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Visit Some Of The Best Hot Spring In The US – Especially In The Winter

Hot springs are one of the most underrated natural phenomena on the planet. Especially in Winter, they are incredibly relaxing, enjoyable, and a unique way to spend a cold afternoon or evening. Here are some of the best hot springs in the US and some of the potential benefits of using them. 

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One of the most well-known hot springs in the US is Thermopolis. Found in the wilds of Wyoming, Thermopolis is one of the many hot springs you can find in the state, but it is easily one of the best. 

Not only can you find the hot spring here, but there is also a free bathhouse and a spa in the national park the spring is in. Pack those bikini bottoms; you won’t be spending much time out of the water.

Deep Creek Hot Springs

Found in San Bernadino National Forest, Deep Creek Hot Springs requires a bit of a hike, but it is undoubtedly worth the effort. The springs are at the end of a 3.6-mile trail and offer amazing views of the surrounding areas. 

Deep Creek is also home to several pools of varying temperatures, and considering some can get very hot, it’s great to have multiple options. 

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

If you want to take the luxury level up a notch, you can visit the Omni Bedford Springs Resort – a place very much deserving of a spot on this list of some of the best hot springs in the US. The hotel has been offering guests the ultimate stay packed with relaxation for over a century; there is also a world-class spa offering a variety of treatments. 

The spa uses the most recently discovered springs in the area, with the hotel also having other amenities for you to enjoy, including a spectacular golf course. 

Chena Hot Springs

If you want to make a far-flung trip to some of the best springs in the country, Chena Hot Springs in Alaska is the place to be. While it isn’t easy to reach, once you get there, you will quickly realize that there is little to no reason to leave. 

Not only does the resort have multiple indoor and outdoor springs and spa treatments, but you can also take a trip to the incredible Aurora Ice Museum, which is, in fact, far more interesting than it sounds. 

Astoria Hot Springs

Back in Wyoming and found on the outskirts of Jackson, you will find the Astoria Hot Springs – undeniably one of the best hot springs in the US. There are multiple springs of varying temperatures available, as well as a children’s pool that is a bit cooler. 

Considering the springs are only a 20-minute drive from Jackson Hole, you are right on the doorstep of one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the entire United States.

Benefits of Hot Springs

While there is still some work needed to find out all the information about the health benefits of hot springs, there have been many promising discoveries. 

Blood Circulation 

Due to the immense amounts of natural minerals and the warm temperature, many people have experienced increased and improved blood circulation after regular use. The minerals help improve the flow of blood and oxygen, 

Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep

While this is well-known amongst those who take regular baths, warm water has been shown to help lower your stress levels and improve your overall mood. This, in turn, will help improve your brain function as well. 

With less stress and more relaxation, you end up being able to sleep better. Once again, frequent use of the hot springs, even if you’re not able to visit some of the best hot springs in the US, makes this effect last longer, but even just one day in the springs will lead to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. 

Relieve Pain 

Some studies have shown that hot springs and the minerals within them can help relieve muscle pain and improve recovery. While this effect is sometimes temporary, the hot water has been shown to dull pain receptors. 

The buoyancy of the water has also been shown to help those with joint pain, as the free-flowing movement relieves stress and pressure on your joints.

Improve Skin

The mineral-rich water has also been shown to potentially help and even heal skin issues and irritations. The high silica content of the water can help soften dry and cracked skin, and there are some signs that it can help with conditions such as eczema as well. 

When it comes to skin conditions, it is important to consult with your doctor before heading to the springs, as they aren’t harmful, but they are not completely hygienic; they could potentially cause more harm instead of helping. 

Potential Weight Loss Benefits

Finally, some studies have shown that hot water can boost your metabolism, and, in turn, increase weight loss. While this is definitely something that requires more research, and you shouldn’t rely on it, it is worth noting. 

As you can see, the United States is filled with many spectacular hot springs, and the ones on this list are only a few of the best. Not only are they the perfect spot to spend a morning or afternoon, but the potential health benefits make the trip to them just that much better. 

Best Hot Springs In The US – Conclusion

In wrapping up, the diverse landscapes of the United States house some of the world’s most remarkable thermal treasures. The best hot springs in the US promise more than just a warm dip; they are gateways to rejuvenation, offering myriad health benefits and unparalleled relaxation experiences. And even if you’re not able to soak in them all, such as the ones at Yellowstone National Park, they are still worth visiting and marveling at nonetheless.

From the majestic vistas of Alaska’s Chena to the rustic charm of Wyoming’s Thermopolis, each spring tells a unique story steeped in natural beauty. These sites stand as a testament to the land’s geothermal wonders, inviting travelers and wellness enthusiasts alike.

As the cold of winter envelops the nation, what better way to seek solace than by immersing oneself in these natural spas?

The US’s hot springs beckon, promising a blend of adventure and tranquility that is hard to resist. So, as you plan your next winter getaway, let the allure of the country’s finest hot springs guide your journey.

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