remote places make for amazing family adventures

Remote Places Ofter Pristine Beauty And Unrivled Adventure

Are you seeking the world’s most remote places for a family adventure? You’ve come to the right place. Traveling off the beaten path with your family can be an enriching experience. Imagine exploring untouched landscapes, encountering unique cultures, and bonding with your loved ones in a way that only comes from embarking on a true adventure together. If that sounds fun, grab your kids and get ready to create lifelong memories in stunning but hidden destinations.

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Why Go To Remote Places?

Firstly, remote places offer a level of natural beauty impossible to find elsewhere. From vast, untouched landscapes to thriving ecosystems teeming with diverse flora and fauna, remote destinations awaken your senses.

Breathing fresh air, hearing only nature’s soundtrack, and standing in awe before monumental natural wonders can completely transform your perspectives and create lasting family memories.

Equally meaningful are the cultural encounters that come with visiting remote communities. You and your family can truly immerse yourselves in the daily rhythms and traditions of the local communities and watch their ancient practices unfold as you participate (respectfully) in everything from celebrations to subsistence activities. 

These genuine cultural exchanges facilitate learning, empathy, and global perspectives often unattainable elsewhere.

How To Get There Comfortably

Access is critical when you are adventuring with children in remote locales. A private plane charter lets your family fly directly into remote airstrips, skipping lengthy travel days. This way, you can start your journey refreshed and ready for adventure.

Where To Find Epic Family Adventures

Antarctic Expedition

penguins live in remote places

Close your eyes and imagine the crunch of your boots on pristine snow and ice, the frost-tinged breeze carrying Antarctica’s wild, untamed scent. Of the many remote places in the world, this polar paradise is like nowhere else on Earth, and experiencing it firsthand with your family is something you’ll never forget.

Immense glaciers, towering peaks, and rugged coastlines create views more breathtaking than you could have imagined. And new wildlife encounters await as you hike across landscapes sculpted by ice over millennia.

For the kids, Antarctica won’t just be an adventure but an education brought to life. While you marvel at the scenery, they’ll participate in hands-on activities, games, and crafts led by naturalists. They’ll learn about conservation, environmentalism, and respecting nature in one of the world’s most pristine remaining wildernesses. These lessons will stick with them far beyond this journey.

Moroccan Sahara Glamping

Transport your family to a realm where time seems to stand still — the vast, mesmerizing Sahara Desert. This sea of undulating golden dunes beckons you to escape the constraints of the modern world for an unparalleled glamping adventure travel experience that certainly deserves a place on this list of remote places for family adventures.

Four-by-fours and swaying camels will be your family’s primary mode of transport while you’re here. As you go through ancient nomadic paths forged centuries ago by the Imazighen, Morocco’s indigenous desert dwellers, you’ll experience the true essence of solitude and tranquility.

In the evenings, you’ll gather around a crackling fire and feast on tagines brimming with fragrant meats and produce, bread baked beneath the sands, and fragrant tea heavily spiced with mint.

Peruvian Amazon Riverboat

the peruvian amazon is a remote place

Immerse your family in one of the planet’s most biodiverse ecosystems — the Amazon rainforest. But don’t just observe it from the outside. Board a deluxe riverboat and spend days journeying deep into this verdant wonderland, experiencing the Amazon from within.

Your accommodations will be an intimate floating boutique hotel with large outward-facing windows, so the jungle’s kaleidoscope of greens surrounds you at all times. You’ll wake up to the raucous choruses of howler monkeys and brilliant macaws as your riverboat glides along tannin-rich tributaries fringed by the rainforest’s dense curtain of vegetation.

As you disembark for hiking adventures with expert naturalist guides, you’ll learn about the astonishing biodiversity of this region’s flora and fauna – a benefit of adventuring in remote places. Your guides will teach you about diverse plants and their traditional medicinal uses by indigenous communities. You’ll use all your senses to identify rainforest residents like toucans, sloths, and pink river dolphins by their calls, movements, and more.

Of course, your Amazon adventure must include culturally immersive experiences, too. Engage local ribereño guides to try your hand at fishing for piranhas and other toothy specimens. Venture into indigenous villages and learn about their rainforest communities’ enduring ways of life. Here, you’ll be able to witness sacred rituals and purchase handicrafts directly from those who made them using time-honored traditions.

After creating transformative family memories, you’ll leave feeling reconnected to nature and each other with a deep respect for this ecological masterpiece.

Safari in Remote Namibia

remote places include the desert of Namibia

While many associate African safaris with lush, grassy plains and an abundance of the “Big 5” species, Namibia offers a wholly unique experience. This remote southwest African nation boasts one of the world’s most unusual and picturesque desert environments and a surprisingly diverse array of wildlife adapted to thrive in these harsh conditions.

A family safari in Namibia will transport you to the country’s most secluded reaches, far from the crowds at major parks and reserves. Here, vast private protected areas allow animals to roam undisturbed across their ancestral domains. From the vintage 4×4 vehicles, you can scan endless ochre-colored dunes, rocky mountains, and dry river valleys for species unlike any you’ve seen before.

Namibia offers a truly unique and unforgettable wildlife experience encompassing elephant families to herds of sleek, gangly desert-adapted giraffes, and even one of the world’s most elusive and endangered big cats: the ghostly desert lion.

While these unusual sightings, only possible in such remote places amaze adults, your children can gain enriching insights through specialized junior ranger programs. Taught by expert naturalists and guides, the kids will learn wilderness skills like tracking animals and identifying prints, dung, and other signs. They’ll learn more about conservation and wildlife’s delicate coexistence with the fragile desert habitat.

Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

For an authentic taste of nomadic culture, venture with your family into Mongolia’s legendary Gobi Desert. This vast, windswept expanse was once the domain of Genghis Khan’s mighty empire and remains one of the most remote and pristine deserts on Earth.

You’ll travel through this dramatic landscape in the traditional way—aboard sturdy Bactrian camels as nomadic herders have done for centuries. As you traverse monumental sand dunes, rocky outcrops, and ice-carved canyons, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back in time.

Camping beneath the Gobi’s starry night skies in traditional ger tents will allow your family to experience the nomadic lifestyle firsthand. Around the campfire, local guides will share tales of the region’s rich history and culture. Your kids can try their hand at games and activities Mongolian children have enjoyed for generations in these vast and stunning remote places.

During the day, you’ll have countless opportunities for adventure and cultural immersion. Learn ancient survival skills like starting fires without matches, navigation by sun and stars, and hunting with woodland bows. You may even witness the breathtaking Golden Eagle Hunters in flight.

Amid the desert’s stark beauty, you’ll also encounter hardy wildlife like two-humped camels, the stockily-built Takhi wild horses, goitered gazelles, and Siberian ibex skillfully adapted for these extreme conditions. By the time you return home, your family will have gained an appreciation for the tremendous resilience and resourcefulness required to survive in such an inhospitable yet stunning environment.

Start Planning Your Epic Family Journey

With the right planning partner, family adventures in remote places can be as seamless as urban escapades. Make sure to go with experienced tour operators who can skillfully coordinate every detail, from chartered private plane transport to hand-picked guides and accommodations. Even when venturing to the ends of the Earth, your remote family adventures can still deliver ample comforts. Private luxury camps, deluxe lodges, and intimate expeditions can meet your family’s needs.

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