best places to visit in Australia

Australia is a large and diverse country with many exciting and spectacular natural landscapes and cities to explore. Because of this extensive range, it is the ideal vacation spot for families looking for a fun-filled holiday that will appeal to all.  To enhance your travel experience, consider obtaining an international driver’s license, especially if you plan to explore beyond major cities.  Below we’ll cover 8 of the best places to visit in Australia.

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While it is strongly recommended to exchange your currency before setting off, there are opportunities for money exchange in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and many other major cities located across Australia. 


Canberra is one of the most kid-friendly cities in the world and also happens to be one of the best places to visit in Australia. It has world-class museums and galleries, many of which have experiences created just for kids, and a vast and inclusive dining experience that will allow all family members to indulge in delicious food. 

Its small size and bushland location means families can easily hop between culturally rich institution experiences and exhilarating outdoor adventures all in one day. If you’re traveling to Australia, Canberra is well worth a stop. Take a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon trip, cycle along one of the many scenic bike trails, or spend the day enjoying water sports on Lake Burley Griffin. 

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island may only be 25 minutes away from Perth. Still, this short ferry ride will transport you to secluded and dazzling white sand beaches and laidback accommodations, making it one of the most beloved family holiday spots in Western Australia. 

Once you arrive, do as the locals do and hire bicycles to get around. The car-free zones are safe and beautiful areas for your little ones to roam freely on two wheels, while older children will enjoy the independent freedom of exploring the island’s beaches.

Furthermore, here you will find one of Australia’s cutest animals, the quokka. This adorable marsupial will seem like something from a storybook and will make the ideal companion for the perfect holiday snap. 


For families after exciting outdoor adventures and culturally rich experiences, Sydney has it all. From stunning coastal walks, educational museums, historically significant Aboriginal tours, and unique wildlife experiences, you will be treated to the perfect combination of nature and city. 

From Manly Beach in the north to the iconic Bondi Beach in the east, kids and teenagers alike will love the ample opportunities to surf, snorkel, and swim in the majestic waters off Sydney’s beautiful coasts.

Taking a ferry ride from Circular Quay will give you a view of the harbor’s famous landmarks, including the Harbor Bridge, which can be climbed for the ultimate panoramic view. 

Kangaroo Island

Located off the coast of South Australia, Kangaroo Island is a natural wonderland of fresh local food, breathtaking scenery, and an abundance of accessible nature and is hands down one of the best places to visit in Australia. Here, you will see more kangaroos than cars, making it an exciting location for families and animal lovers alike. 

Take the family on a leisurely stroll along the beaches to see sea lions sleeping in the sun, or join a tour to swim with wild dolphins in the waters they call home. Kids can adventure over unique rock formations or take a ride down sand dunes on small toboggans or sandboards. 


Kakadu, a listed World Heritage site, is roughly half the size of Switzerland and is both vast and spectacular, with well-maintained facilities, comfortable accommodation, and a wide range of exciting activities perfect for couples and families alike. 

Located in the northern territory, just three hours away from Darwin, you will be able to spot indigenous wildlife, explore natural pools, and immerse yourself in the rich Aboriginal culture and history of the land’s traditional custodians, the Bininj/Mungguy people. You will see rock galleries nearly 20,000 years old, eat traditional bush food, and learn how to throw a spear, should you choose. 


Like many locations in Australia, Cairns is the perfect place to appreciate the natural wonders found in this part of the world. Kids will be kept occupied with the numerous action-packed adventures on offer, while parents will be treated to picturesque natural views. So naturally, we had to add this to our list of some of the best places to visit in Australia.

There is plenty to do between Cairns and the neighboring Kuranda and Port Douglas, so consider hiring a car for ultimate flexibility and enjoyment. 


Tasmania is often described as a little island with big adventures. With the dramatic wilderness, delicious food scene, and bustling city life, there is plenty to do for families of all kinds. Its small size makes it the ideal place to explore when plenty of walking may not best suit your family’s needs. 

You can explore the city of Hobart with the family or plan a small campervan trip to discover the incredible wilderness on offer in western Tasmania. Venture into this World Heritage Site to take your children along scenic hiking trails, spot local wildlife, and appreciate a blanket of stars once the sun sets. 

Gold Coast 

If the Gold Coast is known for anything, it will be the postcard-worthy beaches found along the Queensland coast. It has a wide range of fun activities perfectly suited for family, from dining experiences to adventures and nature trips.

Visit Australia’s most extensive selection of theme parks, meet native animals at one of the wildlife sanctuaries in the area, or explore World-Heritage-listed rainforests in the hinterland. Over the weekend, take a trip to one of the much-loved weekend markets to sample local foods and find your perfect holiday souvenir. 

Best Places To Visit In Australia – Conclusion

Australia, often hailed as the land down under, is a treasure trove of experiences awaiting families of every kind. With its vast landscapes ranging from serene beaches to dense rainforests and vibrant cities, it promises an adventure that strikes a balance between nature and culture.

Whether you’re marveling at the unique wildlife, basking on sun-kissed beaches, or immersing yourself in Aboriginal history, Australia ensures memories that last a lifetime. Every destination mentioned offers a distinctive charm, from the bustling energy of Sydney to the tranquil beauty of Tasmania. Frankly, these are just a small sampling of the best places to visit in Australia.

It’s not just about sightseeing; it’s about experiencing life in one of the most diverse and sprawling countries in the world. With activities tailored for kids, teens, and adults, Australia has positioned itself as an all-encompassing family holiday destination.


Whether you’re chasing the thrill of theme parks in the Gold Coast, learning from ancient rock art in Kakadu, or simply watching kangaroos hop about on Kangaroo Island, there’s a piece of Australia waiting to be discovered by every family.

Set out on this enchanting journey, and let the magic of down under weave its spell on you and your loved ones!

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