Best Outdoor Experiences For Families Visiting France

Best Outdoor Experiences For Families Visiting France

France offers some of the best settings for enjoying outdoor activities. You can visit here throughout the year, with scenic Alpine valleys, lush green hills, and wild rivers to explore. The astonishing diversity of landscapes ensures that those visiting here can enjoy various things to do and see throughout the country. What’s more, the changing seasons allow for a plethora of activities for those staying here at different times throughout the year. 

From strolling along the scenic Loire River to skiing in Chamonix and hiking mountains in Corsica, here are some of the best outdoor experiences for families visiting France. Keep reading to learn more about some of the top spots to visit with the whole clan. No matter where you decide to go, activities and adventures are waiting at every twist and turn in this beautiful country. 

Stroll Along The Banks Of The Loire River

With its proximity to Paris, the Loire Valley is an ideal day trip from the French capital. Fortunately, it’s also the most convenient region to visit without a car since it links to Paris via an efficient train system. On your visit, you can stroll along the banks of the scenic Loire River, discover stunning castles and chateaux, and wander along picturesque towns.

When strolling around the Loire Valley with your family, take the time to stop by Maison de la Loire and pass through the streets of St Dyé to admire its lovely church. Witness the local way of life and learn about their customs and traditions. Discover the fauna and flora of the region and how the Loire has influenced the country’s economy. 

Along the banks of the Loire River, you will see traditional wooden boats called toue cabanes. These are typical to the region and built in the tradition of the local ancestors. The Loire River is also a fantastic spot for cycling. It has excellent cycling paths, especially between Muides-sur-Loire and Blois. You can pedal from village to village, admiring the scenic landscapes and stopping at one of the fantastic viewing points. The Loire Valley is undoubtedly one of the wonders of Europe.

Go Cycling In Provence 

Occupied by the Romans from the 2nd Century BC to the 5th Century AD, Provence is a charming region of Southeast France famous for its incredibly scenic landscape. So, if you’re a family of cyclists, consider a cycling holiday in Provence. You will also find a fantastic selection of holiday rentals in Provence, offering the perfect place to relax and unwind after your cycling adventures.

Provence has a varied cycling path, from the rough and rugged old stones to the smooth tarmac. Regardless of where you cycle, load up on water, snacks, and drinks since some routes are isolated, with no cafes and restaurants to stop for refreshments. 

The roads of Provence are perfect for enjoying a scenic bicycle ride with the family. Scenic paths, such as those along the Loire River and the Nantes-Brest Canal, are ideal for cyclists of all levels. For the more experienced cyclists, you’ll find many more challenging routes along the mountains, such as the Luberon, Mont Ventoux, and the Alpilles.

One of the most popular cycling routes is along the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque, close to the charming hill town of Gordes. The famous abbey looks stunning, especially with the scenic lavender fields in its background.

Go Skiing In Chamonix

Chamonix is the best destination for an exciting ski holiday with the family in France and is most certainly one of the best outdoor experiences for families visiting France. It lies along the base of Mont Blanc, the Alps’ highest summit. Chamonix is renowned for its excellent quality and a great variety of slopes. It also boasts one of the longest ski seasons in the Alps, making it a favorite among avid skiers. 

The diversity of slopes in Chamonix makes it an ideal destination for families. Adults can visit Les Planards, a small ski area perfect for beginners and families. It has forgiving green runs for beginners and standard blue and red runs for the more expert skiers confident enough with their skills. 

Families with little kids can stay in Le Savoy, which has a safe environment, perfect for kids to experience their first wobbling turns on the slope. The small ski area features two basic ski lifts and a rolling carpet. In addition, it lies along the safety of a valley bottom. 

Chamonix is also home to La Vormaine, best suited for freestyle beginners. It lies along the foot of Charamillon and boasts a special freestyle zone, two green runs, and a blue slope. La Vormaine also features a ski kindergarten, an ideal meeting point for skiers of different skill levels.

Enjoy A Picnic At The Jardin Public In Bordeaux 

The best way to spend quality time outdoors is to have a picnic. One of the best picnic spots in France is Jardin Public in Bordeaux. The magnificent garden is also home to honey-coloured townhouses from the 18th century, making it an ideal spot for sightseeing.

With its relaxed and picturesque setting, Jardin Public is perfect for outdoor chilling with the kids while enjoying delicious snacks. Don’t forget to bring along a bottle of local wine made by one of the finest wineries in Bordeaux.

Aside from Jardin Public, there are many other good reasons to visit Bordeaux on your family holiday to France. It’s one of the country’s most family-friendly destinations, and you will find some great places to stay in Bordeaux, perfect for families looking to explore here. 

During your stay in Bordeaux, consider cruising along the river Garonne. While most places in Bordeaux are pedestrian-friendly, having young kids in tow can make exploring difficult. A cruise around the scenic river will make you and your kids happy while marveling at the superb views of the city.

Hike The Mountains In Corsica

Whether you’re a family of gentle walkers or keen mountain hikers, Corsica has a trail perfect for families who love to walk. A true paradise for ramblers, it is one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean and lies along southeast France. 

There are plenty of different hikes in Corsica, making it ideal for a range of trekking abilities. If you prefer a shorter trail to hike with the kids, you’ll find one in the lush regional parks or the beautiful city of Corte. Most towns in Corsica also have a tourist office to advise you on the best places to hike with your kids. 

While most hikers would come to Corsica for the famous GR20 hiking trail, families who prefer less challenging trails can walk along Mare e Monte, which takes you to the sea and up into the mountains. This allows for the perfect opportunity to soak up stunning coastal vistas and immerse yourself in the impressive landscapes surrounding this lovely part of France. 

Conclusion – Best Outdoor Experiences For Families Visiting France

We know that after reading this article you now have at least five of the best outdoor experiences for families visiting France. From mighty peaks to relaxing gardens, impressive slopes, beautiful rivers, and much more, there is something here for a range of holiday itineraries.

Whether you’re visiting with small kids or teenagers, the different regions offer something unique for all to enjoy. So, get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime exploring all that this stunning European country has to offer with the whole family. 

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