There’s no denying that delicious pancakes are lovely to eat at any time of the day. Peri and Kai would certainly confirm this! And best of all, pancakes are a light and easy snack that we’re able to prepare in just minutes.


Did you know that pancakes get prepared in all kinds of fantastic ways worldwide?

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next pancake experience, check out these amazing ways that people create delicious pancake dishes around the world.

1. France

In France, crêpes are a famous national pancake.

In a nutshell, crêpes are large yet ultra-thin pancakes. You make them by swirling a batter mix around in an oiled pan.

Consider making yours smothered with caramelized sugar, butter, and an orange sauce for a classic yet delicious Crêpes Suzette recipe. That is of course if you’d like French-style pancakes.

2. Germany

Germany’s delicious pancakes go by many names, such as Dutch baby pancakes, Bismarcks, Dutch puffs, and Hootenannies.

They are a popover type of pancake and look incredibly similar to Yorkshire Puddings commonly found across the British Isles.

If you’re seeking a quick-to-make breakfast idea that will feed you and other members of your household, check out this fantastic German pancake recipe for more information!

3. Japan

Have you ever heard of okonomiyaki pancakes?

They are a famous Japanese savory dish. People usually make them from a flour base that you’d easily enjoy in two days in Tokyo or elsewhere in the country.

Okonomiyaki pancakes are soufflé-style pancakes that you would combine with ingredients like shredded potatoes, cabbage, pork (or seafood), and some ginger and soy sauce.

These light and fluffy pancakes are ideal if you’re thinking of rustling up a light meal or snack and want to try something new in your kitchen.

4. Sweden

In Sweden, potato pancakes are very popular. There are four main types of potato pancakes that people in the Scandinavian nation enjoy:

  • Raggmunkar – shredded potatoes prepared with a batter of flour, milk, and eggs that are pan-friend and look like French crêpes;
  • Potatisplättar – the same as raggmunkar but the potatoes get cooked before they get shredded;
  • Rårakor – similar to hash browns and röstis in texture and fried in butter without any batter mix;
  • Potatisbullar – these are more like thick patties that contain mashed potatoes and eggs. People turn the patties into breadcrumbs and fry them in butter.

5. Scotland

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You might assume that pancakes enjoyed in Scotland are the same as elsewhere in the United Kingdom. However, Scotch pancakes or “drop scones” as they are known are similar to the pancakes enjoyed across the United States.

The only difference is they are a bit thicker in consistency. People often eat them as an afternoon treat with butter and jelly (or “jam” as it’s known in the UK).

6. Austria

Kaiserschmarrn (“Emperor’s Mess”) is a famous Austrian pancake that people enjoy as a meal or a dessert. It takes its name from Kaiser (Emperor) Franz Joseph I of Austria, who was particularly fond of this dish.

It’s a light, caramelized pancake produced from a batter of flour, eggs, sugar, salt, and milk. People cook them in various ways.

7. Italy

In Italy, the Italian take on the French crêpe is the crespella. It’s a thin, soft pancake similar in preparation to French crêpes that you can enjoy as a sweet or savory snack.

Sweet crespellas usually get made with syrups, creams, liqueurs, fruits, or candied fruits. Savory ones may get accompanied by cheese, meat, vegetables, or seafood.

8. India

If you ever head over to India or want to prepare an Indian dish at home, one savory snack you must try is dosa.

Finding Indian in Hong Kong
Woodland’s MASSIVE dosa

It’s a traditional South Indian pancake made using fermented lentils and rice in a batter. We consider doas as the perfect accompaniment to a curry or something you can enjoy by itself. Dosa stuffed with spicy potatoes is known as masala dosa, and it’s also perfect for vegans.

9. Denmark

Denmark has a different take on pancakes from what you’d typically expect in many parts of the world.

The Danish enjoy small spherical pancake balls called aebleskiver and are very similar in looks and construction to Yorkshire puddings from the UK. You’d usually use a special aebleskiver frying pan to make them.

10. Mexico

Last but definitely not least is the world-famous quesadilla hailing from Mexico. It’s the country’s national dish.

It’s a flat, thin pancake (a tortilla) and contains savory fillings like cheese, meat, and other tasty ingredients.

Delicious Pancakes Are Perfect Anytime

Ultimately, no matter what you try to make, we think pancakes are perfect just about anytime.

We take them when we go hiking, and of course, we enjoy them on days when we simply want to laze around!

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