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Airbnb Alternatives abound. While they may take a little while longer to find, they often lend to a more personalized and customer-oriented travel experience. 

But that isn’t often the case when patronizing a smaller more localized company as opposed to the largest one in a particular business sphere? In our experience, that has almost always been the case.

While the larger turnkey vacation rental companies such as Airbnb and VRBO could be some of the first listings that pop up when you start searching online for your holiday accommodation, they are certainly not the only options out there.


If you and your family are looking to do some travel in the American South and need a vacation rental, the list below should help. From North Carolina, all the way down to Florida, here are some Airbnb alternatives.

Airbnb Alternatives In North Carolina

If you happen to be in the market for a beach vacation, and in particular if you’re heading to Topsail Island in North Carolina, Topsail Realty is a great Airbnb alternative.

North Carolina airbnb alternatives
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This hyper-local vacation rental company has over 40-years of experience fitting vacation renters with their wide selection of properties. 

Put more simply, you tell them what you’re looking for, and Topsail will find what you need. 

Airbnb Alternatives In South Carolina

Didn’t get your fill of beach vibes at Topsail Island? 

Why not continue your beach holiday at North Myrtle Beach? If you’re keen to camp on the sand, you can use our backpacking packing list to make sure you’re well prepared. 


If instead, you’d like to enjoy a few more creature comforts than a tent and sleeping bag can provide, Grand Strand Resorts is a great place to find your perfect beach bungalow. 

This AirBnB alternative has listings ranging from oceanfront to across the road to ones on waterways and even golf courses. Thus you and your family can enjoy Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in just about any way you’d like!

Alternatives In Tennessee

Heading to Chattanooga, Tennessee? You’ll have an overwhelming amount of things to experience! 

Located right on the Tennessee River and in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, you’ll be able to enjoy both the city and nature. 

And of course, you’ll need a place to stay. 

Again, if you’re looking for Airbnb alternatives, Chattanooga Vacation Rentals, is a great place to start. 

Since they are owned and operated by locals, you’ll have no problem getting someone on the phone in an instant if you have any questions about your vacation rental or even things to do in the action-packed surrounding area.

Airbnb Alternatives In Coastal Georgia

If you’re in the market for a bit of luxury, consider heading to St. Simons Island, Georgia.

Georgia airbnb alternatives
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And if you do…

Make sure to get in touch with Light House Vacations. They specialize in luxury vacation home rentals, so if you really want to treat yourself, this would be a great place to start your vacation rental search!

Airbnb Alternatives In Florida

Last but certainly not least on our list of Airbnb alternatives is Anna Maria Island Beach Rentals, in warm and sunny Florida. 

Anna Maria Island is located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, so expect a more quiet and mellow experience than a place like Miami affords. 

Given that Terry and Sandy, the local owners and operators, take a very hands-on management approach, all the properties they list on their site are turnkey ready and thus will ensure you have a relaxing and memorable visit to Anna Maria Island.

More Alternatives

The list above will give you a good jumping-off point for short-term vacation rental companies other than Airbnb.


We realize full well that the list above is not exhaustive. So, if you have any suggestions for reputable vacation rental companies that you think deserve a place on this list, leave us a comment below, and we’ll do our best to add it.

And in the meantime, enjoy exploring the American South and all the rich cultural and natural experiences it has to offer!

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