegovina to your travel buck list. If you have any questions or comments about all of this, drop us a line below, and we’ll get back to you. In the mean time, happy exploring!

Sabina is a travel and adventure writer based in The Balkans. Hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina, she shares her own sustainable travel tips and guides at Wild In The Balkans. When she is not freelancing, Sabina works as a mountain & cultural guide in both Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in Montenegro. She is an activist for the environmental protection and sustainable tourism. She is also an ambassador of the Via Dinarica long-distance trail in the Balkans. 

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